23 Mar 2019

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Amos/Anon - TheLachrymist Album Review

24 Jan 2011 // A review by CEOMong

CD review – AmosAnon – The Lachrymist

An intensely packaged CD, from very cleverly handwritten CD label to subtle supernatural themed liners beckoning further investigation, this is one entrancing album – even before its inserted in the tray.

When you do insert the thing, rip it, seed it, and finally play it, you find it’s diverse yet cohesive, every track is subtly different yet linked so smoothly, it’s really well done. Crackly mastering in places lends some nice atmos, this is just one of the tools in the box though, varied mixes and flavours (wrong word but you get me) make it fucken sweet.

It’s hard to define, maybe prog doom metal? I dunno, I hate labels; everyone’s got a different take on things. All I know is it’s Kiwi from end to end, indie and awesome. The more I listen, the more I want!

The album advises it’s licensed under creative commons, this is sadly quite rare, and obviously a testament to the recording companies stranglehold on the industry. Consequently, this is one of the few albums I’ve seen that encourages you to rip and share – you can get the tunes from this very site (http://www.muzic.net.nz/artists/1664/amosanon, tell the world. While you’re there, check out the artist links.)

It’s an odd feeling, sharing music is so frowned upon publicly that when you get the chance to share legitimately it still feels like you’re doing something wrong; like it’s some kind of test. Given the flyer distributed with the CD (and subsequent research), it’s obvious that the artist wishes to expose and deface this very concept.

Paramnesiac – heavy with drums and electro distortion. Very clean too somehow, a really big airy feel to the track.

Kill Your Darlings – Death helps you grow, so eat your beans!!!! Nice droppy hook to start, seductively rich vox hints at hidden horror, the more you listen the more this is apparent. Nice balanced tune, all elements climbing to a crescendo. I like it a lot.

Pride Precedes – I love the slow beasty vox and bass line. Crackle gives it something gritty, I really like it eh. Ties together nicely with the rest of the album.

Repulsive Glamour – ha, gotta love those soundbytes. Woefully under-resourced in my opinion. A cool heavy hook swings and connects, reminds me of Ward 10 vocally, that just gives it more horror factor. Very nice.

Tawnee Stone – a song about drunken students, ahhh … the memories … I don’t have. Wicked! I can’t feel my legs, so how can this be sex? Bahahahahah awesome! A melodic, HLAH kind of tune, very very cool.

Bonus – I hesitate whether to share or not, or leave this as a surprise - this is pretty out of it. A wicked little piece full of rich, red, tear-soaked imagery … epic, truly epic. Keep the lights on!

Righto, now back to your stagnant conformist life, dictated by the corporations you feed. I’m off to carve some copies and spread the good word.

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About Amos/Anon

"...it’s Kiwi from end to end, indie and awesome. The more I listen, the more I want!"

"...unashamedly bolshie and brazen. There is no room for tenderness here."


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