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Newsletter Issue #478: 01 Nov 2015

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November Editorial

Rocktober is now sadly over and what a month of music it has been!

The amount of local bands out gigging have been phenomenal and each month is always a reminder of how great out Kiwi music scene is. Just recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the first Metalliance - The Paradox Tour. Bringing together over 20 years industry experience in hard rock and metal, Metalliance Touring is the future of music promotion and management. The official launch brought together eleven incredible heavy metal and rock acts at the Kings Arms in Auckland for an unforgettable experience, with Sri Lanka's very own Stigmata headlining coinciding with the release of their fourth album, The Ascetic Paradox. The night was an incredible turn out and a massive hats off to Sarah Sampson of Frog Management Group for all of her blood, sweat and tears that is the driving force behind Metalliance.

In this month's newsletter we remember Stylus. Their short but extremely influential spotlight in New Zealand music was a memorable one, so we take a look back at where they are now.

Elsewhere this month, Muzic.net.nz has a chat to three piece Auckland post metal band, Helgorithms and we get the low down on Auckland rockers, Ekko Park with the recent release of their second album, Know Hope. We have some great features from the bands Tablefox, Future Sailors and Running Stitch, and to top it all off we also have a chat to multi-instrumentalist, Eden Mulholland.

- Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz team

Where Are They Now? Stylus

Stylus were an incredible four-piece band from Auckland with a refreshing blend of rock, funk and hip-hop. The band had massive underground success with their debut album, Painkillers in 2003 and again with 2006's, Gain Control. The band parted ways a few years later. Where are they now?
Thanks to Matt and Dave for providing some of this info.

Matt Samuels (vocals)

I was the lead singer (among other things) in Stylus, but I was always a prolific drummer. Before Stylus ended, I was juggling my time in the band with various part time jobs, producing music for other artists (Michael Murphy's debut album No Place to Land), and having a residency playing drums at a Covers Jam night called "Sing Sing" at Auckland's Float Bar. I also played for artists like James Reid (from The Feelers), Jason Kerrison (from OpShop) and Taye Williams (X Factor NZ Finalist).

Once Stylus finished up, I wanted to continue to entertain & play music live. Paul (Stylus' bassist) and Dave (Stylus' drummer) both enjoyed the recording and audio engineering aspect of the game, but I just wanted to make people dance! I started playing drums for various covers bands and artists throughout NZ: Kara Gordon, Phil Stoodley (from The Stoods), The C.V.E - Off The Wall - and the three artists previously mentioned above. I received many offers to sing/ front a covers band, but I had a certain amount of "ego" attached to being the front man of Stylus; not the front man of a covers band, being "The Wedding Singer". So I stayed behind the drums, and I'm still doing that to this day!

I started my own Entertainment Booking agency called Mix Tape Brothers. We provide events, weddings and private functions with live entertainment options like duo's, solo artists, DJ's, four & five piece covers bands, etc. I'm either drumming in the band or duo, or DJ'ing the event. I've managed to make a living and provide for my family "playing covers". This is something which was near impossible with Stylus, as we invested everything back into the band, which is definitely the way to do it, but it's a hard road. My covers work has also sent me to see a bit of the world! I've since been to LA, New York, Burlington Vermont, Singapore, Dubai and Australia.. all for covers gigs! Next year, among many dates around NZ, I've got a wedding booked in Brisbane, Australia, so myself and singer/guitarist, Chris Reed will head over there and try to get the dance floor pumping for yet another Aussie wedding.

From 2002 - 2014 I also worked for the Rock FM radio station. During a TV interview with Jono (Pryor) I was telling him that I needed to make some cash so we could pay for our next tour, etc.. and he put me in touch with the Rock promo team. I started out as a part of the "Rock Roadie" promo team. Driving around Auckland, giving away "free stuff" for 3 hours a day. Perfect job for a Muso! I eventually worked my way up the ladder to Auckland Promotions Co-ordinator, and finally the National Promotions Co-ordinator for the Rock Network. This position had a lot of responsibility but was a great experience. I learnt a lot about a side of the music industry that a lot of musicians like to complain about, but rarely know anything about. It was great.

