19 Jan 2021

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The Lite Works - EP Review: 11:11

29 Nov 2019 // A review by Ben Ruegg

The Lite Works newest EP, 11:11, is a prime example of quality rock music that I personally grew up on. It’s like they have taken some of my favourite rock acts from the 90's and early 2000's and captured it in a bottle.

Things like soaring melodic lines in the chorus in Kiwi with the crunchy guitars being held up by a tight rhythm section. There is something so powerful chorus’s like this, the way the cymbals being so much openness to a chorus. It’s rock in the vein of Shihad, Foo Fighters and Puddle Of Mudd's early days.

Kiwi has an authentic Kiwi touch to it. It’s a banger and pretty darn good. I can hear this all over the radio, especially in summer.

The second track throws us in a different direction harmonically, where Kiwi was a more upbeat vibe from the get go, Dark Pantomime has a few tricks up its sleeve. One thing shines through the whole EP, and that is solid melodies and excellent songwriting. Every instrument feels like they have a common goal, the keep us rocking out.

The final song Hate has a grungy vibe to it at first and again, throws you a curve ball. To me it felt like the weakest song on the EP, but that doesn’t mean bad. I would love to hear a new album and hear more of what they have to offer.

11:11 is a solid EP that showcases a style of music I want to hear more of. It’s good fun, good time rock.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About The Lite Works

The Lite Works are reviving passionate rock to its former glory; delivering solid anthems that traverse love, hate and the chaotic intricacies of life, exhibiting compelling emotion in a head-banging classic rock format.

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Year: 2019
Type: EP

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