19 May 2024

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The Tom Bosley Experience


Two old friends whiling away weekend afternoons creating and mutating pop songs.

Our influences include Pink Floyd, Wendyhouse, Butthole Surfers, The Orb, Regurgitator and Ween.

Our sources of inspiration include bus tickets being inserted in the hats of senior citizens, the imminent meltdown of the United States of America and William S. Burroughs (with, or without a bus ticket inserted in his hat).

Our music has evolved into a melodic-pop influenced ambient sound with an experimental outlook, increasingly loungy undertones and a taste for weird and amusing samples.

Band Members:
Sean Murgatroyd (keys, bass programming, voice)
Peter Lewis (beats, loops, blips, beeps, squeaks, electro-farts, engineering)

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  • Auckland

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  • White Cookie

    A universal love story wrapped in an upbeat tempo, White Cookie is rich with seductive, nostalgic innocence. A fat and sassy bassline leads the way to a merry-go-round kaleidoscope of sunny Coney Island memories, candy floss and clandestine meetings under the boardwalk. This is the stuff of boozy longings for baked goods and the temptation of sugar and spice - delicious!
    Download Now [Size: 3.14MB | 03:26 | 128kbps]

  • The Weekend Song

    Our perfect three minute pop song. All chorus, all the time. The Weekend Song. We sing it ourselves when the weekend's coming up, and we wrote the damn thing. What more can we say?
    Download Now [Size: 2.7MB | 02:56 | 128kbps]

  • Oh Mr Sheffield! (Monsters Of Rock Mix)

    Big dumb and fun, the rock version of one of most popular songs. A personal favourite of the band. If you want to contribute a guitar solo to a future version of this song, please contact us!
    Download Now [Size: 2.88MB | 03:08 | 128kbps]

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Joined: 17/06/04
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Underground Electronic Compilation
Posted: Fri May 27, 2005 1:07 pm
Electrode Records is proud to present it's first collection of kiwi electronic music, 'Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep'.
From the impossibly happy pop of Disasteradio and the Casiotone kitsch of Golden Axe, the slick upbeat electronica of Module and the lush orchestration of Refrag, to the perfect glittering pop music of Emerald Green and the surreal mutant lounge music of the Tom Bosley Experience, this compilation has something for everyone!

Despite our unshakeable association with sheep, New Zealanders have never been content to simply follow the flock. Ever since technology made it possible to create rich and multi-instrumented music at home, kiwis have been tinkering in their sheds, innovating and refining.

This compilation collects some of the best and most individual electronic music made in New Zealand in recent years. Subtitled "Scenes From New Zealand's Electronic Underground", it aims to stimulate and encourage the electronic scene as much as it does to represent it. One side-effect of music created in bedrooms and home studios tends to be isolation - no one knows what anyone else is doing unless they make the effort to find out.

This leads to some exciting innovations and techniques, but with the huge scope for collaboration and mutual remixing that electronic music offers, it's a shame to let opportunities slip by.
Also featured are Dekline, Hieronymus Bosch, Grusome, Wendyhouse, Gastro, AmbientSpace, Flying Dreamz and Sharkweek.
'Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep' is available at Real Groovy stores nationwide, Galaxy Records in Christchurch, Marbecks in Auckland, and Slowboat Records in Wellington.
It can also be purchased for $20 plus postage directly from Electrode Records


Joined: 17/06/04
Posts: 11
Location: Otago
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White Cookie - new single
Posted: Wed May 11, 2005 5:09 pm
The Tom Bosley Experience is pleased to announce the release of our new single "White Cookie", just in time for New Zealand Music Month.
The single has been sent to b-Net stations around the country and can be downloaded for free here:
White Cookie
Or simply call your local b-Net station and request it!
As with most of our songs it's hard to describe or categorise, but it's a bit lounge, a bit pop and a bit metal. It's simultaneously a tribute to, and a pisstake of, overwrought hair metal ballads. It features a specially-commissioned Slash-esque guitar solo by Dunedin guitarist Dave Horizon.
Here's what some reviewers have had to say about White Cookie:
"A universal love story wrapped in an upbeat tempo, ‘White Cookie’ is rich with seductive, nostalgic innocence. A fat and sassy bassline leads the way to a merry-go-round kaleidoscope of sunny Coney Island memories, candy floss and clandestine meetings under the boardwalk. This is the stuff of boozy longings for baked goods and the temptation of sugar and spice - delicious!"
"Starting out like a strange Douglas Adams’ theme for a beachside RSL club, one is almost transported into octogenarianism by the whimsical keyboards and bongo flavoured percussion. You can almost taste the old man beaming tenaciously, caressing his Hammond organ while Slash rips into a lead guitar break celebrating shirts of the Hawaiian kind. About two thirds into the track, things take a darker turn. Like Pink Floyd mixing up some White Rabbit in a spoon, one gets the idea that the White Cookie in question wasn’t supposed to be on the dessert menu at this particular RSL. Another altogether hallucinatory track from the talented members of TBE."
The B-side is a version of loungy disco instrumental 'Kongo Kats' featuring vocals by two cats. They can wail like Axl Rose when they want to! MP3 available upon request.
Find out more about the Tom Bosley Experience at our website:



Joined: 17/06/04
Posts: 11
Location: Otago
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Tom Bosley Experience Debut Album Released
Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2004 3:46 pm
Country-spanning bedroom band The Tom Bosley Experience are set to release their first CD, "The Spark Of Inspiration" in stores across the country.

The ambient electronic pop group, recently signed to Failsafe Records’ new electronica branch, Electrode, initially promoted and sold the album on their website but in the future they will also be available through stores nationally, including Real Groovy, Marbecks and Musiquarium in Auckland, Real Groovy Wellington and Echo Records, Records Records and Disc Den in Dunedin.

The album is the result of over a decade of work for the band, and includes experimental early works played on a Casiotone and recorded on a four-track progressing to the strangely slick cutup pop-influenced sound that is their signature today. Their sound has been compared to Ween, Regurgitator, NZ's own Wendyhouse, The Orb, and the Butthole Surfers.

This is what some of the reviewers have had to say:
"A circus-like atmosphere seems to be a common thread throughout the album, but not without the occasional ironic twist. We are warned that the creators, Peter Lewis and Sean Murgatroyd are not only making fun of false values, but of themselves, and Us, as well.
Musically, The Spark of Inspiration is akin to what David Bowie and Frank Zappa might have come up with had they collaborated. The Tom Bosley Experience could be to electronic music what David Byrne and The Talking Heads were to musical cults in the ‘80’s."

"I was genuinely surprised to hear these twistedly well-recorded, inventive, and did I say twisted electro-pop songs emanating from our shores. It's amazing what people are doing in their bedrooms these days."

"I think it's what would happen if you took an early period Flaming Lips cassette, played it to an autistic child, gave the child a Casiotone keyboard, a dodgy sampler, a second hand guitar and two tabs of low grade acid and told him to write a dance tune."

muzic.net.nz Admin

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Tom Bosley Experience Rockin' Your Weekend
Posted: Mon Jul 5, 2004 7:28 pm
Thanks to the vocal stylings of newly-discovered Dunedin talent Kelly, the Tom Bosley Experience have recorded a new version of their catchy lo-fo pop tune "The Weekend Song".

In typical TBE fashion it's still a twisted montage of cheap keyboards and chopped-up pop culture, but Kelly's wonderful vocals enhance the festive atmosphere even more. A great song to sing along to on your way home from work on a Friday!

A short sample and a full-length version are available from their website at http://www.tombosleyexperience.com

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