27 Sep 2021

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Churlington - EP Review: ...Or That The Hummingbird Is So Seldom Seen

13 Aug 2020 // A review by Paul Goddard


Why is music so important? Something that is so disposable but equally so integral to being human can literally change the way you feel, the way you think.

This is why I love music.

That moment where you put the headphones on, no expectations, no pre-conceptions, the remnants of a shit day still spinning through a mind in need of escape. A need to be transported somewhere else. Music is many things but primarily it is an attitude adjuster.

A short sharp shock can wake you from a sleepy haze, the thrill and energy encapsulated in 3 minutes of sonic meltdown can literally change your world.

We are always searching for something. We search more than ever now and are surrounded by media that tries to grab our attention when our attention has a span of nanoseconds. In this flood of imagery and noise many people try to follow. Follow the trends, follow the influencers, follow a path that has been laid threadbare by millions of artists all trying to be the next big thing.

Churlington are walking their own path. Always challenging, pushing boundaries, insular while looking outward and forward they are masters in a world of puppets.

Their latest EP is testament to a band that is and will always remain timeless, nationless, globally influenced and influencing. To compare their creativity to the likes of Tool, Helmet, Deftones isn’t a step too far.

Each song has a life of its own. Throwing the listener a curveball, a new experience, a feeling to devour. To describe each song, break it down into a clever prose would be like taking a picture of the NZ sunset with your phone. It wouldn’t do it justice.

All I can say is if you haven’t heard Churlington and you love music then you need to buy this EP. They are the most exciting band to come out of New Zealand right now and will influence everyone who listens.

Put your headphones on and be transported to somewhere very very special.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Churlington

We are Churlington.


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Year: 2018
Type: EP
Churlington Suck Live
Year: 2017
Type: Album
The Andy Anderson EP
Year: 2017
Type: EP
Ray Brower
Year: 2016
Type: EP

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