28 Jan 2020

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The Echo Ohs - Single Review: Wild Weeds

19 Aug 2019 // A review by Paul Goddard

We live in an age of instant gratification.

Wake up. Look down (at the phone)

scroll, scroll, scroll

Everything screaming to be heard but being filtered through our overloaded minds

Hang on.....stop....that looks interesting

The key word being “looks”

It is all about what we see. What is thrust in front of our face under a blue light haze.

So, where does music fit into this new online algorhytm (haha)

Some music gets in your face. Screams look at me! Listen to me!

Musicians are screaming to be heard.

Record labels are screaming for you to buy music by those musicians who are screaming to be heard.

There is something else though. Music being created that has a more passive aggressive approach.

It seeps into your psyche and once there it messes with your mind. It grabs on and holds on.

This is where the sounds created by the Echo Ohs sit.

This isn’t music that screams at you. It is music to escape to, music that you hear in your subconscious and cherish for the freedom it gives you. A respite from the noise.

Their new single Wild Weeds is a perfect example. It is subtle but hooks you in. Good music (fuck knows how we define good music) creates visuals in your mind. You don’t need to see it you need to feel it.

Wild Weeds makes me feel relaxed, it takes me away from my day to day. It makes me forget about whatever it was that was so fucking important when I woke up and looked at my phone.

In this time where we are overloaded with information we need more opportunities to forget what we have just seen, and we need to contemplate what we have just heard.

Stop.....relax....let it seep in

If you have just heard Wild Weeds by Echo Ohs you will know exactly what I mean.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )


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