19 May 2024

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Newsletter Issue #481: 06 Mar 2016

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Welcome to March!

Welcome to March everyone!

This month's newsletter is looking a little fuller than February which is always a relief following a slow start to the Newsletter year! Each month Muzic.net.nz are dedicated to bringing our readers the best music news and features. We have a jam packed issue for y'all and it's all fantastic!

We kick off with a chat to Auckland Metal Groovers, Broken Season, and find out a little more about the band and their sound. And after a year long hiatus, These Four Walls are back with a new album due for release, sounding bigger and louder than before! We also hear from long-time Muzic.net.nz contributor, Peter-James Dries AKA Amos/Anon and hear all about his new album, Toil On, Poor Heart.

Further on, we hear all about Wellington hip-hop artist, Percieve and his big plans for 2016, and catch up with favourites Cheshire Grimm with some Q&A.

Elsewhere we check out Hamilton Punk Rock outfit, The Recently Deceived and find out why their shows have been described as "turning a half-rager into a full-rager!" And to finish things off, we catch up with DateMonthYear.

Read on for upcoming music news and events, including info on the highly anticipated MMF Music Managers Awards, which are taking place later this year.

Rock on
Kerry & the Music.net.nz team

Broken Season

One of the most outstanding, yet unique, acts NZ metal has seen in a long time, Broken Season present a heavy mix of metal grooves, funky Spanish rhymes, and roaring vocals to create their on variety of mosh pit favourites. Broken Season recently released their debut EP Wake Up The Fallen and they answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

Tony: As a kid I liked bands that had amazing guitarists - guys like David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Angus Young (AC/DC), but most significant was Eddie Van Halen - he inspired me to learn guitar.

Esty: My mom forced me to go to guitar classes, Nek minute, I was totally obsessed with music.

Hemi: I loved music since I was a kid, one day I decided I wanted to be the one making it.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Tony: KoRn. They’re such an original band that have made a huge impact on the heavy music scene and they’re still killing it 20 years later.

Esty: Rage Against The Machine.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Probably 51 Days. It tells a story, has a bunch of cool changes which helps to show how versatile our style is. Plus it always goes off live!

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

We consider our sound “Groove/Metal” or “Rapcore”. Sort of Rage Against The Machine meets Slipknot.

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

New material (Album), music videos, and hopefully some good support gigs to go with our local shows. We are playing alongside 8 Foot Sativa and Tensions Arise from Sydney on the 1st of July. That is a show you can’t miss!
Editor Note - tickets are available from Under The Radar.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

We’re part of the Northern Musicians Club, so we fully support all of the bands that are part of that movement. If we had to choose a club favourite it would be Down By Nine from Rotorua. We also dig City of Souls.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Down By Nine are recording their debut EP at the moment - Esty is also doing a feature there, we know their material so it will be cool for sure. Also looking forward for some new COS.

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

The Kings Arms. Great sound, stage and lighting. It also has a musicians room which is cool, and it has a rich music history - a lot of amazing bands and musicians have played there.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

Tony: We all approach gigs differently. For me, I just have a few beers - but not too many!

Esty: I play Flappy Bird… A lot.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc.?

Tony: I don’t handle that all that well, but you just do what you have to do.

Esty: Organised schedule is the best way for productivity. We plan very productive jams that way we have time for our family and work.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

It starts with being inspired by other bands music and seeing amazing live performances. Then it becomes like a drug addiction when it comes to making music and playing it live as a band. We’re all junkies that way.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Tony: Find the right band mates, and practice hard so your performances are tight. If you can’t put on a tight show you’ll go nowhere fast. 

Esty: “(F) Flourine (U) uranium (C) carbon (K) potassium (Bi) bismuth (Tc) technetium (He) helium (S) sulfur (Ge) germanium (Tm) thulium (O) oxygen (Ne) neon (Y) yttrium.”- Biggie (Jessica Lee)

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Broken Season are Tony Charles (guitar), James Sachin (drums) and Esteban Garcia (bass, vocals).

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EP Review: Wake Up The Fallen

New EP for Broken Season (press release)

These Four Walls

After an almost year long writing hiatus, These Four Walls are back in New Zealand to road test the new material. Between 2014 and 2015, there were some significant changes within the band that has started to shape the future sound.

The first change came with original bassist Chris Treeby stepping down to focus on his growing family and Brisbane boy Elliot Burton stepping into the fold. Elliot brings a renewed energy and punk attitude to the live show as well as the writing room, bringing a whole new level of phat to the bands sound.

