14 Jun 2021

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David Dallas - 'Something Awesome'- David Dallas album Review

12 Sep 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
This is a debut that was worth the wait. David Dallas must be familiar to any New Zealand music listener. He was 50 per cent of the talent in Frontline (under the name Con Psy) and has collaborated with many New Zealand hip-hop musicians. We all took notice as this young artist held his own against the vocals of Scribe and Savage. But now he has the spotlight all to himself with his album, Something Awesome. This is an album for all of his previous fans who want to get to know the real David Dallas.

Something Awesome opens with ‘Big Time’ which could not be a better way to begin this album. The song has an honesty that is weaved into the beats, revealing the ambition of this artist that can only be described as refreshing. ‘Front To Back’ proclaims that he is ‘really that good,’ and you can feel the confidence through ‘Ain’t None Left.’ ‘Indulge Me’ is the single that will be the most familiar. Featuring Devolo, the song has rightfully been getting airplay on mainstream television and radio.

Aaradhna makes a welcome visit on this album. ‘Turn It Around’ shows the smoothness of both Dallas and Aaradhna’s vocals as they crystallise together to create this gem of a track. A super-group track is made with Dallas working together with Young Sid, Jourdache and the first appearance of Niko on ‘First Time.’ Niko features again on ‘I Get The Feelin’’.

‘In The Mood,’ where Dallas works with PNC is a future hit that works well with the 70’s style brass sampling. ‘Runaway’ is the most thoughtful song on the album. It turns the pace back down a setting and showcases the star-potential of Dallas as an artist. This is carried through ‘Your Thing’ which has an easing beat; something which is a strong point of the album. ‘Slow Down’ does what the title suggests, and cleverly creates that lounging quality without becoming lazy.

The official final track is ‘Never Met.’ It returns back to the up-tempo and self-belief, proclaiming that we have never met another like him. And right now, he has one of the finest rap vocals in New Zealand that never stops making its impression on you. And just to treat the listeners Dallas has thrown in two extra tracks. ‘Ever Ever’ is a song that sails through the romantic side of this artist, and ‘Get Out The Way’ has the swagger of any true musician intending to stay in the business.

The way the album is put together is a fine attempt for a debut. But unlike Big Things , the debut of P-Money, or The Crusader, the debut of Scribe, Something Awesome is not that earth-shattering album that you cannot help but take notice. Instead this is an album for the already established fans of Dallas’ work. He carries on with his first-class journey as an artist, and it is great to see how far he has come in his career. His vocals remain outstanding. Through the fourteen tracks, you almost do not want it to end as he has a soulful tone in his voice that you only rarely find in an artist. He has the potential to be one of the greats of New Zealand music, and Something Awesome is definitely one step in the right direction for David Dallas to reach the big time.


About David Dallas

David Dallas is a rapper from Auckland. Formerly known as Con Psy and 1/2 of hip hop duo Frontline. Frontline have released 2 albums, a limited edition street album What You Expect? and their official debut Borrowed Time.

David has since released four solo releases, 2008's Something New EP, and albums Something Awesome, The Rose Tint and Falling Into Place.

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Hood Country Club
Year: 2017
Type: Album
Falling Into Place
Year: 2013
Type: Album
Buffalo Man
Year: 2012
Type: Album
The Rose Tint
Year: 2011
Type: Album
Something Awesome
Year: 2009
Type: Album
Something Now
Year: 2008
Type: EP

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