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Newsletter Issue #459: 06 Apr 2014

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What's Happening

Welcome to the second muzic.net.nz newsletter for 2014! 

It's April already, which means we're only a few weeks away from New Zealand Music Month, that time of year we try a little harder to support the struggling local artists that are yet to make it Lorde big. It may not be New Zealand Music Month yet, but here at muzic.net.nz we've already seen a wealth of Kiwi talent released over the past month. Check out our reviews if you need a music hit. You might just find a new favourite band. 

Coming up on April 19th is the annual Record Store Day, a day to celebrate independent record stores around the world. It's also a day I mourn the passing of Palmerston North's Mango Music, taken tragically from us in anticipation of JB Hifi's arrival in town. Check the Record Store Day website for a participating store near you.

This week it was announced that for the first time digital music sales have surpassed physical sales in New Zealand, which may not be the final nail in the music store's coffin, but is a sign of the end times. What better time to celebrate and draw attention back the independent record stores.   

And speaking of end times, you've no doubt already heard that after 24 years the Parachute music festival has been cancelled indefinitely.  But not if a couple of Thames High School students have something to do with it.

If you're like them and want to see Parachute 2015 then support them on their Give A Little campaign, which has already raised more than $2000. 

Let's pray this is another Big Day Out scenario, where Parachute will return again one day. Though the event market is saturated at the moment, there will be a Parachute sized hole, especially for the dedicated followers of the Christian music scene.

That's me for now. Keep an eye on our news section for the latest.
Peter-James and the muzic.net.nz team.

The Blue Grizzly Band

Some of the grungiest blues you'll ever hear; The Blue Grizzly Band goes from stage to stage blowing ear drums with a whirlwind of heavy blues rock, sexy slow-jams and modern blues funk. Thanks to Grizzly Smith for answering the following questions:

Who are your role models in the NZ music industry?

Every single person that helps out in some way, the people that get off their arse and get out there and, of course, the fans for their support. Without these people the industry would not exist.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Your Fantasy is my personal favourite, but I'm most proud of M.I.L.F because of the amount of drunk girls that I have seen strip to that song, what more can you ask for really?

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

I'm always on the lookout for other artists to work with, whether it's featuring on another artists track, co-writing, collaborations etc. I have nothing set at this point but I like working with other artists and seeing how each individual style can morph and mutate something until it is nothing like it began, and has instead turned into something unique and beautiful to share with others, to me that is the essence of music at it's core.

Where is your favourite place to relax in NZ?

Being on stage is my happy place. All external worries disappear, I can just zone out and be "that guy" and get absorbed into the music. There's nothing else quite like it, and if anybody tells you different tell em they're doin it wrong!

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

The Heavy Metal Ninjas, Osmium, Truly Made, The Thomas Oliver Band, Gift Of Ruin, Pariah, Amachine, Tomorrow People, The Black Seeds, Fly My Pretties, Heathen Eyes, Static Era, The Rising Tide, Strangely Arousing... So many to list... so many amazingly talented and hard working people in the industry at the moment, I could fill this entire interview with kick ass NZ bands.

What sets you apart from other bands?

We have better beards.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Beards, whisky, distortion.
And bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Think about the worst possible job you could ever have right now. Now compare that to playing your most hated genre of music and ask yourself which one is worse?

Got it? Cool, now go get off your arse and go do whatever it takes to ensure you are seen and heard and people know your name and every time you start to doubt yourself or get disheartened I want you to think about that job as your only other option, JUST KEEP GOING!

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

For me personally? Going on stage in nothing but my boxers only to realise AFTER the show that when I was putting my leg up on the foldback I had been flashing everyone in the crowd. The Blue Grizzly Band accepts no responsibility for my behaviour that night as it was another band having to put up with my drunken antics. That was a good night haha

What rumour would you like to start about The Blue Grizzly Band?

