2 Oct 2023

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Bevan Mical - Single Review: Cuts Through The Years

21 Nov 2022 // A review by Nicholas Clark
Cuts Through The Years is a jolly, breezy single by multi-instrumentalist, Bevan Mical. The song begins with a two-chord sequence on acoustic guitar, but there's something exotic about the chords are instruments that support the verse. The playing is jolly and breezy, until programmed drums join the mix. There’s organ too, propelling the verse along, and the whole ensemble sounds vaguely Beatles-esque in terms of the positivity.

The double tracked vocals by Mical are reminiscent of Lennon also, and the lyrics are likewise positive and philosophical. The four-chord chorus goes: “From the depths of despair, true love lives here, throw out the rule book, try holding back tears.”

It all appears to originate from someone recovering from sadness and finding a way through it, only to give their advice in the form of a song (e.g.: “You keep on complaining but what is it all for? Never been easy keeping doubt at the door.”). Sparse keyboard notes join the ensemble and then everything drops out in the third verse for some nice percussion. The song is lifting and whimsical. I could imagine it being used for a soundtrack for an indie film when the credits roll or when there is an emotional montage.

The aesthetic of the track is definitely in the genre of DIY, but the track is less similar to the experimental hiss and burble of Daniel Johnston’s cassettes and is more reminiscent of artists such as Robert Steven Moore, Aerial Pink or New Zealand’s Darcy Clay. Although, it must be said that in Mical’s case, he is attempting to craft a pop song while most of these afore mentioned artists usually aim to disrupt the conventions of songwriting deliberately.

I had seen Bevan Mical before on the site fiverr.com, advertising his songwriting skills with the intriguing title of ‘I will write a song for your needs’. While I didn’t pay for his services, I wonder with all honesty that some of his songs, this one included, have been requested by people seeking hope and guidance. It’s entirely possible and I salute the musician for offering his time and effort for those seeking his product.

The Bakery Recipe version of the song, re-arranged and re-recorded by Brian Baker, is much more professional with a prominent xylophone, a professional drum kit or a more realistic sounding digital kit, guitar and bass. The whole song sounds a little faster and there is some tasteful reverb added to the voice (which might be slightly pitch-corrected also), making the original seem like a demo in comparison. The instruments come in and out of the mix more often, creating a more interesting journey for the listener. There’s even a tasty guitar solo near the end.

Still, there’s perhaps something lost from the original and it just might be the endearing naivety. It seems all the more touching when thinking of the song as a solo effort. Sure, the Bakery Remix sounds more ready for radio play, but if it were released as a single in the retro format, the original would have to be included as the B-side.

After a few listens, I decided that it is the lyrics are what make this song so appealing. A few that popped out were “Are you searching for sunshine, but the dark clouds still rise, at times overwhelming with nowhere to hide,” and “picked up the pieces still keeping in time, unbridled emotion such a hard thing to find.” In a world and an industry obsessed with success it's refreshing to hear an artist trying their best to create something unique and above all positive.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About Bevan Mical

“Bevan Mical’s musical influences know no boundaries. He believes in infusing his compositions with a little bit of everything, ranging from the whimsy of Fraggle Rock to the lyrical prowess of Eminem, and from the melodic stylings of Crowded House to the empowering anthems of Pink. Embracing a multitude of genres, Mical refuses to label any style as bad, instead finding inspiration and creative possibilities in the rich tapestry of music.” - Bored City

Full Albums:

- One At A Time (2017)

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Exhausting The Muse
Year: 2021
Type: Album
Swinging Through Trees
Year: 2020
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One At A Time
Year: 2017
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