31 Jul 2021

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Macombee and the Absolute Truth - Macombee and the Absolute Truth - No Man's Land Album Review

29 Nov 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood

When I received this record I had no idea what to expect. The press information describes the sound as a cathartic experience founded on cinematic arrangements wrapped around the lead singer, Sarah Macombee's, exquisite voice, so it all sounded fairly self indulgent. Was this to be the case?

The record itself was written predominantly by Macombee and features a plethora of talented musicians. The record took 6 years to create and has been well produced on all fronts. The album art and presentation is tasteful and gives a small insight into the mind of Macombee. 

To cut to the chase, when I played the opening track The Absolute Truth I was gobsmacked. I was blown away with its intricacies and extremely well placed arrangement. The structure was interesting and varied. The track instantly reminded me of a David Lynch film and would be well suited to act as a theme song to any HBO TV show. This track had sparked my attention and I was all ears. 

However, from this point the record changed pace dramatically for good or ill, and become an entirely different beast. The album transgressed from this point, becoming far more singer songwriter orientated. The tracks from this point had a slight trip hop feel, but less Bristol and more musical stage show. They consistently featured the ever present vocal and piano toilings of Macombee whilst smatters of additional production filled the sound stage. 

The record really didn't diverse from this point and the dynamical variance almost sifted into one long indulgent anguished ballad of sorts. I am not saying this is bad but it really didn't do a lot for me, but in Sarah's defence these stylings are not really my cuppah.

I would suggest that if you like highly emotive, matured female singer song writers then you will find yourself at home with Macombee and Co. No Man's Land is a well produced and thoughtful record and the opening track was in a class of its own. However, the record simply dragged and didn't really go anywhere of interest past the initial track for me.


About Macombee and the Absolute Truth

Sarah Macombee moved to NZ from the UK with her family in 2007. Very happy to call West Auckland her home she’s wasted no time in connecting with talented musicians and producers here in NZ to record the follow up to her last album Sense Offender.

Sarah’s early songwriting bore fruit at the age of 12 when she wrote a song for her school choir. At the age of 13, she wrote a musical. She left home when she was 15 to experiment with various avant garde bands.

Songwriting went alongside the job of bringing up 4 children and it's this combination that Sarah credits with her quest to be unflinchingly honest. “The opportunity to turn the challenges I faced as a young mother into creative nuggets of self-expression really made that a happy time. Having children and experiencing all the love and joy that brings, allowed me to exhume the painful parts of my life growing up. The children sang my songs – which SO wasn't appropriate at times, but it means they have come to know me through them and that, I think, is quite lovely.”

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Macombee and the Absolute Truth


No Man's Land
Year: 2014
Type: Album

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