Grizz once dated both Mila Kunis AND Rhianna at the same time, until Miley Cyrus flew into a jealous rage and began licking hammers. Big Poppa is still dating Katy Perry, and OT and Mr. Jay are usually too busy chillun with Snoop to care what anyone else is doing. Sometimes the power of a beard can be a dangerous thing.

The Blue Grizzly Band is Aaron 'Grizzly' Smith (vocals, guitar), J McMurray (lead guitar, backing vocals), Big Poppa Hoyle (bass, backing vocals) and O.T. (drums).

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Muzic.net.nz Page 
MySpace Page
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Free EP Download
Your Fantasy Video 
Broke Arse EP Review



Since 2005 [amos/anon], brainchild of this newsletters editor Peter-James Dries, have remained in obscurity, covertly planting their music around the country, hiding their albums and waiting patiently for unsuspecting victims to stumble upon it. The music, variously described as Progressive Doom Metal and Gothic Industrial, is dark, haunting and brooding. Thanks to Peter for answering the following questions:

What is new in the world of [Amos/Anon]?

Last year saw the release of Thanatos, which was an album I was really proud of.  Beneath the Pound of Flesh has just been released. I had planned to work with Paraffin on their debut release, but life got in the way.

Now I’m having a bit of time to myself to kind of refresh and recuperate. 

Tell us about the new album

Beneath the Pound of Flesh is [amos/anon]’s third stripped back, semi-acoustic release and the third to feature artwork from Jessicka Cannibal at Visceral Photography.  

It’s a thematic sequel to the last acoustic release, Songs of a Tortured Soul. Where Songs of a Tortured Soul was about throwing away the world and descending into darkness, Beneath the Pound of Flesh is about leaving the vicious cycle of self-destruction. 

I’d just finished all the tracking when I lost my youngest brother. The album is dedicated to him.

How was the recording of this album?

After finishing Thanatos last year I took time to look back over everything I’ve done, especially the unreleased stuff, and saw things through new eyes, with a different perspective and found I still feel the same.

Looking back Beneath the Pound of Flesh was a lot easier than making Songs of a Tortured Soul and Thanatos. It took the least time to record out of anything else to date, but that’s because some of those songs have been around for so long.  Songs like Somaticate, which I wrote back in 2010 during the recording sessions for the Lachrymist, and I wrote Saturnine in high school. It was the second song I ever wrote. 

What is your long term goal?

I never started out with a particular goal in mind. If you expect nothing then everything that comes is a pleasant surprise. I know I’m not striving for fame. I came to terms with the fact that my music isn’t for everyone. [amos/anon] will never gain mainstream acceptance. I’ve got a small but dedicated fan base, who I am grateful for, and I’m pleased to share pieces of my soul with them, five or six songs at a time.

What can we expect to see from [amos/anon] over the next year?

Next year, I’ve been doing this whole [amos/anon] thing for ten years. I know the day is coming where I have to decide what I want out of life and out of this project. Do I hang up the guitar and grow up, or do I keep putting pieces of myself out there in the search for something nameless and unattainable?

Beneath the Pound of Flesh is available for stream and download from the [amos/anon] Bandcamp (http://amosanon.bandcamp.com).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page 
Official Website
Amplifier Page
Facebook Page
Youtube Page

Thanatos Album Review
Songs of a Tortured Soul EP Review


DateMonthYear are a flexible recording and performing unit based in Hamilton.

DateMonthYear is not a band. DateMonthYear is a way of doing things-the composition, production, performance and marketing of music in the contemporary environment. Thanks to Trevor for answering the following questions:

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

We have a large backlog of cover versions and collaborations. The first to be released is a song we did with Jason Lurman from hamilton guitar band Sora Shima. The result is River, a 7 minute instrumental that you can check out at http://datemonthyear.bandcamp.com/

It's an interesting blend of both of our styles. Collaborations are a lot of fun, and very refreshing musically.

