25 May 2024

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Diesel Phoenix


A message to our fans:

'When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.’

— Jimi Hendrix

First and foremost we put every inch of our heart & soul into our music. We write what we consider to be the absolute truth – a message of love, hope, and self belief. The five members of Diesel Phoenix were brought together by a shared passion for great music. Together, and with the help of our fans, we believe we can use our music to make a difference in this world. We create music together in the hope that our message will reach those who need it most; our art is our arm for reaching our fans. We are proudly a 100% independent act, not signed to any record label and treading new ground by becoming one of the first acts from New Zealand to give away free copys of our debut album "White Lies & Black Hearts" from our homepage @ www.dieselphoenix.com

What people say about us:

'Im happy to admit I was wrong about them - These guys are good... The songs are well written, tightly performed & draw you in... Diesel Phoenix definitely have the potential to do well' - New Zealand Musician Magazine
'Are you searching for a live band with energy and bounce that will leave you craving for more? Then look no further...' -The Truth Magazine
'Everyone should sit up and take notice of this band; they're doing great things...' -Feed The Band.org
'From start to finish you are taken on a wild wild ride and believe me you wont want to get off... the band put their heart and soul into every song on the album' -Tigs
'You have a fan here for life in me in Sydney Australia cause of that song...' - xxxxx Mitchy xxx
'I was so happy you guys are amazing ... For once in like two years I would actually rather listen to another band other than AFI or Paramore... If I had died on Wednesday night after seeing you guys perform live I would've been quite satisfied with my life... I love you guys.' - Amber
'Wow... This is like gonna be the highlight of my year :D move over fall out boy'!!' - Rebecca
'You guys are amazing... After a 5 year obsession of Marilyn Manson you are OFFICIALLY my favourite band! - Tess
'I think you'd be one of the very few bands who would go out of their way for a fan... It just makes you that much awesomer' – Stephanie

Some of that commercial stuff:

­- Diesel Phoenix formed in the autumn of 2006

­- Originally named 'DonkeyPunk', the group re­launched as 'Diesel Phoenix' after the addition of Carlos Voight on keyboard in 2008.

­- January 2007 released debut single 'You're Yuck' ­ Achieved #1 on Kiwi download charts for 11 straight weeks. Outvoted Brittany Spears as favoured track on commercial broadcaster 91ZM. Voted #1 rock track online through internet distributor & online broadcaster AMPLIFIER.COM.

­- First national Tour summer 2007

­- October 31st 2007 ­ Debut album 'White Lies & Black Hearts' released. First NZ act to allow entire album to be downloaded for free.

­- Summer 2008, First Tour of Australia

­- Summer 2008, Second single 'MissConception' released. Corresponding music video rotated on all 3 major commercial television networks in NZ.

­- TO DATE: Still 100% independent & Still making music.

Band Members:
Sam Polwart (vocals)
Nick Arnell (guitar)
Logan Wedgwood (drums)
Alan Grainger (bass)


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  • Auckland

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  • First Kiss

    First single from the 2nd album 'Here's Something We Prepared Earlier'. You can purchase this album from http://www.dieselphoenix.com
    Download Now [Size: 6.87MB | 3:45 | 256kbps]

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muzic.net.nz Admin

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Diesel Phoenix release new album
Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:21 pm

Auckland based rock band Diesel Phoenix are set to release their new album Here’s Something We Prepared Earlier on 27 October. The album features the single ‘First Kiss’ which is out at commercial radio now.

Diesel Phoenix definitely have a unique sound, aptly described by some in the industry as “anthem rock with pop vocal melodies”. Diesel Phoenix have the energy both on and off the stage and evidently, they need it - 2009 has been a busy year for the band and will be topped off by a nationwide New Zealand tour to spread the message that bullying is not OK, in support of stoptheviolence.org.nz. Described by the Taranaki Daily News as “A rock band that cares”, Diesel Phoenix began recording this more recent album directly off the back of their March 2009 nationwide charity tour in support of CanTeen. Following the first-hand experience of bullying through one of their loyal fans, the band have created a purpose-written song titled 'Just a Kid' for their new cause and aligned themselves with the right organisations to make a difference.

Other commercial successes in the band’s career portfolio include being awarded a MySpace Music People’s Choice award in 2009, and their debut single ‘You’re Yuck’ sitting at number 1 on the Kiwi download charts for 11 weeks straight.

Always leading, as opposed to following, Diesel Phoenix set a new benchmark for the industry when they released their debut album White Lies & Black Hearts in October 2007, offering the entire album for free download in mp3 format. With an Australian tour under their belts and further touring scheduled Diesel Phoenix members Sam Polwart (vocals), Richard Hurliman (Guitar), Alan Grainger (Bass), and Logan Wedgwood (Drums) are extending their musical reach globally.



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Whats the best part about being a DonkeyPunk fan?
Posted: Wed Mar 7, 2007 2:03 pm
What do you think is the best part about being a fan of DonkeyPunk?

Well I believe its that they treat all their fans like friends and really how they are all so down to earth and love each and everyone of their fans for who they are and how they support the band.

Stephanie Wink Happy

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