In 2013/2014 I got to re-join my ex Stylus Band mate Paul Matthews on stage. After Stylus, Paul moved to the UK and started the band I Am Giant with former Blindspott drummer and X Factor NZ Judge, Shelton Woolright. Shelton was held up internationally and couldn't make it back to NZ in time for 2 of the I Am Giant Summer tour dates for 2013/2014. So I got the call up! I got to play New Years eve with I Am Giant @ BW Camp grounds, as part of Rhythm & Vines, and New Years Day at Bay Park Stadium in Tauranga. It was great!! I also get booked to be the Ring Announcer at local Boxing events around Auckland. This is an indication of my wide ranging list of things I do to. From announcing and MC'ing events, to drumming & DJ'ing, I still like to get up in front of people and entertain. And I'm going to keep doing it as long as I can!

Dave Rhodes (drums)

After Stylus Dave formed a band called 29 Blackbirds. It was a lot of fun but didn't last long. He recorded an EP and played a bunch of shows around the North Island. Around 2010 he formed a band to back Emma G which quickly morphed into the band Static Era. It was fun rock band with Chris Yong (previously from (Tadpole and Redline) on guitar and we released 2 EPs and an album with multiple music videos and played all over NZ. Dave left the band in 2014 to spend more time in the recording studio. Through all this time (including his time in Stylus) Dave has been a recording engineer. He has recorded all the bands he has played in plus more NZ bands than he can remember in the last 20 years! Currently, Dave manages a studio in Devonport called Depot Sound.

Paul Matthews (bass)

Paul is now best known as the bassist for I Am Giant. Paul has also been a producer for music by Agent, New Damage, Redline, Audio Empire, Melic, Jayson Norris, State Of It, Just One Fix, Setting Fire To Stacey, Blindspott and OpShop among others. He currently lives in the UK.

Aja Timu (guitar)

Multi-talented Aja was also the vocalist for State Of It and the bassist for Take The Willing.

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Stylus - Live @ The Masonic 07/08/04 (photo gallery)

Backstabbers Incorporated (mp3)
Sick Of This (mp3)


Helgorithms are a 3 piece post-metal band based in Auckland, drawing influence from bands such as Neurosis, Deafheaven, ISIS & Devin Townsend, they combine a flurry of techniques and deploy them to create songs that take the listener on an aural journey. June 2015 saw Helgorithms release their debut EP Realisation // Revelation as well as a music video to coincide with the EPs release. Helgorithms will also be touring the country during November. Bailey answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you come up with the name Helgorithms?

We stole it from Cobra Khan, they had an album called Helgorithms and ever since then it's stuck in my head, when the band was in the creation stages I thought it fit quite well so we stuck with it. 

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Would have to be when we play with The Ocean in Welly at Valhalla, massive inspiration of mine that band and they’re real good dudes. Plus, that place is tiny but Loic still managed to jump off the PA into the crowd, was pretty hectic.

What can you never leave home without?

If it was for a gig, then probably my bass… Other than the obvious answer I couldn’t gig without my Darkglass B7K, that’s pretty much the fundamental element of my tone/rig.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

It would have to be one of our latest ones called Contrition, we haven’t recorded it yet, we’ve played it live every gig since it was debuted. Proud of it the most because it just flows so well and is really chill but culminates into an epic distorted finish.

What rumour would you like to start about Helgorithms?

That we are touring with Deafheaven & Sumac.

Helgorithms are Luke Finlay (guitar, vocals), Bailey Roiall (bass, vocals) and Ross Curtain (drums).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
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Bandcamp Page

Helgorithms at Lucha Lounge, 20th June, 2015 (photo gallery)

Helgorithms Tour Feature

Helgorithms NZ Escapade (press release)
Helgorithms Announce Debut EP (press release)

Ekko Park

Auckland rockers Ekko Park have been providing a unique and explosive offering in the NZ music landscape since 2010. They released their debut album Tomorrow Tomorrow Today in 2013 and their highly anticipated second album Know Hope came out on October 30. Nick answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Who are your role models in the NZ music industry?

Neil Finn and Crowded House is what inspired me to play music, I grew up in Te Awamutu and was introduced to Crowded House at a young age as the Finn Brothers had also grown up there. I also remember being handed a copy of Something Beginning With C by The Exponents on cassette at a young age, I've now been lucky enough to perform with Jordan Luck on a few occasions. As a drummer I look up to the likes of Beaver Pooley, Michael Franklin-Browne, Tom Larkin... to name a few rockers!!