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about DateMonthYear?

That we are making music our own way, in a way that satisfies our own musical agenda, and that is totally independent.

How would you describe DateMonthYear’s music in one sentence?

Pop melodies, rock dynamics and movie atmospheres! Boom!

What is DateMonthYear’s long term goal?

To keep moving forward. Our musical heroes all have developed and taken risks and evolved musically. We have released four CDs to date, and our next four will all be stages in a journey. The line up retains a flexibility that means new influences are always welcome.

What sets you apart from other bands?

Well, the fact that DateMonthYear is not really a "band", as much as it is a way of making music. Its a way that involves change, growth and development as necessary. In the 21st century the term "band" has become quite a limiting one...and rock music is supposed to be the genre that breaks rules, not reinforces them.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Everyhwere. Hemingway believed that to be a develop a writing style you had to read at least five great authors every year. DMY is about constantly looking for new sources of magic and inspiration.

What can we expect to see from DateMonthYear over the next year?

We are currently recording a new album, and a clean up of the archives means a lot of collaborations and covers and oddities are also going to be released. Gigging will also resume, but probably not until the second half of this year.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

You are only as good as your last gig/release.

Tell us about DateMonthYear’s next release.

It's tentatively called Singles but that may change. Its a 10 song album. the material is all road tested and is going through the rigmarole of being recorded and revised at this very moment, It's very much a song based album-no instrumentals or prog-experimentation. that'll be next time!

How did you come up with the name DateMonthYear?

It's from a London hospital admissions form. You know, date of birth, Date; Month: Year: etc.

DateMonthYear are Trevor Faville (drums, vocals), Mitchell Currin (bass, samples), Brooke Baker (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Emma Koretz (vocals) and Tyler Leet (guitar).

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Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website
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Curlys Jewels

Wellington rock band Curlys Jewels formed in August 2011.

Over the past two years the band has attracted a strong and loyal local following of supporters.  Furiously gigging all over Wellington, The Hutt Valley, Kapiti and Porirua, Curlys are finding a home in Napier also, regularly playing The Cabana Bar headlining local Hawke's Bay bands.

Regarded as one of Wellington's up and coming rock bands with one of the best female vocalists in the scene, their debut EP received a glowing review in the NZ Musician Magazine in 2012.

Other recent highlights include coming second in the Rock Radio Station promoted Wellington Battle of the Bands 2013 and again received amazing feedback attracting gig offers from a number of bands and promoters.

Curlys Jewels will be touring New Zealand throughout 2014 to support the release of their upcoming debut album No Apostrophe, due to be released on 25 April 2014 at The Angus Inn, Lower Hutt.

Curlys Jewels promises an energetic live show with some fat hooky banshee driven rock tracks that wont disappoint.

Curlys Jewels are Aaron Ludlow, Corey Bell, Janelle Pollock and Andy Van der Heyden.

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website
Facebook Page
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Reverbnation Page


Poison Skies

Poison Skies are a high energy rock band based in Auckland, New Zealand.

With 3 guitars, bass, and drums presented on stage, the only thing overpowering their massive wall of sound is their energy.

Bringing years of experience and musical background to the table, Poison Skies is a collaboration of musicians whose attitudes blend into one explosive incendiary of sound.

Thanks to Carl for answering the following questions:

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why? 

Being able to see some more of the kick ass NZ bands located overseas would be pretty rad (the likes of These Four Walls, I Am Giant, Like A Storm). They are bands that set the bar high for us NZ muso’s and it’s great to feed off the energy and enthusiasm they bring with their shows and music. On the other hand, there are some killer bands playing in our backyards now (too many to list) and you’ll find us most Fridays or Saturdays at a local bar checking out something awesome!

How would you describe Poison Skies’ music in one sentence?

