26 Feb 2024

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0800 Belly Up - Single Review: Kick Ons

28 Nov 2022 // A review by Peter-James Dries

If you feel you would enjoy punk rock better if they showered more often and put a bit more effort in, then this is the band for you.

If you love shouting back at bands when they yell lyrics at you, then this is the song for you.

If you’re sick of Six60, then I have something for you.

Kick Ons from 0800 Belly Up has the same high production values, same tight performance, and same crowd appeal you’d expect from the basic kiwi staple, with the difference being Kick Ons is actually good. I mean… That, and it’s completely different from Six60 in style, genre, and everything else…

Whether you dance like an inconsiderate floor-hogging maniac, or do that weird shuffle thing, then this poppy punky banger is sure to get you moving.

One part The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian, one part The Kooks Naïve, Kick Ons is as infectious and catchy as COVID, with at least half the death toll. This is what should be headlining New Year’s festivals / excuses to get pissed this year. 0800 Belly Up, that is, not COVID.

All in all, a solid release. Excited to see this lot get famous.

You can find Kick Ons on Spotify.

Five stars of five.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About 0800 Belly Up

The 0800 Belly Up boys hail from north Auckland, NZ; Te Arai, Mangawhai and Langs Beach. The band formed in 2021 from a collection of rowdy, out the gate, bogan meets big-time characters. Meeting upon a national treasure, Crate Day, from a shared love of Alternative Rock and Punk music something great was born. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses catchy vocal, sing-along anthems and pumping grooves and melodies. Their energy-fuelled antics and questionable gimmicks will make you forget your worries, be consumed by good vibes and party.

Having performed at iconic venues including Leigh Sawmill, Ding Dong Lounge and The Butter Factory, many more great shows are ahead! The band has recently released their debut single One Last Wish, quickly followed by a freshly dropped single Kick Ons.

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0800 Belly Up
Year: 2022
Type: EP

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