The second change was the temporary departure of founding member and main songwriter, Guitarist Gray Vickers who took a long overdue holiday to travel around the world. But what seemed like what was going to be a long break, Gray returned refreshed and ready with a bag full of new demo's. Whilst he was away, the rest of the guys had begun their own process of writing and had started to really redefine the These Four Walls sound. With Gray's return and the new found energy within the band, a whole new soundscape has begun to emerge and the band is louder, faster, and heavier than ever before.

A brand new album is in the works with a tentative release date for a Summer 2016 release. Gray answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz: 

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Right now it's the new stuff. All the old stuff is still awesome, and we love playing it - but the new stuff, I'm proud of because it's coming from an honest place. Now more than ever, everyone is fighting for their ideas - challenging each other - and really forcing each other to bring the best to the table. It's a completely different vibe in the writing room now and that's making feel pretty damn proud. Outside of that,From Cover to Cover - The last track on our second album, Living to Write the End. We set out to really tell a story and take listeners on a journey with that one - it was the most challenging song to work on to date, but we got it!

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Genuine and honest, and most of all loud and heavy with powerful melodies. Being a loud rock and roll band is amazing, but without strong melodies, lyrics and a big ass groove - it's empty. Gotta have a melodies and the groove.

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

A new record and a ton of touring. It's been too long since we've traversed New Zealand. I'm looking forward to getting to all the spots outside of the main centres that we never get to hit on our weekend runs. Coming from Aussie, it's difficult to do big tours with time off in the middle, but this year, we'll definitely do something big.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

I wanna see Decades blow up and be massive. They've been awesome touring buddies under the name of Ashei (but terrible at Mario Kart). They work harder than any other NZ band we've seen and they deserve to be right up there with the big players.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Villainy's new record is F***ing killer - such rich tones and great songwriting. They've always been killer writers and they're getting better and better with each release. Armed In Advance have pumped out a sweet EP of dirty, sludgy rock and it's a pleasure on the earholes. And we can't forget Devilskin - they were so damn good to us on their summer tour and they're a great bunch of people who have created one of New Zealand's most successful rock albums of all time - that still gets some solid airplay.

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

The Kings Arms - Auckland. There's no place like home. They're our extended family and we know we're always going to have a great show there.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

Embrace the nerves - If you're nervous, it means you're alive. Try not to drink too much (we have a two beer limit before stage time and with all rules/laws - someone's gone and F***ed up to justify it.... *cough**cough*... moving on). Warm up. Something I've never really done until recently - just do a few minutes warm-up before hitting the stage and you'll feel way more comfortable when the lights go up.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc.?

It's tough - especially as we're getting older. Kids, mortgages, bills - these things didn't exist when we started touring, now they dictate the schedule. As with all things, there's a balance. Communication within the band is vital and as long as everyone knows where the others are at, we tend to not run into too many conflicts. Our partners are pretty damn supportive, that makes it much easier to ditch being an adult for a weekend to play some rock and roll.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Normally it's just been the world around us. What's going on in our lives, what's annoying us, what's pissing us off - anything that keeps us thinking about the world we live in. Lately, we've been thinking a little more conceptually... but you'll have to wait until the new record is out before I can tell you about that...

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Always practice, get as good as you can... never stop writing - keep the record button primed and ready at all times to capture the magic. Invest in your gear, invest your time into your craft and invest your time into the business. It's not just playing anymore - it's a business and the biggest learn you can learn is how to play the game.

These Four Walls are Steve Gibb (vocals, guitar), Gray Vickers (guitar), Brad Vickers (drums) and Elliot Burton (bass).

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NZ Blokes Interview with These Four Walls - Part 1
NZ Blokes Interview with These Four Walls - Part 2


Having recently released an incredible new single with PNC entitled Yes Bro, Percieve has big plans in place for 2016, releasing a new single every 3 months and going on tour in May with his Make Music Aotearoa bros. Percieve talked to us about balancing his music with all his other obligations:

As a newly married rapper with a beautiful 17 month old daughter, a fishing, diving, woodworking and motorbike obsession, a pretty full on job running a digital contact centre for 50 plus hours a week, a big, awesome whanau, a couple of charities to run, and a few other hobbies - there’s a lot to balance. But I’ve also got the luxury of not being motivated by traditional success when it comes to making music. Success for me isn’t about making music a sustainable career, or having a big, engaged fan base. It’s really just about me being happy. And when it comes to my music’s reach it’s really just about others being happy - I’ve only got two goals I’m trying to achieve; 

