20 Dec 2018

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Dilz - Album Review: Metamorphosis

13 May 2018 // A review by Kerry Kingi

Dilz has been busy at it again, and this time he has delivered a 16-track album called Metamorphosis which mainly features the styles of Hip-Hop, RnB and Rap but also with hints of Soul, Trap and EDM.

The first track Caterpillar starts off with a nice synth and warm tones. Dilz' crisp rhymes come in with an old school Hip-Hop style, giving Dilz' signature sound, which grew on me throughout the album. I can recognise the 808 samples in this beat with the chorus reminding me of Disclosure except it's completely original and very well done. Caterpillar is a catchy track and sounds good, grabbing your attention from the get go.

Cocoon has an instant catchy hook with a piano melody line sounding both soft and powerful. Dilz' raps work well with the mix. The orchestral elements add depth and enhances the piano, making the track more substantial. Cocoon is easy on the ears, with an element of sadness embedded into it. The interlude works well, although it feels a bit too long.

Show Time has a dope drum beat with a strong instrumental arrangement. Dilz' rapping is on point with this one making it another catchy top-quality tune. It features collab rhymes from SwizZz and Bmike, which gives this tune huge vibes, hearing all the rappers with their own styles is sublime. Complete with hints of Eminem, Show Time is definitely a dance track.

Obsessed features lush keys on the intro with the melody building up with Dilz rapping. The track has a soaring feel. The added vocals from Raze are amazing and soothing, and fit this track perfectly. Obsessed has a strong sound with intricate musical arrangements and vocals mixed down on point.

Chrysalis is a track that goes straight into the melody line with Dilz rapping alongside the drumbeat. It reminds me of Dr Dre. The lyrics "I'm leaving this Chrysalis, I'm coming out of this shell, I'm leaving this Chrysalis" stand out the most for me.

The title track, Metamorphosis has an interesting unique feel. The tune starts off with a simple keyboard melody and this fading pitch shifting sound - it's truly dope! It has this funky off timed drum beat and bass line that makes you lose your shit! The rapping is on point, completely original Hip-Hop tune incoming, NZ proud!

Love Drunk starts off with some nice instrumental pianos and strings set. The lyrics on the intro "haven't even showered you don't care about my odour" were funny. The beat on this track is particularly catchy with an emotional melody line and rapping. The guest vocals from J Williams are strong and uplifts this song to a new realm. It even features Scribe on the mix. Wowsers!

Butterflies has a deep house feel with brilliant rapping from Dilz. This song has an awesome intro full of nice synth chords, groovy bass lines and banging drum beats. This track is impressive, the arrangement is unpredictable and it's outstanding from the onset. Amazing work on this one - another world class production and an instant dance tune. The synths are so lush!

P.H.D features on the next track, Today - his rapping style is fresh and gels well with Dilz' style. This track has a nice flow, which makes it evident that NZ Hip-Hop is making a comeback. While there is loads of atmosphere in the mix, I believe Today would sound better with a tad more bass.

Without hearing the track, the title makes it evident that Relationshit will be a heavy track. In the intro you can hear a car driving then you can hear someone walking and breathing, which makes it feel as if you're part of the song. The music then begins to fade in. This track has a cool groove, there's smooth keys with reverb and a tight bass line. Not to mention Dilz' rapping sounds excellent. The lyrics are heavy but it all flows well. There's a phat sounding bass line in the interlude towards the end of the track. 

Feels So Right has a keyboard intro, tidy bass line and beats with Bump bump bump lyrics. I didn't gel with this, but it still works well.

Back At It is however another world class Hip-Hop track with an excellent arrangement of sounds. It has a Snoop Dogg feel to it, while the lyrics have meaning and flow well. The bass line is banging! This would be an excellent live song with the potential to interact with the crowd.

Wait On You features loads of Soul and RnB vibes shining through. Dilz rapping is on fire. It also features vocals and rhymes from TY and J Williams with these guys making a brilliant song here.

Pass the Mic comes complete with a massive bass line on the intro and throughout the song, which I love. The beat is sick and there's a reverse sounding square synth which makes this track totally unique and sounding dope AF! Dilz rapping is so fast this one. How many words are on this track? This song works on so many levels.

Falling is a chilled-out song featuring Ashleigh Munn and Flawless Real Talk. This track has a beautiful intro with keys and Ashleigh's vocals make it complete. 

Fly Away is another outstanding track. The groove carries on, adding to the great flow of this album. Dilz' rapping grew on me by the time I got to this song. The instruments and lyrics have a dreamy feel to it.

Overall, Metamorphosis, an enjoyable listening experience. You can hear all the hard work Dilz has put in to this mammoth 16-track album. It's great to hear a fresh Hip-Hop album which isn't as wide spread as it used to be. There's loads of elements of dance, Soul, RnB, deep house and Hip-Hop vibes with a twist, which keep this album feeling interesting. Some of the tracks are absolute world class and I hope to see Dilz go a long way with this great album.

Review written by Kerry Kingi


About Dilz

Dilz is a rapper from New Zealand with a fresh voice on Hip-Hop. Working endlessly on collaborations and mixtapes from the start of his career as an amateur rapper, Dilz has grown into a professional ready to break his way into the forefront of underground hip-hop.

Dillon Lamb is the man behind the name 'Dilz', though with a few listens to his bars you couldn't make a distinction. Like all great artists, Dilz is a reflection of the real person behind the mic, and this realness is what has attracted a growing number of music lovers to his sound and words. In an era of 'unconscious' music being popularized, this artist has found a way to stand out as a conscious and thought-provoking lyrical virtuoso before releasing his first official record.

While most artists base their success on profit gained, Dilz has build a reputation for himself by finding success in reaching people. His most viewed track on YouTube entitled Heal the Wounds, has reached hundreds (if not thousands) of young people struggling with self-harm. Stats like this are more important than chart status or profit margins - this shows in his music and his relationship with the fans.

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