28 Jan 2023

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Articles By Miss_Jukebox

Age Pryor - Single Review: Burning Sun
15 Nov 2018 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Having built a steady portfolio of compositions since the turn of this century, Age Pryor (Fly My Pretties, The Woolshed Sessions, Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra) has inconspicuously become a pillar amongst New Zealand’s finest artists. And in the same understated way his career has unfolded so far, his new single Burning Sun retains the unassuming charm and placidity of his sound.
Sola Rosa - EP Review: In Spaces
15 May 2018 // review by Miss_Jukebox
The highly-acclaimed, genre-fusing artist Sola Rosa is back with a new EP In Spaces - a stellar addition in the artist’s almost two-decade career. In Spaces explores the soundscapes of funk, soul and RnB, pillared by sturdy grooves and commanding vocal performances from a selection of outstanding feature artists.
Emily Fairlight - Single/Video Review: The Escape
13 Mar 2018 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Poet and alt-folk singer-songwriter Emily Fairlight has released her latest song The Escape - a bittersweet romantic ballad with plush country/folk vibes. It’s a hauntingly beautiful composition that sinks into you with its heartfelt delivery and writing.
The Frank Burkitt Band - Album Review: Raconteur
14 Feb 2018 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Peruse through the gorgeous pages of Frank Burkitt’s storybook in Frank Burkitt Band’s latest album – a beautiful collection of narratives set to folk, jazz, blues and American roots essences. Raconteur is the second full-length album from the band, who formed in Wellington during 2014 after Burkitt, and his partner Kara Filbey (who provides vocals, flute and percussion on the album) moved from Edinburgh.
I Am Giant - Single Review: Don't Look Back
08 Feb 2018 // review by Miss_Jukebox
New Zealand’s rock darlings, I Am Giant have started their 2018 with a bang – releasing their first new single of the year, Don’t Look Back; before they unleash their hotly-anticipated third full-length album, Life in Captivity - which is due out in March. This will be the first full-length release from the band since 2014’s Science and Survival.
Lucas O'Connell - Songs to Sleep On Album Review
10 Nov 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Music voyager Lucas O’Connell has released a beautiful debut album, Songs to Sleep On that encapsulates his skills to meaningfully personify all that is around him. The album was recorded primarily in Wellington’s Surgery Studios under the guidance of his main studio engineer Dr.
Lucie Hill - Little Lapin EP Review
09 Jul 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
One look into her bright eyes, Little Lapin will have you mesmerised. Auckland-based Lucy Cioffi in her musical alter-ego Little Lapin has finally released her self-titled debut EP.
Sarah Conlan - Sarah Conlan Singles Review
25 May 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Sarah Conlan, a young country singer/songwriter is part of a country music resurgence happening before our eyes. I always thought of country music as a self-contained genre.
PCP Eagles - I Hate The Mall EP Review
24 May 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Calling all PURE punk rockers, the REAL DEAL has arrived. Finally a genuine punk band stomps onto the scene ready to rumble against, well, probably anything that gets in their way.
Amos/Anon - Thanatos Album Review
24 May 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
The initial guitar strings are like wind chimes hanging on the front porch. When the bass guitar steps in the big brass door opens and you enter into the world of Thanatos, the latest album from the shadow king, Amos/Anon.
Cosmic Road Trip Vol.3 Album Review
29 Apr 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
The mission statement was simple; a collection of the best local tracks to celebrate a beautiful summer of 2013. Cosmic have searched far and wide to collate the best songs to set the mood for Volume 3 of their Road Trip series.
Nathan Haines - Vermillion Skies Album Review
24 Mar 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
On a road of passionate red, the gorgeous and the ever-elegant saxophone dazzles and electrifies the room with a musical charge. This is the weapon of love for Nathan Haines.
At Peace - Girl Songs EP Review
02 Mar 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Love in all its varieties; we all have had our unique experiences of love. From the Young Gifted & Broke movement the hip-hop group @Peace, consisting of Home Brew’s Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau, have released an EP all about the ‘L’ word.