The first is that the music reaches at least one of those kids out there going through a tougher time than I am these days, and helps them out even if it’s just by taking their mind off whatever they’re dealing with for 3.5 minutes. My second goal is that it reaches that young dude or chick that wants to follow their dream but doesn’t quite believe just yet it will ever be more than a dream - if they see me performing, hear me on the radio or whatever, they see someone just like them doing what they love to do, and that pushes them a little bit more toward saying "fu*k it, I’m gonna give it a go." And I’m not just talking about aspiring rappers or musicians. Not following our dreams is something we do a lot of in every field. Go build that app, start your clothing label, buy a set of chisels and learn to carve. 

I use every hour of every day as well as I can - I try to spend as little time as possible doing things that don’t make me happy, so if I’m not working, and baby is asleep - my goal is to wake up tomorrow morning and be glad I spent this time doing whatever I’m about to do. If I’m not going to be happy about it tomorrow then it’s a waste of time and that’s the one thing you can never get back. I’m a bit spoilt since I don’t need to put singles out every season to keep my fan base listening and the bills paid. I just need to get something out that’s going to mean something to someone, whenever I can - so long as I do that my soul stays balanced, the rent stays paid, and my whanau get enough of my energy and love (and vice versa!).

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Percieve Ft. PNC - Yes Bro (press release)


Best described as progressive, dark and haunting, Amos/Anon, brainchild of Peter-James Dries, has remained embedded in obscurity since 2005, covertly planting their music around the country, hiding their albums and waiting patiently for unsuspecting victims to stumble upon it.

If you haven't heard of Amos/Anon, then everything is fine. The system is working. Keep calm and stop thinking. Close your pretty eyes and let capitalism lull you back into a dreamless slumber.

Peter talked to muzic.net.nz about the new album:

Tell us about your new album.

If anybody has been following Amos/Anon they’ve probably noticed that I alternate between heavier and lighter music between releases. Toil On, Poor Heart fits into the lighter, pseudo-acoustic side of things.

The album features vocals from long-time collaborator Paraffin, who has also recorded her own versions of the songs, which she’s been slowly releasing on the Paraffin Soundcloud.

How did you come up with the name?

It’s from a poem by this transcendentalist writer, Ellen Sturgis Hooper. It kind of reflected what I planned to go for with Toil on.

I’m not usually one for the whole Unitarian, “every person is innately good” thing, but I wanted to try something different. Transcendentalists have this hope, where Dark Romanticism, my usual style, is rooted in despair.

Is there an overall concept to the album?

It’s a reflection of the previous album, Anomy. The narrative was about the journey from being nothing to being “normal” and how integration into society from the outside is impossible. Or at least that’s what it was going to be about.

Looking at it now, Anomy is more or less summed up by Rusted Through, the third song of Toil.

Let’s say the release is the story of Kurt Cobain, post-In Utero. Or any artist really, at least a broken one. Their process.

What was the hardest part about making this album?

Toil on turned out to be an apt name. The writing and recording process was one where at every step there was an obstacle that made me question whether it was even worth it any more. There were plenty of times where I had to tell myself to toil on and get this album done.

Where do you see your band in the future?

If you believe the underlying theme of Toil on, this is probably the end for now. There were still two releases I had planned, How to be unheard and postmortem, but if this one was anything to go by, I don’t know if I have it in me.

Toil on, poor heart will be available from the [Amos/Anon] Bandcamp Page.

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Album Review: Anomy

Cheshire Grimm

Three piece rockers, Cheshire Grimm, continue to build a reputation throughout NZ and Australia as a precise live show with funky rhythms that get audiences involved and dancing. They answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

Kat: I did modern jazz dancing for 10 years as a kid, and played piano for a bit as a child and always loved to sing. Self taught bass when I bought an acoustic bass guitar six years ago.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Kat/Lora: Hmmm that's a toughy, as we have so many influences. No Doubt (from the 90's)? A Perfect Circle, Santigold – Or perhaps Kora, Left or Right, or Nirvana.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Kat: Jimmy is one of my favourites - it's all about communicating with the Universe and keeping your eyes on the sky.

Lora: I'm really proud of our new track Slave to the Grind – I don't write as many full songs for the band as Kat does, but this one I wrote about the frustration of day to day working life.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Kat: All of our songs are different, but I would call it a mash up of grunge/pop/dub/rock.

