15 Dec 2019

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Channeled - Single Review: Deeper

06 Aug 2019 // A review by Shade

Sometimes life gets to the point where we can have trouble standing on our own two feet. The headache-inducing stresses of life can knock the breath right out from our lungs, while we struggle to retain some sense of normality. Other times, we are offered temptations which cannot be refused; the appeal of something that can offers relief from our daily struggles can prove to be irresistible.

Although it may start innocently enough, it can end with an addiction that both drives and destroys us.

Ben Ruegg's newest track Deeper explores what can be a very personal battle with such an addiction - alcoholism - and it makes for a very compelling listen.

Right from the intro it is especially evident that a lot of dedication and thought has gone into the creation of this song. The music envelops itself around the lyrics seamlessly, as though it is a blanket encasing a person in comfort. The chorus in particular depicts a deep desperation with a very real need to escape, with both the lyrics and the music conveying it perfectly.

Deeper is more than just a crusade against an addiction; it's an intimate and detailed account of a personal life experience. To create a song such as this takes a lot of grit, determination and courage, which makes this truly admirable.

Deeper is an authentic revelation for Ben; it's thought-provoking, intense and powerful. While it was crafted from a personal battle, it also honours the final outcome - triumph. Deeper is one outstanding release which Ben should very rightly be proud of.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Channeled

Who and what is Channeled?
Channeled is the project lead by singer-songwriter Ben Ruegg. It is the name that expresses what the music allows him to do; channel his emotions and energy and express it through music. Having used his name for his music in the past, Ben decided to find a name that connects with the music. Channeled is this name.

Over the last 3 years, Ben has been working at creating an album that truly represents the music he loves. Inspired by artists like Incubus, Korn, Foo Fighters and Tool (just to name a few), Ben has spent a lot of time crafting songs that truly connect with his feelings and allows him to express himself fully.

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