Poison Skies is a collaboration of musicians whose attitudes blend into one explosive incendiary, where the only thing overpowering their massive wall of sound is their energy.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Our debut show supporting Static Era and Stitches was probably our most memorable show so far. We played to a packed house at Juice Bar, Parnell. It was a great night where everything just clicked, had a pumped up audience and there was an amazing energy throughout the whole night. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to make an appearance.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Inspiration could strike us simply from a song we’ve got on a playlist at the time, from events or circumstances that relate to people, or even something that personally inspires us to get writing. Usually the spark for a new song is ignited with a powerful riff that surrounds itself very quickly with all it’s accompanying components. Everything is a project that gets the full Poison Skies treatment and seal of approval. Having shared interests in music definitely helps!

How did you come up with the name Poison Skies? 

This is a quest that lead us down a long drawn out path, and through multiple ideas. Getting 5 highly opinionated muso’s to decide on one name is not the easiest task, but we really wanted something that we believe suited our sound, our style, our brand, and also sounds bad ass. It was agreed that Poison Skies was something that rang true for us.

What can we expect to see from Poison Skies over the next year?

We’re currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on our first single. We’ve been recording with Dave Rhodes (Blindspott/The Rabble/Stylus) and it’s sounding massive. We can’t wait for people to hear this!

Poison Skies are Nick Wilkinson (lead vocals, guitar), Sam Onnes (rhythm guitar), Paul Hibbert (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jamie (bass) and Carl (drums).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website
Facebook Page
Twitter Page
Youtube Page


NZ Music News Highlights

Digital music services top earners for NZ artists

Recorded Music NZ, the industry representation and licensing organisation for recording artists and their labels, today (31 March) released its wholesale figures for the New Zealand recorded music industry in 2013.

Digital music services are now the number one source of revenue for rights owners accounting for 51 per cent of all music sales by format, overtaking physical music products for the first time.

2013 was also a year of massive growth for streaming services and adoption by Kiwis. Music streaming revenues have tripled since 2012 and now make up approximately nine per cent of all revenues by format. There was also modest growth in digital album purchases an increase of three per cent in 2013.

Whilst increases in digital revenue fell short of countering the decline in physical album purchases (down 24 per cent), vinyl sales - accounting for only a small fraction of the overall revenues - were up 29 per cent in 2013.

Full Article

Parachute Festival cancelled

After 24 years, the final curtain has dropped on New Zealand’s longest-running music festival. Parachute Music, the charitable organisation behind the multi-day music festival, announced today that the event would be discontinued.

“While we celebrate a great run in this country, it’s important to us that we end well” says Parachute CEO and festival founder Mark de Jong, “This event is no longer viable financially and our Board doesn’t believe it is prudent to continue the event. Continuing the festival will put all the other activities of Parachute Music at risk.”

“It’s no secret that running an event of this scale in Australasia has become increasingly harder to do in a saturated events market” continues de Jong, “Over the last few years, we’ve reduced ticket prices, slashed operational budgets, increased artist spend and done many other things to try to make this festival work; we’ve come to the point where we believe this festival’s season is at an end. The last thing we want to do is to ruin this festival’s legacy by forcing it past a natural conclusion.”

Full Article

Diaz Grimm & Junior Voyage win theaudience.co.nz Wildcard Chart for March

theaudience.co.nz is ecstatic to announce the winners of the March Wildcard Funding Chart: Diaz Grimm & Junior Voyage with the track Light The Flame. It was a month of strong competition and strong collaborations, as Donell Lewis put up a good fight, eventually claiming second place with the track Steady Droppin ft Fortafy.

It was incredible to see the support for both artists through social media, with the votes flying in thick and fast as we approached the end of the month. In the end, Diaz Grimm managed to take down the vote and the NZ On Air grant.

"We're humbled by the huge amount of support," says Diaz, taking time to thank those who voted for him last month. "Just goes to show what can happen when like-minded people work together. Shout out to everyone." Listen to Light The Flame here.

