19 May 2024

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Lorde - Gig Review: Lorde @ The Outer Fields, Western Springs - 04/03/2023

07 Mar 2023 // A review by Gaby Ivanov-Giraldo

Blue skies filled the days prior to the Lorde gig; the Solar Power tour had the sun visible and candescent. On March 4th in Western Springs, Tamaki Makaurau had not seen Lorde here for years, and some fans had even had their ticket waiting since 2021, when this third studio album was released. Crowds gathered by the stage pretty fast, and there was a young energy that really brought you back. I recall Lorde’s upcoming success when I was younger, too. Lorde being nothing short of monumental for kiwis, she’s put us on the global stage years back. Lorde is not only recognised in Hollywood, but she has in fact developed hugely as an artist. She’s endured books of cynicism, critique and disarray, and for this tour she came back to battle the recollection of her hometown. I applaud her bravery for her endurance this far in music; we all know how stressful talent of that kind can be. Lorde had empowering opening acts, great food trucks, a spacious venue and most importantly; a happy crowd. 

The first artist Nikki Reid had a sensual and engaging energy which was dancey and full of fire. She got the crowd on their feet, moving and resonating. The age is here for unchained energy; and here came our opening act with serious bravado. The second act was a band called Fazerdaze who sounded a bit like Pixies; a band who I hope has heard of The Beths, too. They brought an epic chill to the day, an indie-folk daydream matched with a kind and subtle energy. Oh, and of course some kick ass guitar licks. Marlon Williams deserves his own paragraph. An Elvis-inspired artist with character for days. Not to mention, he serenaded all of us with his vocals, tight band and extremely versatile playing field. He entertained us all, played percussion, electric acoustic; the whole lot. Marlon is heartfelt and deep, and his songs are rich in aroha. They’re melodic and guitar-driven with a Hawaiian voice to some of the tracks. I loved how he got us all laughing, together and thinking about the good stuff like family. His song My Boy set the crowd free with love and warmth. He opened with some bluesy numbers, and then shifted our energy into anticipation. 

By 8.33pm people were practically itching for Lorde. This artist has not only sold millions of albums this far in her journey, she’s also won Grammys, been vividly ridiculed in South Park, been nominated for a Golden Globe award (Yellow Flicker Beat), reached number one in her own country more times than we can count, oh and reached the age of 26 without dropping dead in the music industry. Well done, Lorde! We know this means you’ve been working hard. 

Homemade Dynamite came on; we all dropped and danced. How could you not recognise this song!? Closely followed by Buzzcut Season, and Stoned at the Nail Salon. Her first outfit was white, delicate and fun. Her voice and band; literally phenomenal! She hasn’t just been making new music. Her entire aura, demeanour and voice has progressed. So yes, she’s changed. I could hear the vocal cords crying out, just as much as her performance blew us away. I could see an energetic live-soul spreading love, and keeping faith. Oh, and she sang Stoned at the Nail Salon in Te Reo. If that’s not brave, I don’t know what else is. Her stage presence was gorgeous. Her movements were synchronised and delicate, and she danced in Doc Martens with a huge smile on her face. California came on, a song that talks about the life she doesn’t want. She danced for her 15 year old self, embraced her adoration of summer and even discussed the power of sexuality during this time of year (in her own way, of course). Liability then came on, where she opened up about her inner self and not being able to please people. 

The last song I thought I would hear is Goldenhorse’s Maybe Tomorrow, but damn did she make it work! Secrets from a Girl Who Knows It All then played, followed by Tennis Court, Mood Ring and Perfect Places. Her style definitely has influences from modern art, and sonically embracing indie-folk, psychedelic and pop combined. One of her blue and orange sets reminded me of Kandinsky; a geometric lullaby of colour and ambience. Another description could be an escape from our absolutely disorderly current times… which I have no clue why people would not want to do? Lorde taught us this evening to embrace the little joys in life, and to bask in the sun of Solar Power. She opened this song with a metaphor of a sunny day that charges you up. The lighting and colour in this set was stunning. 

The show ended on Green Light, Royals and Team. Above all, each song inspired heavy yet happy thoughts for me, and I’m sure for everyone else that went. The ones who didn’t enjoy this display of rawness were, in my opinion, not true fans. I think this evening showcased more than just a brand or an artist. It showcased a human being, with an electric energy for people and those around her. The journey of talent for the world is one of our toughest. It’s always met with combat, and never has it ever been an easy path. What Lorde showed me this evening was that you can evolve, and you can remember all in one, and with a lot of grace and understanding. This show didn’t feel like the Lorde we used to know, and I hope we can remember what it feels like to create, to share, to rediscover and to be in awe of each other.

Photo Credit: Nicole Brannen


About Lorde

In 2013, a 16-year-old Lorde quietly, yet confidently asserted herself as the voice of a generation with her full-length debut, Pure Heroine. The album would go triple-platinum, win two GRAMMY® Awards, and spawn the certified Diamond, record-breaking, international juggernaut single, Royals, and quadruple-platinum follow up Team. The former cemented Lorde as "the youngest solo artist and the only New Zealander to achieve #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1987".

Time exalted her amongst the 'Most Influential Teenagers in the World', she landed on Forbes’s '30 Under 30' List, graced the cover of Rolling Stone and performed alongside Nirvana during the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. She also curated the official soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and recorded Yellow Flicker Beat as the lead single.

In 2017 Lorde released her second full-length studio album, Melodrama which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, making her the first ever NZ artist to land a #1 debut album in the United States. The album reached #1 in over 45 countries and earned Lorde a nomination for Album of the Year at the 2018 GRAMMY® Awards.

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Solar Power
Year: 2021
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Te Ao Marama
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Type: EP
Year: 2017
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The Love Club
Year: 2013
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Pure Heroine
Year: 2013
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