15 Jun 2024

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Triggar Happy


In the rolling landscapes of Otorohanga, a young Regan Tucker, known to the world as Triggar Happy, was raised on a dairy farm. Tilling the soil and milking cows were his childhood chores, and amidst the rustic beauty of New Zealand’s North Island, his life’s harmonious melody was set into motion. Born into a family of five, with two brothers and a sister, his rural upbringing would become the fertile soil from which his musical passion would sprout.

At the tender age of five, a microphone became his companion, and the notes he sang echoed through the farm’s vast expanse. It was in these early moments that Triggar Happy discovered the symphony within him, a prelude to his lifelong journey in music.

Triggar Happy’s music defies the confines of genre. It’s a harmonious blend where Country Rock meets the pulsating rhythms of Hip Hop. This unique blend is the result of a diverse influences that shaped his sonic landscape. As a child, American Rock ‘n’ Roll captured his heart, and names like Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, and Boys To Men stirred his musical soul. Yet, the farm’s rhythms also played their part, as legends like Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, and George Strait wove their influence into his musical tapestry.

Triggar Happy’s musical journey spans over a decade, marked by the release of albums like Stone Cold Country Boy, The Big One, and One Of A Kind. In 2013, his talent was celebrated with the Independent Impact Artist Of The Year award, a recognition of his dedication to his craft.

With eight years of live performances, Triggar Happy’s stage presence is a spectacle to behold. His music has resonated across countless venues in New Zealand and Australia. He graced the stages of the Day At The Creek Festival in Tasmania, leaving audiences entranced. One memorable chapter in his musical journey was his performance with the Ulyses in Tasmania, where he sang to an awe-struck crowd of 3,500.

Triggar Happy’s music is a genre-defying fusion. His vocals, deeply rooted in Country Rock, dance to the beats of Hip Hop. His songs come to life with signature dance moves that set him apart in the musical landscape, earning him the title of the “melody guy”.

Under the guiding hand of Royalty Music Group (RMG), Triggar Happy is embarking on a new musical journey. Fresh releases are on the horizon, with the aim of conquering the charts in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. His dreams extend to touring across the American music scene.

Triggar Happy’s lyrics are a testament to his personal journey. They are born from the struggles of farm life and life’s ups and downs. Through his music, he has transformed pain into positivity. His resounding message: never give up, never tap out. Chase your dreams relentlessly, for it’s in persistence that success is born.

In baggy jeans, converse sneakers, and an American Cowboy hat, Triggar Happy’s visual aesthetic merges the heartland with urban flair. His performances are imbued with the raw emotion forged through life’s challenges.

Triggar Happy is the embodiment of resilience and determination, a musician who refuses to tap out in the pursuit of his dreams. His music is a testament to the power of passion and persistence, a fusion of genres that defies convention and resonates deeply with all who listen. In his harmonious symphony, Hip Hop meets the heartland, crafting a melody that leaves an indelible mark on the musical landscape.


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REVIEW: EP Review: Testify
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13 May 2024

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