5 Mar 2024

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Three Islands - Album Review: Resolution Island

03 Oct 2023 // A review by Daylen Schmied-Pape

Listening to Resolution Island by Three Islands is like dreaming while awake.

An eloquently crafted musical dreamscape to lose yourself in completely. A meditative, entrancing experience, which crafts a world around you through a beautiful use of both vocal samples and the sounds of nature, which have been carefully intertwined throughout the ethereal production that defines the sound of the project.
This album exists entirely in a lane of its own.

Frightening at times, I found my heart pounding heavily along to the beat of Erebus - named for the Greek God of darkness, and the Antarctic volcano that was the site of a disastrous Air New Zealand crash in 1979. The integration of radio control samples into the track immerses you entirely into the storytelling without any actual lyrical content, which is a truly astounding feat.

In fact, the incorporation of real life historical events throughout the entire project is an incredibly effective world building tool, which expands further upon the dreamlike qualities of the album, fusing memory and imagination.

Cosmic Oceans is a surreal, somewhat anxiety inducing experience that evokes emotions in a way that is rare in modern music. Making me feel simultaneously at peace, on edge, curious, and uncomfortable in my skin, through a masterful use of audio engineering.

Halfway into the project I found myself concerned if I’d be able to finish it. Not for lack of enjoyment, but because the immersion and emotional evocation was so powerful I began to feel overwhelmed by the scope of what I was experiencing.

I’ll reiterate, this project exists - quite literally - in its own realm. It will take you there, whether you’re ready for it or not.
I recommend listening alone in the dark. Maybe in bed with eyes shut or lying outside staring at the stars. The experience is transcendent to say the least.

The dissonant tones incorporated towards the end of Peace Is Imminent catch your attention just in time to fully appreciate the words that follow, discussing that we have been fed the lie that “evil is necessary, when in fact it is not.” A powerful sentiment to close out the track. Once again communicated through an impressive use of vocal sampling.

All in all, this is a powerful, if not slightly disturbing project. (Then again, maybe my being disturbed by the self-reflection that this album demands says more about me than the album itself.) Resolution Island causes you to question your place in the universe, and reflect upon the past, and our connection to it - all done with very few lyrics, which truly highlights how powerful the words that Three Islands chose to include in the songs are, and just how competent and moving the musical production is.

Listen for yourself here… but make sure you’ve packed your bags, and you’re ready for a trip. 


About Three Islands

Jason Peters (Kong Fooey / Pumpkinhead / Hunt The Witch) is a producer/drummer based in Auckland, New Zealand and he's inspired by Aotearoa's stunning landscapes, NZ life and the relationships lived there.

Jason's musical brush paints broad strokes of Trip hop, ambient beats and electronica fused with classical soundscapes, his music takes you on an emotional journey across the land of the long white cloud and beyond.

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Resolution Island
Year: 2023
Type: Album

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