5 Mar 2024

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Moofish - Album Review: Entropia

08 Dec 2023 // A review by Thane Pullan
The music that is on Moofish's newest album Entropia consists of slow songs.

Honestly, I couldn't really understand most of the lyrics, but that is not rare with music these days.

I felt the lyrics were more prominent in Draw The Line, particularly the chorus. I think that "Draw a line in the sand... which side are you on" is an interesting concept, and by my interpretation is a thought-provoking metaphor.

The track Catacysm has a short static-y monologue at the end. To be honest I think releasing an additional version without this would be good. I found the change quite sudden and shocking, a bit freaky even. This song is about it being problematic that we don't embrace the wisdom of the past. This is not something that I agree with.

I liked the general messages of the album, but I wish that I could understand the lyrics so I could get the full effect of this.

The voice sounded deepish; I'm getting AC/DC without the screaming. I hope this is taken as a complement. It's nice sounding. It's very soothing. The voice blends into the music well.

The entire album is very soothing. Some tracks seem loud, but slow. It's a nice change from the music that I usually listen to.

I do like the tracks, but I'm afraid for entirely different reasons that the musician wants me to.

I looked up the lyrics online, and as I expected the songs are about oppression. This isn't really rare when it comes to independent musicians. It's still an important message to get out there.

The last song Let Us Rise is a beautiful ending track to this album. I interpret this song as being hopeful.

I wouldn't normally look up lyrics, though sometimes I watch lyric videos if I struggle to understand the works. I don't know if quieter music would help, but perhaps Moofish could experiment with this going forward.

This ultimately would be good music to relax to, and it has a good message. In saying that the music would be good to relax to, the voice blended into the music. Perhaps you'd feel differently if you are following along with the lyrics.


About Moofish

Two hypnotic Alt-folk-Pop-Psychedelic-NeoAcoustic folks creating some truly beautiful songs combined with gripping powerful vocals and melodies.

So we have been around in different musical forms since the mid 80s, for Chris it started by moving to N.Z Tauranga in 82-83 after seeing Flying Nun bands via TV/radio in West Australia. Could not resist the music, it was a starting point, and has evolved musically from first Punk band Some Social Deviants, to Kiwi pop Three Men Missing (Bandcamp) still in 80's, they lasted until 88 with various members coming and going. Rhonda was a vocalist in 3MMissing when they met, we discovered we clicked besides the obvious ha, and began writing and recording on 4 track cassette tape as a duo, doing sporadic live work using the name Beat Angels. During 1991 hard edged rock seemed appealing so Chris joined up with a former 3MM member and formed Hula Troupe played lived then self destructed 95?, but not before 3 or so EPs? (Bandcamp)

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Year: 2023
Type: Album

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