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

Kat/Lora: We are currently working towards our LP, planning another Aussie Tour , and at the moment we are looking forward to playing the International Tattoo Expo next weekend sharing the stage with Tali, Nathan Haines and Ladi6 on the Sunday.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Kat/Lora: I would love to see more female artists hit the stage in general. It's slowly but surely becoming more common in NZ.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Kat: I'm loving Doprah - Wasting (Christchurch), they're on a whole 'nother level. Skinny Hobos (Auckland) also rock my boat, and the Dimestore Skanks - Best Revenge (Wellington).

Lora: I'm also loving Skinny Hobos, Decades (Christchurch) and as always, Left or Right (Dunedin) and Ladi6.

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

Kat: Lucha Lounge (Auckland) is small but awesome. And King Street Live (Masterton) was great. A shame to hear both are closing down this year.

Lora: We haven't been lucky enough to play the Powerstation, but I'm really looking forward to playing there at some point. If I could do a gig anywhere it would probably be Civic Theatre in Auckland, though they don't really have bands there – I just love the age and character of the venue.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

Kat/Lora: A little whiskey, a little sprint (to get rid of the pounding heart), and always warm up the vocal chords!

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc.?

Kat: I work a 9 - 5 job. Luckily my partner is also a musician, so he's an awesome support with our two boys (4 and 2 years). And my parents are very supportive with babysitting. It's a tough balance - but it's worth it if you love what you do!

Lora: I balance my time between Playing music, working in events and waiting tables. I'm the type of person who has difficulty sitting still, so when I'm not busy with that or my music I'm usually doing some kind of fitness, taking photos or out looking for adventures. Luckily I have an amazing partner who understands all of this and is also musically minded.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Kat: There's too many bands to name that have inspired me. I love to write poetry, but mostly if you find a good tune or beat in your head, you gotta record it so you can use it for something later.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Kat: Life's too short to fuck around. Just do it - and enjoy it while you can!!

Lora: 1) Be Humble. Just straight up don't be a dick. But don't be so humble that you exert a vibe that you don't believe in yourself, because no-one wants to invest in someone who sells themselves short, and way too many NZ bands do that. 2) Don't give up. For every time you hear a 'yes' you will hear a thousand 'no's'. Often you are doing all the groundwork all on your own, before your friends, family and eventually others will support you – and that's okay.

Cheshire Grimm are Kat Waswo (vocals, bass), Daniel Yarranton (drums, keyboards)
and Lora Thompson (vocals, guitar).

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Muzic.net.nz Page
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EP Review: Cheshire Grimm

The Recently Deceived

Once upon a time, in the land of Tron, Terry 'T-Rex' Johnston was playing in a struggling covers band. Timo 'Extremo' Fogelberg joined as Bassist and they soon discovered their mutual love of punk rock. Soon after, Terry left the band. "One day we'll form a punk rock band" they said, "One day!"

Fast forward a couple of years and Timo was playing in a slightly less-struggling covers band. Tim 'CapTim' Bolt auditioned to play guitar and the two soon discovered their mutual love of punk rock. "One day we'll form a punk rock band" they said, "One day!"

Another year later, Tim, Terry and Timo got together and after several beers, a song was born. They drafted in Reece 'Goldilocks' Gerrits to play Drums, and bring the average age of the band down. The line-up was complete. Since then, the band has been stamping their mark on the local Hamilton music scene.

A couple of explosive performances at the Waikato rounds of the Battle Of The Bands last year earned them a trip to the national final, and although they came away with nothing but a hangover and a pair of cheap sunglasses, they were eager to write more music to bring to the people.

2016 has seen The Recently Deceived play with bands from Hamilton, Auckland and Australia, and their shows have been described as "turning a half-rager into a full-rager!" They are currently in the process of recording their debut EP and will be releasing it later in the year.

The Recently Deceived are (in order of image) Reece 'Goldilocks' Gerrits (drums), Tim 'CapTim' Bolt (guitar, vocals), Terry 'T-Rex' Johnston (vocals, guitar) and Timo 'Extremo' Fogelberg (bass, vocals).
Photo credit Alex Taylor of Milliamp Photography

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The Recently Deceived @ Diggers Bar, Hamilton 17/10/2015 (photos)


DateMonthYear is not a band. It is a way of making music in the 21st Century.

DateMonthYear was founded by Tron Music Trustee Trevor Faville in 2003. Trevor describes the organisation as "an independent music making experience", and the current line-up features Brooke Baker, Tyler Leet and Emma Koretz.