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

One song is hard to pick! but there are two songs on the new album that stand out to me at the moment, Faking Shadows and Surface Breaks. They are the last two songs we wrote before heading into the studio and are both unlike anything we have done before, yet still sound like Ekko Park! 

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Ekko Park?

That our name is spelt Ekko Park, not Echo Park! 

Where is your favourite place to relax in NZ?

KareKare, Te Kawa Hill and any good ocean in summer! 

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Camden Barfly in London last year, I remember walking on stage, looking out to a full house and just thinking "we are playing a full house in London.... don't f*ck up!!" We also had an amazing run of shows at home which included playing The Powerstation, Vector Arena, Logan Campbell Centre and Homegrown. Playing those big stages is always a huge buzz. 

What sets you apart from other bands?

I feel like our music connects with a wide mix of people, we are not in a certain scene or only play to a certain audience. We really pride ourselves on our live show and like to make it high energy and entertaining with lots of banter, no set list is ever the same as we like to tailor it to each occasion which always also keeps us on our toes! 

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Personally it's simply listening to lots of music... I love listening to music and discovering new music for my ears whether it be old or new is something I do daily. Also playing with the Ekko guys, its easy to get inspired when we are on a roll. 

Tell us about Ekko Park’s next release.

Our second album Know Hope was released on Friday October 30. It was recorded in July/August between Roundhead Studios and a studio we refer to as 'The Bach', which we set up in the Coromandel town of Onemana for 8 days in August. We had a great team with Greg Haver producing, Nick Poortman Engineering and Adrian Hall in London Mixing who were all a dream to work with. The recording process was one of those experiences we won't forget! It was great to head away and just zone into recording. The album is a big step up and perfect representation of Ekko Park and we can't wait for people to hear it! 

What can you never leave home without? 

Phone, wallet, keys and CD's for my car (yep...CDs)

Ekko Park is Joe Walsh (lead vocals, guitar), Joel Halstead (guitar, backing vocals), Callum Tong (bass) and Nick Douch (drums).

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REVIEW: Know Hope (album)

Ekko Park @ Music Is Dead @ Kings Arms, Auckland 15 Jan 2015 (photo gallery)
Ekko Park @ The Powerstation, Auckland 2 Aug 2014 (photo gallery)

NZ Blokes Interview with Ekko Park (Jan 2015)
REVIEW: Tomorrow Tomorrow Today(album)

Kaipara College Rock Out With Ekko Park Know Hope Album Release (press release)
Ekko Park Release New Album Know Hope (press release)


Since the release of their debut EP Passenger in 2013, Tablefox have undergone an evolution. Moving from a three piece to a five piece has seen the inclusion of dual weaving guitar lines and vocal harmonies that have broadened the band’s sonic palette. During this time, Tablefox have been writing the new songs that will make up their debut album Objects. Recorded at Tsunami Sound Studios in the Horowhenua with engineer David Trail, the band went into the studio with the intention of producing an EP. However, such was the creative energy of the sessions, they ended up tracking enough material for an entire album. The first single Something Better was released in August and is available as a free download from the Tablefox Bandcamp page. Recently the band had the opportunity of playing live on Radio Hauraki’s Saturday Special radio show. With musical influences ranging from Frightened Rabbit, The National, Dinosaur Jr and Interpol, Objects will show the band’s use of light and shade, as well as a strong melodic base, and will be officially released at the album launch on November the 20th at Backbeat, K Rd, Auckland. As part of a mini tour, they will also be playing in Hamilton at Nivara Lounge on November the 27th, with further dates to be confirmed. In the New Year, Tablefox are planning on playing gigs across the country and heading into the studio again mid-year.

Tablefox are Clinton Bell (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Owen Bradley (drums), Matt Carson (guitar), Brendan Coyle (bass) and Chris Dickinson (guitar, backing vocals).

