6 Jul 2022

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Oceanspace - Single Review: Silver City Rain

01 Sep 2021 // A review by Chris Chick
Now and again a song comes around that makes you stop and think "well that certainly surprised me". This is in no way a negative connotation, I would hate to think that my initial perspective was one of which, when I was given the task to review this song, I was already looking to the one-star rating. In the contrary, this was a pleasant huh! Moment where my expectations were well indulged.

The song starts off with a very nice beat between the bass line and the drummer, which enables the listener to sink deep into their lounging vessel and enjoy the moment. Like all good songs, the ability to take the listener on a journey is a key to its success. After the introduction of an even more serene female voice, it would seem that the song had peaked and would happily play through as it was, but apparently the band had other ideas.

Then, out of nowhere the song takes a sharp right turn, obviously someone forgot to fill up the car and this was the last service for the next 500km. We suddenly hit rock town, now with a male voice and my neck is starting to get sore due to repetitive nodding syndrome which can come across anyone who likes a good rock lick in their songs. This sudden change of direction and beat only uplifts the song to new greatness.

This is a song with a lot of flavour and spice, much like an old school bangers and mash meal, you think it is just going to be another ‘good’ meal, when your mum decides to spice it up with some cayenne pepper. I really like this song, especially for its creativity, it is always hard to just come up with a song premise in the first place, let alone a change of direction, so kudos to you. This gets a strong 7/10 for me and well worth the listen. Oceanspace I salute you and your work.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About Oceanspace

Oceanspace is best known for their theatrical performances featuring a genre-bending fusion of electronic dance music with psychedelic surf rock. The seven-piece band's unique sound has underlying elements of specifically engineered sounds using Solfeggio Frequencies scientifically proven to facilitate health and well being. The group aims to break musical conformities and get people from all walks of life moving and grooving as a single collective.

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