An independent philosophy has guided DateMonthYear through four CD releases and numerous film and television placements worldwide since its formation. Faville says "The video content is defined by its legacy rather than its market placement. Artists have been instructed to make art".

DateMonthYear has collaborated with local independent film makers and will simultaneously release three music videos this month.

Film makers Elysia Koretz, Matthew Mason and Kathleen Christian were approached. They were able to select music from DateMonthYear’s back catalogue. Koretz, Mason and Christian were given creative freedom with the only limit being no band shots. Each film maker shot, edited and produced their videos which will initially be released via YouTube.


Koretz produced a video for River. Of the film making process, she said "It’s a story of its own so it was just a matter of getting beauty on screen and a loose narrative to tie it together".

Watch River here
as interpreted by Elysia Koretz


Christian chose the song Haunted.

She says "This music video tells a story. To each person it will mean a different thing. What I see and what you see may be the same, they may be polar opposite. Read what you will, your reaction will tell you a lot about yourself".

Watch Haunted here
as interpreted by Kathleen Christian


According to Mason the music video for Ghost1is a "slightly abstract take on the song's meaning. I wanted the video to relate directly to the most repeated sentence in the song – ‘They will say you are the only one’, but still have a connection to the overall meaning."

Watch Ghost1 here
as interpreted by Matthew Mason

DateMonthYear will release some new music this year but true to style, this will be done in a unique way… Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details here…

DateMonthYear are Trevor Faville (drums, guitar, bass, vocals), Brooke Baker (keyboards, guitar, vocals),
Emma Koretz (vocals) and Tyler Leet (guitar).

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Record Company Website

Bright future ahead for band breaking traditional barriers (press release)
Gig highlights from 2015 (photos)

NZ Music News

Finalists announced for Jazz Tui and APRA Best Jazz Composition

Three well-established acts are up for the 2016 Best Jazz Album of the Year making for a highly experienced line up comprising some of New Zealand’s most prominent musicians.

This year’s jazz album finalists are Michael Houstoun & the Rodger Fox Big Band for Concerti, Phil Broadhurst for Panacea and Kevin Field for The A List.

The names Michael Houstoun and Rodger Fox have been synonymous with New Zealand music for many years. Timaru-born Michael Houstoun has won a series of international and local awards, including the Tui for Best Classical Album in 2015 for his recording of the complete Beethoven piano sonatas.

Rodger Fox and his big band have performed with an enviable array of national and international artists. They’ve also won numerous awards for their recordings, including three Best Album Tuis.

Full Article

Coastella International Music Festival 2016

Coastella Music Festival 2016 Announced for Kapiti Coast - Tickets on sale Wednesday 20th January.

All roads are leading to Kapiti with the announcement of the Coastella International Music Festival happening this Easter, celebrating the sunny coastline as a vibrant cultural hotspot and hosting a line-up of international musical performances, local food, produce, craft beer and wine. The day-long, family-friendly festival will host over eighteen acts on two stages on Easter Saturday (March 26th) within the spectacular grounds and natural amphitheatre of the Southward Car Museum, just north of Paraparaumu and only one hour north of Wellington.

Full Article

Alternative Radio: RDU98.5FM since 1976 at Canterbury Museum

Celebrate 40 years of iconic Christchurch radio station, RDU98.5FM in a new exhibition at Canterbury Museum opening 18 March 2016.

Alternative Radio: RDU98.5FM since 1976, charts the history of the South Island’s longest-running independent radio station, starting with its birth on 23 February 1976 for a few short weeks during student orientation at the University of Canterbury. 

Museum Director, Anthony Wright says the exhibition, a collaboration between the Museum and RDU98.5FM, tells a great Canterbury story of survival and ingenuity and will create a number of “firsts” for the Museum including live gigs, live music and live broadcasts in the Museum’s Special Exhibitions Hall. 

Full Article

Nominations are open for the 2016 MMF Music Managers Awards

The MMF Music Managers Awards celebrate the behind the scenes superstars of the New Zealand music industry. The managers who help some of New Zealand’s favourite artists and bands achieve fantastic results both at home and internationally.

The following categories are now open for nomination:

    - Recorded Music NZ Manager of the Year 
    - NZ Music Commission International Achievement 
    - Best Independent Tour 
    - APRA AMCOS Best Small Venue 
    - APRA AMCOS Best Large Venue 
    - Self-Managed Artist of the Year 
    - Breakthrough Manager 
    - NZ Music Managers Forum Industry Champion 

    Full Article

    The Taite Music Prize: unveiling the finalists

    Independent Music NZ is very pleased to announce that the finalists for the Taite Music Prize 2016 have now been confirmed.