Amos/Anon - Songs of a Tortured Soul EP Review
02 Feb 2013 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Songs of a Tortured Soul is a demonstration of courage in progress. The latest EP from gothic artists [Amos/Anon] is to date their most heartfelt release.
Minuit - Last Night You Saw This Band Album Review
02 Dec 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Last night I heard the fourth studio album from electronic darlings Minuit. And I will be listening to it again tonight, and the following night, and the consecutive Summer nights coming in to 2013.
Ninja Monkey - Anger Management EP Review
27 Nov 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Pop-rock trio Ninja Monkey have released their debut EP Anger Management, a little taste of their full-throttle rock’n’roll drive. The EP consists of the very classic groove of ‘These Eyes’ with prodding guitar riffs and pounds of the drums, encrusted with dense rock harmonies.
These Four Walls - Living to Write the End Album Review
06 Nov 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
The walls will be reverberating once Living to Write the End hits your stereo. The second album from alternative rockers These Four Walls will be exploding your aural senses and detonating every fibre of your being.
Maitreya - Āio Album Review
03 Nov 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Āio is long overdue and an album that had to be made. Maitreya, the moniker of hip-hop MC Jamie Greenslade, has released his second album, a work that incorporates both the English language, and Te Reo Maori.
The New Brides - The New Brides EP Review
17 Oct 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Lock up your daughters! A new bunch of heartbreakers are entering the scene.
Harbour City Electric - Without a Sound Album Review
15 Oct 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
With the Christmas break just around the corner it is time to organise not only your holiday, but more importantly your summer soundtrack! Wellington is renowned for breeding great musical acts born to entertain us for the summer season.
Dear Time's Waste - Some Kind of Eden Album Review
07 Oct 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
The mystifying Auckland-based Claire Duncan returns with her musical alter-ego Dear Time’s Waste. Some Kind of Eden is the new album by this introspective artist.
Nervous Doll Dancing - Eidolon Album Review
05 Oct 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
A web of entrancing strings will ensnare you in the latest album by Nervous Doll Dancing, the solo project cast by enchantress Francesca Mountfort. The cellist is spellbinding in her third album Eidolon.
Both Sides of the Line - 5 EP Review
28 Aug 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
It is pop. It is folk.
Trip To The Moon - The Invisible Line Album Review
28 Aug 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
It is a very cool hand played by electronic old hands Trip to the Moon on their fifth album The Invisible Line. The duo has produced an instrumental galaxy across the twelve tracks featured.
Geoff Ong - Implications Single Review
29 Jul 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Talented is an understatement when it comes to describing the bright, young musician Geoff Ong. Ong is a student from Auckland, who has an evident passion and skill when it comes to songwriting and performing.
Zowie - Love Demolition - Album Review
25 Jul 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Pack your bags and come aboard Love Demolition, the debut album by our electric darling, Zowie. The album is loaded with smouldering synthpop that will have you enslaved.
Paul Winders and The Goodness - Boy Dust Album Review
18 Jul 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Had enough of this Winter? Why not go on a little escapade down memory lane, destination; the Dunedin sound.
Ladyhawke - Anxiety Album Review
06 Jul 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
All hail our very own electric queen! Ladyhawke has returned and delivered Anxiety, her sophomore album.
Tono & The Finance Company - Up Here For Dancing Album Review
18 Apr 2012 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Being young is a challenge in itself. It is a purgatory between the sobering moment of adulthood and youthful rebellion.
Pajama Club - Pajama Club Self-titled Album Review
30 Dec 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Once you have got it, you never lose it. The self-titled debut of Neil Finn’s new outfit, Pajama Club, is testament to this.
Mz J - Love Changes Everything Album Review
08 Dec 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
New Zealand music has been going from strength to strength in 2011 with local artists setting sights on the international circuit and being successful in doing so. Here is another album that can comfortably sit alongside some of the chart-topping RnB and Pop albums emerging from the U.
