17 Jun 2024

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J Plates - EP Review: New Perspectives

02 Nov 2019 // A review by Freecell

Jungle DnB Producer J Plates has been super busy in the studio, having just finished a new 5-track EP called New Perspectives. He even has another 5-track EP complete and ready to drop at the end of November. With his latest release The Relic unleashed back in March, J Plates has proved that he is in fine form.

The first track on New Perspectives is called A Clearing of Shadows. Starting off with some lush keys and harmonising synth sounds, the beat then drops with a jungle beat and the kick drum stands out to grab my attention. The tone and depth on this track is simply mesmerising, and I really enjoyed it straight off the mark.

This is then followed by a brilliant interlude where the music fades out and the lyrics "I was walking down the street, shadows all around me" repeat, which reminds me of two albums; The Red Mix by Andy C and a track from Hold Your Colour by Pendulum. The bass drops, placing A Clearing of Shadows in full bloom whereby all the arrangements and sounds are perfectly blended. This tune has a refreshing vibe to it. It's full of energy and has quality bass shapes.

Next up is the title track of the EP New Perspectives. With a tight drum beat and an off-timed superlative jungle beat, this is one incredible track. Smooth synths create an atmospheric effect and there's some repetitive vocals flowing in from time to time, which add to the journey of the song. The bass drop is so intricate with the jungle off-timed beat and bouncy bass line, this mix really is serene. New Perspectives would sound amazing live; it definitely has J Plates' signature sound. It sounds completely fresh, but with an original jungle sound, while being reminiscent of Concord Dawn. The arrangements of the sounds change and alter throughout the song, but it's all bound together from the very first bass drop.

Sleepwalking starts off with a solid drum beat and a nice smooth synth sound. It's followed by some vocal recordings before huge reece bass lines come in, consuming everything in their path. The second build up from the middle of the song is impressive. There's a lot of dark and translucent vibes on this track.

Between The Lines has a floaty presence from the synth sounds along with another solid drum beat. The sub bass works well in with the mix; fitting in perfectly with the overall tune. The drum beat is very effective; there must have been a lot of time put towards redefining this beat in the lab, as it changes patterns constantly. This tune has a moody feel to it with a great drumbeat and bass line, which creates an outstanding energy. 

The final track of the EP, Trouble, has a different vibe from the rest of the songs. With a dynamic drum beat, beautiful keys and atmospheric sounds on the intro, the heavenly, yet intense, female vocals soon add another dimension to the mix. Woah, this is one heavy bass line. There's a synth sound in the build-up of this track that reminds me of old school techno rave or early jungle music. This tune is a masterpiece; fully loaded with different elements and changes to the structure of the song. Coming in at a time length of 8min 12sec, this is a very unique piece.

J Plates has done a sensational job with the New Perspectives EP, and I highly recommend it to any Jungle DnB lovers. New Perspectives' jungle sound is clean with high energy drum beats and big sub bass, and it's guaranteed to satisfy from start to finish.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About J Plates

J Plates (J. Graham) has released music worldwide on labels such as; Silent Force Recordings (UK), In-Reach Records (UK), Omni Music (UK), Skalator Music (PT), Audio Theory Records (GR), Offworld Recordings (UK), Deafmuted Records (CZ), Liquid Brilliants (RU), ill Records (UK), Bare Necessity Records (UK); had tracks featured on a slew of international radio shows & podcasts including Bass Drive, The Green Room, Rude FM, DNB Dojo, Naked Beats, Jungle Train, Phuturistic Bluez, and BBC Radio 1; performed alongside artists such as Dave Owen (Good Looking Records), Calyx & Teebee (Ram Records), Concord Dawn (Uprising Records), Bulletproof (Cyanide Recordings), Truth (Deep Medi Music), Optimus Gryme (OGR), Black Sun Empire (BSE), Octane & DLR (Dispatch Recordings); and received track support from a reputable list of artists such as; Stunna, A Sides, Klute, Vice Versa, Con*Natural (aka MC Conrad), John Rolodex, René LaVice, DJ Stretch, DJ Trax, Skeptical, Random Movement and many more.

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