    Named after the late Dylan Taite, one of the country's most highly respected music journalists, this will be the seventh year for the award. The Taite Music Prize's purpose is to recognise outstanding creativity for an entire collection of music contained on one album. The winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000, to be spent as they wish. The cash prize is kindly supplied by the Founding Partner Recorded Music NZ. The winner will also receive free recording time at Red Bull Studio Auckland and one years supply of Red Bull product.

    This years eight finalists, from a lengthy list of 52 nominations submitted by record labels both independent and major from across the country, are: 

    SJD / Saint John Divine (Round Trip Mars)
    Nadia Reid / Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs (Spunk Records)
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra / Multi-Love (Jagjaguwar / Rhythmethod)
    Princess Chelsea / The Great Cybernetic Depression (Lil’ Chief Records)
    The Phoenix Foundation / Give Up Your Dreams (The Phoenix Foundation)
    Anthonie Tonnon / Successor (Canapé King Records / Southbound)
    Marlon Williams / Marlon Williams (Universal Music)
    Silicon / Personal Computer (Weird World Recording Co / Universal Music NZ)

    Full Article

    Young South Island songstress wins folk Tui

    For The Weary Traveller
    by Holly Arrowsmith is the winner of the 2016 Best Folk Album at the Auckland Folk Festival in Kumeu.

    The Tui is Arrowsmith’s first, an impressive feat at only 21 years old.

    Born in New Mexico and raised in Queenstown, Arrowsmith delivers a stirring sound, poetic lyrics and haunting voice belying her age. She has already showcased multiple festivals as well as opening for internationally acclaimed folk artist Rodriguez.

    Full Article


    New Releases

    Broken Season - Wake Up The Fallen
    Miloux - Beaches (Stack & Piece Remix)
    Maya Payne - The Lucky Ones
    Hollie Smith - Water or Gold
    David Kilgour - Sugar Mouth (re-issue)
    Yukon Era - Yukon Era
    Percieve featuring PNC - Yes Bro
    Ashley Hughes - Cold Night Dark Mourning
    Doprah - Wasting
    Illuminus - Fade Away
    Karl Jensen - Flee The Ground
    The Jason McIver Collective - I May No Perf
    Times x Two - Way Higher (video)
    Zen Mantra - Second Skin
    Urban - Everything Except Time


    Upcoming Gigs


    Gold Medal Famous
    12 March @ Moon, Wellington with The Doubtful Sounds and Caballo Tonto
    Villainy with City of Souls and Decades
    31 March @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 1 April @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth - 8 April @ Churchills, Christchurch - 9 April @ Refuel, Dunedin - 14 April @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 15 April @ Altitude, Hamilton and 16 April @ Galatos, Auckland 
    Yukon Era
    9 March @ Golden Dawn, Auckland
    Antagonist A.D.
    1 April @ Whammy Bar, Auckland with Xile and 2 April @ Zeal, Hamilton with Barracks and Xile
    Hollie Smith
    31 March @ Top Hut, Twizel - 1 April @ Alberttown Tavern, Wanaka - 2 Apriil @ Hagley Park, Christchurch - 7 April @ Black Barn, Napier - 8 April @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 9 April @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth - 14 April @ The Butter Factory, Whangarei - 15 April @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland and 16 April @ Mauao Performing Arts Centre, Mt Maunganui


    The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band featuring Rick Vito
    31 March @ ASB Theatre, Auckland and 1 April @ Opera House, Wellington
    U.S. Girls
    7 March @ Whammy Bar, Auckland
    Eagles of Death Metal
    22 March @ The Powerstation, Auckland
    Gang of Four
    27 April @ The Powerstation, Auckland
    13 April @ The Kings Arms, Auckland
    Hannahband with Carb on Carb
    9 March @ The Crown Hotel, Dunedin - 10 March @ Dark Room, Christchurch, 11 March @ Moon, Wellington - 12 March @ Golden Dawn, Auckland and 13 March @ Baberaham, Auckland
    Twenty One Pilots
    18 April @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
    Blind Boy Paxton
    12 March @ Bodega, Wellington
    Matt Corby
    23 April @ Town Hall, Auckland and 26 April @ Opera House, Wellington
    The Mummies
    13 March @ Bodega, Wellington


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