Amos/Anon - Darkness From Light Album Review
08 Dec 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
AmosAnon have stomped back onto the scene with a new digital release Darkness from Light. This is a dusky album full of hard-hitting rock songs.
Secondi - Pre-album Release Review
31 Aug 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
The meaning of cool has changed over time. Actually, it is not the meaning of the word that has changed, but rather what defines it.
Jess Chambers - Hopeful Dreamer Single Review
29 Aug 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Just as the first buds reveal themselves in our gardens at this time of year, and as the frosty mornings cede to a gentle sun, Jess Chambers has released her single ‘Hopeful Dreamer’ to mark the beginning of what is sure to be a beautiful Spring season. ‘Hopeful Dreamer’ is immaculate in its execution.
Amos/Anon - For those who are sleeping awake... AmosAnon Album Review
24 Apr 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
When the gloom of the night creeps in, and the people enter into the realm of dreams, an artist sits awake, in Wellington. In his lack of sleep, without falling into his dreams, he churns out a series of songs that embody his frustration and fatigue.
Minuit - 'I Felt Like a Fight, Alright?' Ruth Carr Book Review
02 Apr 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
This book comes presented to you straight from the mind of Ruth Carr. “I Felt Like a Fight, Alright?
Jayson Norris - Freedom Twenty Eight Album Review
14 Feb 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Beyond the golden cast Iron Gate, is situated an expressive and deep lake full of musical magic and melodic histories. When you slip open the card case of Freedom Twenty Eight you will discover a gem of an album by internationally renowned musician Jayson Norris.
Timothy Armstrong - 'Portraits' Album Review
22 Jan 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Timothy Armstrong’s second solo album Portraits is more vivid than just brush strokes. It is more fluid than snapshots.
Recloose - Recloose 'Early Works' Album Review
10 Jan 2011 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Recloose has revisited some of the works from earlier on his career, and put together his 'Early Works' album. It is a chance for the artist to look back along the musical path he has travelled.
Minuit - Dance Music Will Tear Us Apart EP Review
04 Dec 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
‘Creative differences’ are the dreaded words every fan hopes never to hear about their beloved bands. They are the terms for the official split of a band.
Eva Prowse - I Can't Keep Secrets Album Review
12 Nov 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
It is difficult to believe that I Can't Keep Secrets is the debut album by Eva Prowse. This album sounds so refined and polished it is hard to believe this is a first effort.
The Black Seeds - Specials: Remixes and Versions from Solid Ground by The Black Seeds
27 Oct 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
From an ice cold refresher on a 31 degrees Celsius afternoon, The Black Seeds Specials: Remixes and Versions from Solid Ground is like swirling around a cube of ice in your glass and watching it melt into the ripples of the drink. Specials features new remixes from The Black Seeds 2008 album Solid Ground.
Eva Prowse - Eva Prowse Youngest Child single review
12 Oct 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
With a heaven-sent beginning of an angelic choir, you slowly unravel the golden foil and unveil the goodness waiting inside... ‘Youngest Child’ a single from Eva Prowse’s debut album I Can’t Keep Secrets is a sweet piece of confectionary.
Stellar* - Stellar* - Best Of album review
12 Oct 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Looking at this CD, I wish this album never had to come out. The superbly successful group Stellar* have come out with a Best Of album.
Julia Deans - Modern Fables - Album Review
20 Jul 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
It is all about Julia. Modern Fables is the solo album by noted singer/songwriter Julia Deans.
Medictune - Medictune... A name to remember.
02 Jun 2010 // interview by Miss_Jukebox
What had to be the drizzliest day on the year so far in Christchurch, a day where I had the most gruelling battle with my umbrella, I was sitting at a grotty table of a food hall. I needed an aspirin.
Various Artists - Junktion 3 Compilation Album Review
09 Apr 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
It is time to go underground. Get ready to slide down and enjoy some outstanding hip-hop and electronic sounds courtesy Palmerston North and who present Junction 3, the third free release ‘by the community for the community.
