4 Oct 2023

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The Tom Bosley Experience - "The Spark Of Inspiration" by The Tom Bosley Experience

06 Jul 2004 // A review by warpart
While the world is filling up with wars, the Tom Bosley Experience attacks, humiliates, destroys, and above all, Makes Fun of friend and foe alike. Listening to The Spark of Inspiration, any endlessly parroting lawmaker, politician, or advertising agent would find his own conventional wisdom wrapped around his ankles like a pair of oversized boxer shorts.

While the airwaves are thick with Political Correctness and other popular notions, The Tom Bosley Experience reminds us with every nuance of their music, that not only are the Wise Men wrong, they are fools, and it is very enjoyable to lampoon and satirize them.

A circus-like atmosphere seems to be a common thread throughout the album, but not without the occasional ironic twist. We are warned that the creators, Peter Lewis and Sean Murgatroyd are not only making fun of false values, but of themselves, and Us, as well.

Musically, The Spark of Inspiration is akin to what David Bowie and Frank Zappa might have come up with had they collaborated. The Tom Bosley Experience could be to electronic music what David Byrne and The Talking Heads were to musical cults in the ‘80’s.

The cut “White Cookie” exposes tinker-toy entertainment for what it is, and then tenderly embraces it like an ugly, ugly baby. Musical variation goes into overdrive, spurned by fantastic guitar work, which seem to effortlessly splash the audio canvas with bright, high-frequency colors that are almost impossible to keep up with, yet it seems as if the arrangement could not have turned out any other way.

“Oh Mr. Sheffield! (Wo-Wo Dub Mix)” is an infectious, brilliant mixture of tone and voices, while “Their Hands are not Wings” could easily play in any progressive disco or strip club in the United States.

Perhaps an interesting aspect of The Tom Bosley Experience is the ability of Lewis and Murgatroyd to present their music as simple arrangements that people might feel they could accomplish by purchasing a Casio keyboard and locking themselves in a basement for awhile. The notion that “Hey, I could do that, too” is too often lost on American marketing entrepreneurs, who have grown to rely on cheap imitation and the homogenization of entertainment to push their products, rather than open up entirely new markets.

This is not at all to assert that anyone could simply do what they do, for artistically, the album continues to deliver new and different ideas and concepts to the listener every time it is played.

If it were possible for people to “do that, too”, it would require listening to The Tom Bosley Experience for The Spark of Inspiration to do that, and many other things.

If properly marketed, The Tom Bosley Experience could quickly gain a cult following in the United States, and lead to many levels of exposure in clubs, radio broadcasting, and in the advertising industry, all of which are positively starved for creativity."

Scott MacKenzie, newspaper columnist and musician, North Carolina, USA

About The Tom Bosley Experience

Two old friends whiling away weekend afternoons creating and mutating pop songs.

Our influences include Pink Floyd, Wendyhouse, Butthole Surfers, The Orb, Regurgitator and Ween.

Our sources of inspiration include bus tickets being inserted in the hats of senior citizens, the imminent meltdown of the United States of America and William S. Burroughs (with, or without a bus ticket inserted in his hat).

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