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Tablefox Announce New single release New World (press release)
Tablefox Release Something Better (press release)

Eden Mulholland

Eden is no stranger to touring and his live performances are equal to the task of delivering the epic yet intimate qualities of his songs. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, digital artist and vocals freedom fighter, he is known for his generous and uninhibited delivery, whether performing solo or with his bands. Eden recently released his third album Hunted Haunted and he answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Cardboard Cutouts from Hunted Haunted. It’s taken a few years to finally get it sounding how I imagined it could. Originally it was part of a contemporary dance score, complete with horse clip clop samples and whinnying. LOL. In the Hunted Haunted writing sessions I finally came up with a chorus that suited the weirdness of the verses and I look forward to playing each time I perform. The chorus seems to explode into life – I like music that surprises and goes in unusual directions, or is completely over the top, epic, anthemic? When you least expect it. I tried to do that with this song.

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

I recently did some writing with an Australian artist Mt Warning at the Mushroom event called writers bloc in Melbourne. We got on very well and I’m hoping we can continue to explore the partnership.

Where is your favourite place to relax in NZ?

I relax up north in Warkworth, my parents both live up there on a farm and it’s the most peaceful place I can imagine.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

You can expect another solo record, the second Music For Dance record and at least two national tours. I’m also coming home to work on a handful of theatre productions and travelling to USA to release Hunted Haunted there and tour. It’s going to be a big year I think.

What can you never leave home without

My Kindle. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received. I’m an avid sci-fi reader and devour books on tour. I feel naked without it.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

I played a show at CMJ in New York where we blew up the PA halfway through the set. Heaps of people had come to see us and in the middle of a song everything just stopped. The engineer had been shouting shots (to himself too) all night and was in no condition to get the power working again so we had to cancel the rest of the show. It was pretty hilarious really, but devastating – considering how far we’d come to play. LOL

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REVIEW: Hunted Haunted (album)

Eden Mulholland takes Hunted Haunted on tour (press release)

Future Sailors

Future Sailors are a Auckland duo creating Alternative Pop music not just for girls. The unique twosome have a single, Insecure available to stream on Bandcamp and are currently working on their next release.   Cody Robinson-Pierce answered the following questions for Muzic.net.nz.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

We aren't really proud of any specific one, we are proud of all the songs we write. It takes a lot of time for us because it is just us two so we have to write for all the instruments not just our main one but that makes practising and band decisions a lot easier.

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Future Sailors?

We want NZ to know that pop music isn't just for teenage girls, and that pop music isn't meaningless.

What is Future Sailors' long term goal?

We ultimately want to get our music out internationally and for people in different countries to hear us.

What sets you apart from other musicians/bands?

Well we don't have a drummer or bassist or any other musician it is just us two (Cody and Connor), it is strange when you turn up to a gig and people ask where your drummer is and you have to explain you don't have one.

Tell us about Future Sailors' next release.

Our next release is a bit different to our last, it is a bit more harsh, and aggressive.

What inspired you to start Future Sailors?

Well we have this really good friend, Cam McTaggart, who is a professional weight lifter. He always believed in us and said that if we try really hard we can record and play shows. Seeing him win all his weight lifting awards just made us see he was right. So we got together and here we are now.

Future Sailors are Cody and Connor

Website Links

Facebook Page
Bandcamp Page
Soundcloud Page

Running Stitch

Formed in early 2015, Running Stitch is a three piece alternative rock band from Auckland. The band's debut EP, It's On was released last year, reflecting their early sound of alternate rock with folk and lots of harmonies. Jeremy Wooller answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How would you describe Running Stitch's music in one sentence?

We’re a three piece alternative rock band that blends rhythmic guitars, with melodic vocals, and expressive lyrics that are distinctive, and honest.

Who are your role models in the NZ music industry?

There are honestly too many to single out just few. We all have slightly different tastes in music and bands, which is great, it helps bring something to the overall musical sound of the band. But we definitely all are very proud to be part of the NZ music scene.

What is Running Stitch's long term goal?

We’re pretty focused at the moment on building our fan base by gigging as much as we can and fine tuning our sound. We are still a relatively new band in a way so we are still evolving in the how we play and write together, which is exciting. Longer term our goal would definitely be to get to a stage where we are able to spend more time playing in the band than we do at our day jobs!

What sets you apart from other bands?

Our music has a unique but familiar sound that’s both complicated and simple in many ways, so I think we appeal to a wide range of musical tastes.

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians?

