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Newsletter Issue #278: 28 Mar 2010

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Her Make Believe Band

Thanks to Cy for answering these questions:

How do you come up with your lyrics?

You often hear of different approaches that songwriters take in writing music, commonly it’s the ‘lyrics first, then music’, or ‘music first, then lyrics’ conundrum which kicks things off. My approach has evolved over the past few years, but typically I start off with an idea, be it musical or a lyric that I like, then put the guitar down and work solely on developing the lyrics, thinking about the rhythm on the words, and the story. I’m not a particularly prolific songwriter and typically my songs undergo a vast amount of editing, complete with copious quantities of doubt and long stagnant spells, but eventually (and usually aided by many a coffee) those spells turn positive and I get something that sticks. 

Who would you most like to support live? 

If we could play a three band bill with us first, Gillian Welch second, (accompanied by David Rawlings) and Paul Simon headlining (with Steve Gadd on drums), concluding with a massive jam on ‘Slip Sliding Away’, I would be one happy chappy.

What is the best part of being a musician?

There are many good points! The most obvious is getting paid to do something you truly love more than anything in the world. The second is probably organising your own schedule and having the time to go on epic midday sun runs around London.

How did you come up with the name Her Make Believe Band?

We started out playing as a duo under the name ‘Ricky Vegas and The Make Believe Band’.  ‘Ricky Vegas’ is the name of one of my guitars, and the second half is inspired by the Conway Twitty song ‘It’s Only Make Believe’, which we used to play. From there, the initial seed for our current name was sown. The idea was that a little girl is playing down the end of her garden with her make believe friends, pouring them little make believe cuppas from her make believe tea set, with her make believe band playing politely in the corner. 

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

A few years ago, in a previous band called Marshmallow, I played a gig at a sold out venue in London supporting The Violent Femmes. One of our ‘entourage’ (the sound man’s wife) was a masseuse, and she gave me the most therapeutic, karma inducing head and foot massage right before heading on stage. That, teamed with the sweet taste of a particular Caribbean malty stout, my incredibly loud guitar and 2,300 enthusiastic punters made it much gig, much gig. 

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Focus on the music, not the fashion, not the trends and ignore whatever is ‘cool’. 

What is your favourite NZ venue?

The Bunker, in Devonport, Auckland. Because of it’s vibe, it’s history, and the ‘Disappear Fear’ sticker on the wall. Everybody ought to have those words etched on the back of their eyelids.

What is your favourite place in NZ to be?

My friend Ryan and I used to go on Snowboarding trips down to Mt Ruapehu. On fine days we’d take some plastic cups and spoons from the cafeteria, a sachet of Raro, then hike to where the snow was untouched and powdery. We’d then take a cup of snow, mix it with the Raro, then eat our fresh ‘Snokies’ while overlooking the mountains and out to the horizon. I think I could be on top of any mountain in NZ, with my buddy Ryan and a Snokie in my hand and be eternally happy. 

Her Make Believe Band is Cy Winstanley (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Vanessa McGowan (bass, vocals), Sebastian Weiss (keyboards) and Tom Greenhalgh (drums).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website
MySpace Page
Amplifier Page

Her Make Believe Band's debut album 'AM Radio' was released in 2009 and they are on tour during March and April. Full tour details.



BareBones and Cabaret

Thanks to Glen and Matt for answering these questions:

What will your next release be?

Our next release will be our debut, self-titled album which was recorded in 2 days out in the woods. The album represents, pretty faithfully, our live sound. The second LP is where we bring out the synths and string-sections - this album is straight folk/country/psych. We like it.

What is in your CD collection at home?

We here are at BareBones and Cabaret tend to prefer vinyl as it goes, though it does mean your collection does exclude a lot of worth recent music. That said, I just took delivery of a bulk load of vinyl and, amongst the dross, there are some real gems: The Specials, Orange Juice, The Cure and some other stuff I don't dare mention. Our collections are like a double helix really, we all love Neil Young, The Smiths, Gram Parsons, the Nuggets' stuff, and the British Invasion bands. 

Who would you most like to support live?

Wilco. That's a hint guys; we have been talkin', now get back in touch.

What can we expect to see from BareBones and Cabaret over the next year?

Gratuitous plug time - we will be releasing our album shortly through Pale Mornings Records and have some interesting gigs coming up: see our MySpace site for details!

BareBones and Cabaret are Matt Yearbook (guitars, vocals, harmonicas), Glen Brown (guitars, backing vocals, organs) and Stefan Braunias (drums, percussion).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page


Auckland Blues Club

The new Auckland Blues Club’s aim is to build a strong platform as a link to not only those musicians already in blues bands and blues fans, but to the wider community as a whole.

The club recognises the importance of supporting blues musicians and fans who band together for the support of the music they love, and recognises it’s role in the local music scene.

The aims and objectives of the club will be to enjoy blues music through regular organised club nights which will include gigs, jam nights, workshops and fundraising gigs & events and our mission will be to bring together blues enthusiasts and blues artists, and also encourage budding blues musicians.

We will also aim to provide lots of blues-related information on blues gigs & events around Auckland, blues artists, music venues around New Zealand and blues CD reviews, thereby building a blues community to network blues enthusiasts and musicians together from across the country and also internationally.

We have a monthly newsletter, we run our own functions, work-shops and clinics, and jam nights.

