5 Feb 2023

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Saurian - Single Review: Ice Cream Man

18 Feb 2022 // A review by Paul Goddard

I am going to say it. This might be controversial but the best Ice Cream is a simple Vanilla Whip in a cone.

Forget your Tutti Fruity, Screwball, Flake, sugar/chocolate coated kiddie magnets. Pure and simple swirling goodness in a cone is where it's at.

Saurian clearly understand the joy of a simple swirling tune with their latest single burying its way into my mind as if I had stuck my ear under the Ice Cream Man's dispenser thingy and let it all ooze in. The brain freeze kicks in pretty swiftly as well with vocals driving a lyric that just refuses to not dig its heels in.

It just keeps going and flowing.

Like those tunes blurted out by Ice Cream vans all over the world, that drone that makes little kids run into roads oblivious to traffic that could squash them at any point, Saurian have created a blast that is so primal you can't ignore or forget it.

Fuck knows what the song is about, but like my favourite Vanilla Whip, who really cares why something so simple and satisfying exists. It just does and makes me want more.

Like all good things in life, it is all over too soon but the aftertaste lingers long. I am walking home with this noise buried in my psyche and I can hear it over and over again like it is calling to me. I look around and here comes the Ice Cream truck.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Saurian

Saurian is an alternative rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand consisting of guitarist/vocalist, Karl Brinsdon; drummer, Hamish Daniell; and guitarist, Cameron Ellis.

A jam session in August 2015 formed the band which then went on to create its own distinctive sound. After suggestions for band names like ‘reptiles’ or ‘lizards’, an online search came across ‘Saurian’ meaning “lizard-like”.

Saurian’s music appeals to a wide audience, possibly due to musical influences through the decades from the 60's until now. Band members channel their passion and energy into their song-writing, creating songs in styles from soft rock through to metal and we take pride in our diversity. Some of the band’s musical influences include Nirvana, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Guns n Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Soundgarden.

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Year: 2020
Type: Album

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