Who would they be? No, although we’d definitely be interested in collaborating with other bands or musicians. Give us a call haha!

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Running Stitch?

F*ck we are fun.

Running Stitch is Aletta Ashdown (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Wooller (bass) and Kayne Wilkinson (drums).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
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REVIEW: It's On (EP)

NZ Music News

Soundsplash: Second Line Up And New Stage Added

Soundsplash 2016 is stoked to announce the second string of artists and the addition of fourth stage to the three day festival.

Joining the bill are a massive host of premier DJ’s and MC’s who will bring their talent to the new Soundsystem Stage, showcasing international and local talent in the best of Roots, Dancehall, Dub, Tropical, Soul & Cumbia.

Having already sold out all the early-bird and advance tickets, Soundsplash 2016 is making waves being welcomed back with much enthusiasm from music lovers nationwide. Full price tickets are now available for the festival, including parking and overnight stays at the three stunning Wainui Reserve locations.

Full Article

One Love Festival - tickets selling fast

New Zealand’s leading reggae festival, One Love, returns to Tauranga this summer – bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before.

Pato Entertainment is proud to be bringing some of the world’s biggest reggae bands to Kiwi shores and you can see them all in one place.
In its fourth year, One Love has carved out a reputation among music lovers as the country’s purest and most trusted celebration of ‘roots, rock and reggae’. And in keeping with the event’s dedication to the genre, the 2016 festival will be held on Waitangi weekend – significantly falling on February 6 - the birthday of the late, great Bob Marley.
Stretched across two days and hosted by singer Ria Halland Flava’s Pat Spellman, this year's festival is selling fast with a line-up featuring a who's who of reggae greats, as well as up-and-comers from all corners of the globe.

Full Article

Splore's line-up journey continues with more acts announced

More artists have been added to Splore Festival’s 2016 line-up including Austrian house duo Klangkarussell, UK rising hip hop star, Little Simz, Berlin punk/cabaret performer Bonaparte, Warp Records’ supremo Nightmares on Wax plus Australian neo soul group Hiatus Kaiyote.

Klangkarussell’s seminal jazz-infused tracks Sonnentanz and Netzwerk have charted internationally and the production duo will make their New Zealand debut at Splore.

Regarded as UK’s hottest hip hop property right now, Little Simz will be touring her acclaimed debut album at Splore. Pitchfork has described her delivery as a mix of Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar. She has enjoyed co-signs from Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky and J. Cole.

Full Article

WOMAD 2016: Full Line Up Announced

Hot on the heels of the first announcement that Ladysmith Black Mambazo and John Grant will headline WOMAD NZ 2016, the full line-up can now be revealed – and it’s one of the festival’s most diverse and colourful yet.

Adding to the vibrant line-up this year is ethio-soul Queen, Ester Rada. The Israeli-based singer-songwriter has been turning heads worldwide with her soulful blend of jazz/funk/soul/RnB fusion, opening for Alicia Keys at her Israeli concert in 2013. With her ravishing voice, she is not one to miss on the circuit this year.

Making the list of ‘must-sees’ are alt-country rockers Calexico. The Arizona outfit is returning to Kiwi shores after wowing audiences here in 2013 with their genre-bending mix of mariachi, spaghetti western and folk.
Country darling Tami Neilson is another major draw card. The 2014 Silver Scroll winner has just released new album Don't Be Afraid to critical acclaim and her star is soaring high. The Auckland-based singer songwriter’s new mix of rollicking country, blues and soul, offset by heart-breaking balladry, is guaranteed to delight.

Full Article

Rhythm and Vines 2015 Second Announcement

The highly anticipated, second line-up announcement for Rhythm and Vines 2015 has finally been unveiled – with US rapper Mac Miller and DJ sets from electronic heavyweights Sub Focus and Nero leading the charge.

Rapper and producer Mac Miller will be kicking off the celebrations with a headlining performance on December 29, touring off the back of his newly released album GO:OD AM. He’s collaborated with big industry names such as Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifia and Ariana Grande, and played to sold out shows around the world.