Full Article

Record Store Day 2014 - Easter Saturday April 19th

Another year has spun around since the last Record Store Day and Real Groovy is gearing up to celebrate in style again this Easter – yes, Record Store Day2014 falls on Saturday April 19th – with in-store live music, guest DJs, exclusive local and international vinyl releases and lots of other activities.

Highlights include three Record Store Day exclusive vinyl releases on the Real Groovy Records label, plus an exclusive Suburban Reptiles 7” re-issue and new material from The Phoenix Foundation on 7”. We are delighted to say there will be live performances by The Spelling Mistakes and The Phoenix Foundation, with a guest DJ line-up of personalities spinning their favourite tunes throughout the day.

Full Article

Wellington songwriter finalist in International Songwriting Competition

Wellington songwriter Miles Calder’s song The Avenue is a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for 2013, recognised as one of the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the world.

Almost 19,000 entries were received this year from 124 countries and Calder’s song is in the top one percent of all entrants. Calder is in a finalist in the Americana category, while other well-known finalists include Kimbra and Missy Higgins (Australia). Submissions are judged on creativity, originality, lyrics, melody, arrangement and overall likeability.

Full Article

Musicians Mentoring In Schools Programme Returns

The New Zealand Music Commission Musicians Mentoring in Schools Programme and Bands Mentoring in Schools Programmes bring the magic and inspiration of face-to-face interaction with professional musicians to students and teachers all over New Zealand. Through this initiative our Mentors share their music skills; recording, composition and performance experience; and their knowledge of the music industry.

The Music Commission has partnered with the Ministry of Education to provide a free music-mentoring scheme in schools to assist with the development of programmes for the arts in NZ. This has been run successfully for the past twelve years and has just been renewed for a further three years by the Ministry of Education.

Full Article

NZ Musicians - Tours and Releases

Liam Finn releases third solo album
Blacklistt Announce Always Tour 2014
New music: Happenin - Oakley Grenell ft. Stauny Pops & JDouble
Five Mile Town - New Zealand Tour
Great North Announce New Album, Up In Smoke, and National Tour
Ginny Blackmore & Stan Walker Release 'Holding You' Single and EP
Die! Die! Die! NZ Tour kicks off this week
Waiheke International Jazz Festival
Lawrence Arabia - plays his albums in full!
Cocoa Jackson Lane release new single 'Fall on My Floor'
Riqi Harawira New Release: 'Please Find Me Girl'
New Single for Ashei
The Chime of Lightning Bells
Jeremy Redmore To Release Solo Single
Louis Baker - EP out now!
Flying Nun Records Announce Record Store Day Releases
Midnight Gallery Single 'Pillow To Pillow' Available To Pre-Order On Itunes Now
New Grayson Gilmour Album Out Now
The Eastern Live At Mangawhai Tavern This April
Lost Rockets Release New Single
‘Providence’ – The New Single From AHoriBuzz is Out Now!
Stormporter set to stir up a musical storm with debut single ‘Find Yourself’
Into The East Announce NZ Tour
Ginny Blackmore releases covers of smash hits 'All Of Me' and 'Say Something'
Flirting with Disaster release new video 'Anything But Sane'
Soljah & King Kapisi Tour Announcement
Whaia Te Maramatanga Album Release And NZ Tour

International Musicians - Tours

The Paper Kites say Kia Ora New Zealand
Meat Puppets head to New Zealand
Jake Bugg - Almost Sold Out and Support Announced

US Pop-Rock Trio Hanson Announce First Ever NZ Show
Andrea Bocelli Announces 2014 Australian and New Zealand Tour
The Rolling Stones Postpone Their Tour of New Zealand
DJ Vadim NZ Tour and EP Release
Jason Isbell (Drive-By Truckers) Auckland Show


NZ Music News
Gig and Tour News
Artist News


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Curlys Jewels Lightning Bells
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Flirting With Disaster Stormporter
Kadington Stan Walker


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