29 Sep 2022

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Big Scout - Album Review: Council Sport

18 Aug 2022 // A review by Paul Goddard

It’s finally here. The first Long Player from Blenheim noisy buggers Big Scout.

After a steady trickle of single releases since back in 2015, we finally have one cohesive collection of songs that will have you bouncing off the walls.

Council Sport was recorded over a series of Sundays with some of the tracks getting a make-over from their previously released versions.

The result is pretty stunning. Very rarely do you come across a band whose music can resonate so deeply no matter what your musical taste might be?

Stories of everyday life are told with emotion and delivered with an equal mix of frustration, anger and humour.

There truly is something for everyone on Council Sport and part of the reason it hits so hard is the honesty you can feel seeping through on each track.

Being based in Blenheim might be another reason why Council Sport and Big Scout stand out.

Blenheim isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of original musical talent and being isolated from a music scene has probably allowed Big Scout to forge their own unique path and create their own unique sound. Sure the influences are clear but this is a band that knows who they are and what they want to be. Just check out their self-written bio on SoundCloud and you will see what I mean.

Their sound transcends location. Even though Council Sport is full of tales about living in small town NZ. This album will relate to people all over the world. Let’s hope the guys get the break they deserve and get some exposure outside NZ. The UK and US markets especially will love this album.

On the first spin, the songs feel stripped back and simple but on each listen you get to see how talented these guys are.

The first thing that stands out is the lyrics. I found myself listening to the words, getting immersed in the story of each song. The vocal delivery adds to the energy provided by a rhythm section that is locked in

What also stands out is each song seems to have its own personality. There are some instant bangers that will have people singing along all over NZ.

When listening to new music for the first time each track can often sound the same. Not with Council Sport.

This doesn’t ever feel boring or repetitive. As the final track ends (the effervescent Height of Fashion) I was left with a smile on my face. Knowing I had heard something special. That rare sound of a band that has plenty to say and knows how to say it.

Now that the album is released Big Scout are heading off on a tour of NZ.

Do yourself a massive favour.

Buy Council Sport which is coming out on the very cool Christchurch-based Melted Ice Cream label.

Share this music with your mates around the world. It is too good to remain Blenheim’s best-kept secret.

Get behind this band and go to the gigs you will be glad that you did.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Big Scout

Big Scout are a spirited 3-piece guitar band from Blenheim.
Drawing upon influences from the three fellas distinct (and distant) musical upbringings, the sound sits somewhere amongst the stylings of Pissed Jeans, Bruce Springsteen and The 3Ds. Big Scout recorded last year with Brian Feary from Melted Icecream and has released the single Flung and the B-Side Everything Must Go along with a self directed video.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Big Scout


Council Sport
Year: 2022
Type: Album

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