In a first for the festival, Rhythm and Vines have partnered with international music giant UKF to kick off December 30. UKF will be presenting a stage, hosting some of the finest electronic acts in club culture including Nero DJ set, Sub Focus DJ set, Kove and Dimension, along with the already announced Pendulum who will be kicking off New Year’s Eve festivities. Grammy award-winning Nero, who topped the UK music charts with their critically acclaimed debut album Welcome Reality will get the crowds pumping with their electronic hits.

Full Article

Jim Beam Homegrown 1st Announcement


Jim Beam Homegrown returns April 2nd 2016... bigger and better than ever! We’ve significantly changed up 2 of our main stages and the line-up is looking amazing, with 48 acts across 6 stages on the Wellington Waterfront.

Pre-Sale Tickets

- Pre-sale tickets are available through Ticketek from 9am Tuesday 27th October.
- This includes all 2,500 early-bird tickets at $99 + booking fee ($20 cheaper). Last year they sold out in about 48 hours, so we recommend getting in quickly to make sure you don't miss out.
- To get your pre-sale tickets just click on the following link BUY TICKETS after 9am on Tuesday 27th October and enter the password HG2016
Once early bird tickets are gone all tickets will be $119 + booking fee. Then on November 2nd all tickets go on sale to the general public.

Full Article

VNZMA Finalists Announced

The celebrations have started with Recorded Music NZ revealing the artists in the line-up for Tuis at the 50th annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

A finalist in five categories, Canterbury’s Marlon Williams leads the list with his debut solo album Marlon Williams and single Dark Child. Williams is a finalist for Mentos Album of the Year, Vodafone Single of the Year, Best Male Solo Artist, Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Best Alternative album.

Joining Williams as this year’s front runners with multiple finalist nods are previous Tui winners Six60 and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Both are finalists in four categories.

Full Article

The Exponents Saluted With The 2015 NZ Herald Legacy Award

Recorded Music NZ and The NZ Herald are proud to announce that the 2015 NZ Herald Legacy Award recipients are The Exponents.

The New Zealand Herald Legacy Award pays tribute to notable and celebrated Kiwi artists who have helped shape the NZ music industry. Legacy Award winners are inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards on November 19.

The group formed in 1981, recording first under the name The Dance Exponents, before changing to The Exponents in 1990. Over the band’s full 34 year career the group released nine studio albums and three greatest hits compilations featuring hits such as Why Does Love Do This To Me, Who Loves Who The Most, Victoria and I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue).

Full Article

NZ On Air Critic’s Choice showcase line up revealed

The 2015 line-up for the NZ On Air Critics’ Choice Prize as part of Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards has been announced with three up-and-coming bands selected to perform at the showcase.

First up in this year’s line-up is Boycrush, the moniker of songwriter and producer Alistair Deverick. An accomplished drummer, his collection of demos led to an invitation to attend the respected Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid to launch his solo career. Boycrush has released a variety of tracks with the latest EP Girls On Top.

New Gum Sarn joins the line-up with a growing fan base following the release of debut album New Gold Mountain. The group comprises Sophia Lawler-Dormer, Durham Fenwick, Dave Weir and Oscar Dowling and is inspired by the likes of Neil Young, Talk Talk and Television.

Auckland 3-piece Bespin completes the line-up of the talented artists ready to take their music to the world. Alex Freer, Jonathan Lee and Joel Beeby played the 2015 Laneway Festival and they will be releasing their debut EP soon.

Full Article


You can read all the latest NZ music news here.
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Once again, our photographers have outdone themselves with this incredible selection of new photos:

The Phoenix Foundation
Photos by Ria

Hunt The Witch
Photos by Kerry

City of Souls
Photos by Lou

Avalanche City
Benny Tipene
Photos by Calden

Tiki Taane
Sons of Zion
Devilskin (pictured)
City of Souls
Photos by Bradley

Poison Skies (pictured)
The Recently Deceived
The Altered States
Rebel Sound Radio
Photos by Ngamihi

The Word Alive
Parkway Drive
Thy Art Is Murder
City of Souls
Photos by Matt

Photos by Kerry


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The Phoenix Foundation Interview

Ria sat down with Luke Buda from The Phoenix Foundation to talk about what it’s like working with his fellow musician pals, what inspires them in making music, their Give Up Your Dreams Tour, what’s next in line for them and also beer.

Read the full interview here.

The Phoenix Foundation muzic.net.nz Page


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