The Auckland Blues Club is committed  to raising the profile of blues music through various activities, including:

1. Regular club nights (including blues jam nights and workshops)

2. Developing and promoting blues music artistry and experience in younger and beginner musicians

3. Developing blues music expertise and competence

4. Bandstand performances for up-and-coming new bands

5. Gig Guide including Auckland and surround regions

6. Festival schedules and reviews

7. Support of artists, festivals, and venues playing blues music

8. Collaboration with other blues music organisations to foster, develop and promote blues music and musicians in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas

9. Facilitating member discounts at supporting businesses and musical stores across Auckland

10. Providing relevant and up to date information through the official web site

By becoming a member and help support Auckland blues artists and blues music.

You also get the satisfaction of supporting the efforts of the Auckland Blues Club and  membership to the club subscribes you to the monthly newsletter which is emailed to you, and a Membership Card that gives you discounted entry to Auckland Blues Club functions, advertised gigs and merchandise and contribute through reviews and articles and more.

It also gives you the right to attend & voice your opinion at ABS general meetings.

If you are a musician or have a small business and have a web site, we’ll list a link to your site on our web site.

For more details, please visit our web site: www.aucklandbluesclub.co.nz


NZ Music News

Tourism NZ partners with MTV Australia on MTV's Guide to New Zealand


MTV and Tourism New Zealand are working together to create an on-air and online initiative aimed specifically at 16-24 year old Australians.

Entitled ‘MTV’s Guide to New Zealand’, the campaign captures the personal, undiscovered New Zealand of Kiwi-born music talent including internationally renowned rapper Scribe, punk-rockers The Mint Chicks, and Liam Finn, son of Crowded House singer-songwriter, Neil Finn.

‘MTV’s Guide to New Zealand’ launched on MTV Australia and mtv.com.au on Saturday 13 March 2010.  It takes the form of a series of documentary-style features designed to put New Zealand ‘front of mind’ for young travellers.   The guide captures the intimate New Zealand of Scribe, the Mint Chicks and Liam Finn; a side of New Zealand that wouldn’t be uncovered by tour-guides or handbooks.

The campaign, which begins with Scribe’s New Zealand, unearths a variety of favourite and inspirational locations, including music venues, untouched beaches, restaurants, bars and festivals.  The campaign travels the length and breadth of New Zealand from Piha and K’Road in Auckland, Wanaka, Central Christchurch to Queenstown.

‘MTV’s Guide to New Zealand’ sees Scribe taking MTV to his favourite restaurant in Christchurch before paua diving up the coast in Kaikoura and cooking for the crew. The Mint Chicks, who are currently on tour, arrive back to their home country and go straight into a typically wild performance at New Zealand’s Rippon Festival in Wanaka, followed by a road trip around the South Island and Liam Finn takes MTV to his Dad’s Roundhead Studio, highlights of Piha and favourite Auckland eateries.

Full Article

Kitsch are back - a new release, a newish bass player & a national tour!


On the cusp of their 15th year KITSCH embark on yet another journey through the sonic landscape of Pop Rock. The outcome: 'Destroy The Lines' E.P.

With an album project underway, KITSCH ignite the fire by releasing a selection of their freshest material available in digital format only.

Recorded at Studio 203 with longtime friend, engineer and producer Andrew Buckton, 'Destroy the Lines' sees KITSCH mature further as songwriters, taking the KITSCH signature sound to new and previously undiscovered depths.

Exploiting the worth of the sing-along chorus, 'Destroy The Lines' sees KITSCH deliver, as always, pure melodic rock for the masses.

The last effort 'The Burning Ground' spawned the ground breaking singles 'Broken Themes', 'Memory Of Me', and 'Stay Right Here' and tore up music television and rock radio.

With a similar approach to the new album project, KITSCH will deliver the next stage in its evolution

KITSCH have toured nationally countless times plus international supports for such heavyweights as RISE AGAINST, Bad Religion, NOFX, The Offspring, to name a few along with appearances on the Warpedtour and Big Day Out stages.

1st single Volunteer S.P.C.A is now streaming at http://www.myspace.com/kitschrock 

KISTCH - 'Destroy The Lines' E.P will be available in digital format only from all online digital retailers April 12th 2010.

Full Article and Tour Dates

Supermodel announce new single 'Send Me Dreaming'


With the release of ‘Send Me Dreaming’ (and its accompanying music video), Wellington quartet Supermodel build on the success of their last single ‘Walk of Shame’, reiterating their status as one of New Zealand’s leading new melodic rock groups.

Creatively mining the rich traditions of Brit Pop and Indie Rock - on ‘Send Me Dreaming’ (mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC) Supermodeljuxtapose lead-songwriter Mark Hanify’s clear-voiced conversational lyrics and minimal-yet-expansive guitar work with full-bodied bass, vibrant anthemic drum work and delicately accentuated backing vocals and keys.

Accompanied by a music video directed and produced by Ivan Slavov of The Independent Film Company of New Zealand, ‘Send Me Dreaming’ represents a key turning point in the development of a band, who having well and truly paid their dues, are more than ready to take things to the next level.

Full Article

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Congratulations to these lucky winners, who will be receiving the latest release from The Twitch this week:

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Salon Kingsadore's third and latest full-length release, Mountain Rescue. Salon Kingsadore is an upbeat instrumental combo with points of reference as diverse as surf guitar, jazz, European film soundtracks and psychedelic rock.

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 Junktion is Palmerston North’s beat orientated musical hub. It was established in 2006 with the goal of promoting local artists within the community. Junktion 3 is the third free release by the community for the community. It includes local beat makers, emcees, musicians, singers and producers.

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