27 Jan 2022

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Vann Dizon - Single/Video Review: Let You Go

08 May 2021 // A review by Darryl Baser

Wow. Beautifully written, lyrics with heart, the composition is top form, and the production sets this song as a potential chart topper. Then when he goes to his falsetto after the middle 8, like damn.

The video which accompanies Let You Go opens with Vann Dizon walking at dusk, there are many shots of him singing and playing a nice Gibson 335 style guitar throughout the clip, but there’s also a couple, a ring being placed on a palm, and then walking away. In the tradition of excellent storytelling the vision fits the narrative beautifully.

According to his bio Vann Dizon grew up in the provincial Philippines and moved to New Zealand at age eight and for many years he was described as a secret musician.

I for one am very glad Vann Dizon has chosen to share his music with the world, this song works on so many levels. Lyrics, great, original composition, fabulous, song arrangements (it's lush with strings at times, and layers of instrumentation, but never in any way does it feel crowded), the audio production is sumptuous, there are a couple of vocal tracks as standard, but he’s singing in his own choir of one with many layers of his vocal during the chorus.

I was singing along from fourth listen. Vann Dizon has a bright future. An easy five stars.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Vann Dizon

Evoking memories, stirring inspiration, lifting spirits, manifesting connection… Such is the power of music. 

Those with the ability to harness this power, owe it to the world to share it, and it’s an opportunity that I feel privileged to embrace. 

But my journey to music wasn’t such an expected one. Growing up in provincial Philippines, life was humble. Mine was a childhood spent flying kites, catching spiders, and doing backflips from the back of water buffaloes. 

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