20 Jul 2024

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Late to Chelsea - EP Review: LTC

17 Feb 2023 // A review by Chris Chick

When it comes to the soundtrack of anyone’s life, I am pretty sure the counter cultural sounds and motives of the punk movement would have influenced you at some time. Every generation needs its punk bands even if it's just the opportunity to not take yourself too seriously and enjoy the madness that is life and music.

As you can imagine Late to Chelsea bring a myriad of hard hitting and at points very grungy sounding songs to wonderment of my ears. There is no denying their sound certainly does not disappoint this reviewers receptacles. The opening tracks do not disappoint as they embrace the high tempo and mosh pit madness that will ensue.

HEY HEY HEY! is a good old traditional punk song which will have you shouting out the proverbial line on numerous occasions. Try not to be like this reviewer and do it in the middle of a packed area, for some reason some people just don't like the punk infused cries. Not My Friend, the third song on the EP brings a nice mix of punk and rock together that is very easy on the ear even if the song is fall of inward turmoil about life.

Permanent Stankface Disorder takes a subtle turn in its sound and direct mention of a well-known billionaire who has etched his name in infamy when it comes to Late to Chelsea. I like its hip-hop undertone sound and a very Arctic Monkeys sounding riff that plays through the song. It is very catchy and different to the rest of the EP and definitely not to its detriment, if anything to making the EP stand out more.

All in all this is a great little EP for you punk rockers out there who enjoy high octane counter cultural sounds. I very much look forward to this band bringing out more songs in the future and hope to be in one of their pits come gig day. Well done guys and keep up the good work.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About Late to Chelsea

Late to Chelsea are A 5-piece band from Auckland, New Zealand. Who guarantees a down-to-earth, fun show with plenty of tunes to sing along with and endless good times to be had.

Since their conception in 2019, Late to Chelsea has mastered being funny enough to distract gig-goers from how terrible their music is. They have been labelled as "The Worst Band in The World" by themselves and is a label they strive to live up to.

Late to Chelsea is known for its high-energy, interactive live shows that can have people laughing, crying, booing, dancing, moshing or violently hurling themselves at each other in a wall of death.

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Year: 2022
Type: EP

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