George and Queen - 'Teenagers and Grownups' album review
30 Mar 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
  It is a good day in music when a band decides to break the archaic stereotype that independent music can only be second-rate. George and Queen, with their self-made label ‘Gone Quiet Records,’ have broken the typecast that independent music is somehow inferior to mainstream music.
The Twitch - 'Time For Change' album review
16 Mar 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
There is a new bunch of outlaws in town and they call themselves The Twitch. The gang of three present their latest album Time For Change and they are here to cement their name in the music industry.
Jackie Bristow - 'Freedom' album review
09 Mar 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
As the rope swing dances carelessly with the wind above the lake, Jackie Bristow whispers sweet nothings in your ears. This is freedom.
Shapeshifter - 'Dutchies'- Shapeshifter Single Review
21 Feb 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Being most incredible song that you will have heard in a long time, ‘Dutchies’ is the answer to all of your musical prayers. Shapeshifter have brought out a new single from their latest album The System is a Vampire which contains all of their finesse and artistry.
The Phoenix Foundation - The Phoenix Foundation - Merry Kriskmass EP Review
15 Feb 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Christmas, thank goodness it is over. This is not to say that the sentiment is unappreciated.
Departure Lounge - Departure Lounge - 'In Session' - Album Review
28 Jan 2010 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Seldom does a musician truly let their audience come across them up close and personal. Even rarer is a band that can capture the intimacy of their raw sound onto an album.
Royala - Royala: Debut Solo Album Review
15 Nov 2009 // review by Miss_Jukebox
‘Don’t Mind Me’ by Royala is a debut solo album that needed to be made. Through this album it is evident that this stunning songstress has been aching to create this ten-track portfolio of the works she, Daniel Harawira and Carl Newman have created together.
Sons Of Zion - Sons of Zion album review
18 Oct 2009 // review by Miss_Jukebox
According to a calendar it is not Summer. If you follow the weather then it absolutely does not feel like Summer.
The Upbeats - The Upbeats- 'Big Skeleton' album review
03 Oct 2009 // review by Miss_Jukebox
It’s a little sinister, a little mischievous, but a lot of bass. That is what The Upbeats’ present to listeners in their third studio album, Big Skeleton.
David Dallas - 'Something Awesome'- David Dallas album Review
12 Sep 2009 // review by Miss_Jukebox
This is a debut that was worth the wait. David Dallas must be familiar to any New Zealand music listener.
Opensouls - "A little piece of memory..." - Opensouls album review, 'Standing in the Rain'
08 Aug 2009 // review by Miss_Jukebox
They just do not write songs like they used to. Today live performances are judged on the laser-light extravaganza put on display rather than the raw sound and artistry of the musicians.
Jamie Strange - Jamie Strange - 'Thanks For Faking It Sometimes' album review
29 Jul 2009 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Fake; it is the four-letter word begging with ‘F” that no one dares to say. But today is the era of imitation.
Tiki Taane - The Future Is 'Flux'- Tiki album Review
20 Jul 2009 // review by Miss_Jukebox
The future is Flux. Tiki Taane released his solo effort Past Present Future in 2007 and received critical praise and popular acclaim for this album.
Gianmarco Liguori - Gianmarco Liguori - 'Stolen Paintings'
20 Nov 2006 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Like adding a dash of chilli spice to a meal, Gianmarco Liguori trickles into his debut solo album a unique 21st century twist to traditional guitar weaving. Better recognised as the guitarist of the endowed Salon Kingsadore, Liguori takes a leap into the deeper dimensions of music with this project.
Salon Kingsadore - Its time to get away.- Salon Kingsadore-"Hotel Azteca" album review
18 Jun 2006 // review by Miss_Jukebox
It may not be possible to have a holiday at this frenzied point of the year; however that does not mean you do not need one. You could spend hours of your routine visioning yourself on a distant destination.
Selon Recliner - Rest Room Album Review
30 May 2006 // review by Miss_Jukebox
Candor is the intermittent light on the key to the Rest Room. As the door opens, a rush of scent from candles sweeps through and the dim lighting draws in with magnetism.

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