19 Oct 2021

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Bevan Mical


Moved to his Grandparents in Thames, New Zealand after his Mother died at a young age.
Raised by a conservative family but he has developed his own semi liberal way of looking at life.
Music was discovered all alone and by himself alongside being taught how to work hard and look after yourself.
Kind, caring and humble, he is married to a supportive & loving wife.
Bevan works a regular 9 to 5 during the week & every chance he gets he likes to infuse his music with a little bit of everything.
From Fraggle Rock to Eminem, Crowded House to Pink no style of music is bad.
Bevan is working hard to join a long list of respected musical icons and is striving to calm these troubled and turbulent times down with music for the mind & soul.


- Most Viewed YouTube NZ (2008)
- Most Viewed YouTube NZ (2011)
- Swinging Through Trees (Album) - 3.8 out of 5 : Divide & Conquer Review Site (2020)
- 3.5k Spotify Monthly Listeners (July 2021)
- 181k Soundcloud Plays (2021)

Full Albums:

- One At A Time (2017)
- Swinging Through Trees (2020)
- Exhausting The Muse (Late 2021)

Band Members:
Bevan Mical


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  • Thames

Media Downloads

  • Cancel This (Explicit)

    Verse 1 Why do I have to like what you like Seems kind of insane if we all act the same Each & everyday the pressure builds up You take away something or stir up distrust Why do you have to critique what I like If we’re judging by taste then you’ve lost the fight Chorus You can try to cancel this Take a shot I think you’ll miss Gone too far & scared of scars Did it help to heal your broken heart No we won’t keep it down Turn around & shut your mouth You can try to cancel this Take a shot I think you’ll miss Verse 2 In these uncertain times let us learn from the past Correct true injustice, leave the cat in the hat No one really cares about what you say Thoughts & opinions pose as scoop of the day Nobody told you how to navigate life Offended by spongebob are you sure you’re alright Chorus Repeat Verse 3 There’s only one road that I can foresee Cancel everything, no movies, songs, TV Scream from the rooftops louder each year Slim Shady told you he cunt fucking hear Your misery astounds me can’t take it away I think you need love to brighten your day Chorus Repeat
    Download Now [Size: 5.48MB | 3:00 | 256kbps]

  • Exhausting The Muse

    Verse 1 Believe in yourself That’s all you can do There’s nobody else Can I get through to you Simple misnomers or genuine mistakes The clocks turning over for your chance to take Chorus Fortune favours those who use their mind Until a shake up or it hurts deep inside Don’t know how to feel right now Calm it all down turn the path around Verse 2 Remember the lives That guided your way All had a fire See the light of the day Build up a platform to share & excite All met with silence there’s a rising tonight Chorus Repeat Bridge Anxiety & pressure with each chord Memories & thoughts with each word Every single move we’re heading forward Put it all away Keeps calling for more Verse 3 Trust in your strength While exhausting the muse Not much time left Burnt half the fuse Misguided insistence led you right round the bend The dark days aren’t over but we’ve caught up with friends Chorus Repeat
    Download Now [Size: 5.97MB | 3:16 | 256kbps]

  • Goddess To Us All

    Verse 1 Infatuation beckons we heed your every call True to love you hold the keys to each & every door We build our lives to find you Are Proud to take your hand But we disrespect & fight you to spend a weekend with the man This is for the women let me put it in a song Appreciation & respect you know man has got it wrong Chorus 1 Cry less my little lady Cry a little less my baby girl Cry less don’t cry anymore Head up high a goddess to us all Verse 2 Took the time to flourish with the system pressing down I’m still surprised you haven’t said “to hell with all ya now” Gave birth to everyone of us while man was being free Put up with our petty crap with a baby on each knee Your eyes can heal the world alone bring serenity & peace Take the reins we need your heart to put us all at ease Chorus 1 Repeat Chorus 2 No tears my little lady No more tears my baby girl No more tears i’ll wipe them dry This isn’t the time to cry Verse 3 Men you need to wise up you’re not a present to them all Keep your hands unto thyself or end up against the wall Let’s get back to worship all the women & the girls They make our lives so easy they’re the best part of this world My wife I love & care for couldn’t ask for nothing more Ignite the flame & pass the torch go conquer foreign shores Chorus 1 & 2 Repeat
    Download Now [Size: 6.53MB | 3:34 | 256kbps]

  • Ma

    Ma i’ll always love you I hope that that’s something you knew Ma I needed guidance Raised me as one of your own Brought up your family with Pa by your side You never expected another child to guide You took me in & gave me a life Picked up the mantle when mother had died Fed & you sheltered me Taught me what’s right Made sure that I never stayed out at night Sacrificed everything checked I was fine & yes I did listen just not at the time Ma we all miss you Those of us whose love was true We will remember The good years all ended too soon Now as we move on The loudmouths & stirrers are gone Ma I’ll always love you I hope that that’s something you knew
    Download Now [Size: 3.95MB | 2:09 | 256kbps]

  • Me

    Verse 1 I’ve already told you how my mother died young My father was absent from his 8 year old son His parents were mine let’s proceed without lies Trade all the distractions for a small glimpse of time Always sheltered clothed as a child alone I turned up the music to fill up my soul Chorus I have a story to tell you all After this chorus I’ll give you some more The sane & insane mixed with pleasure & pain Cold & the distant it’s all from my brain Verse 2 There once was a time when I stole from my Nan But I earned back respect as I worked out a plan Spent years in a flat with like minded friends Faced fears with courage changed the goal for the end Worked hard each moment of the everyday grind Kind & quite caring taking praise in my stride Chorus Repeat Verse 3 So my karmas been paid & i’m proud of my wife My continuing strength, love & support for all time I don’t want any problems but I won’t let things go So just keep me on side & i’ll go with the flow Bust mostly i’m happy & I love a blue sky Silence is golden … Chorus Repeat
    Download Now [Size: 5.34MB | 2:55 | 256kbps]

  • No Sympathy

    Verse 1 Emotions lost, you have no heart I really feel this is just the start Walk around thinking you’re on top Discarded morals but at what cost Funny how the hand you’re dealt Can turn you into someone else Forget your P’s recuse your Q’s Your children hate you so do you Chorus Ha Ha I feel no sympathy for you I’m not scared of your senseless worth What ya gonna do Ha Ha what you think you’re wallets gonna do As we descend to the depths of hell There’s no saviors left for you Verse 2 How the hell do you sleep at night The dodgy deals & cops in sight Can’t help feeling the rumors true Ruin lives to enhance your view Don’t care at all the markets down That’s no excuse to sell us out Unless you come from nothing first Don’t feel your pain can’t stand your hurt Chorus Repeat Verse 3 I guess they’d say I have no soul I’d say they’re wrong there is no goal But to bring to light the great divide Between the rich & those who try Maybe you’re just a spoiled brat Spent your life on daddy’s lap Can’t see past the harpooned S Partners left your life’s a mess Chorus Repeat
    Download Now [Size: 5.58MB | 3:03 | 256kbps]

  • The Singer

    Verse 1 Did you contemplate something that exists in a dream Where the grey matter swirls percolates it seeps Trapped in the void between awake & asleep All of your thoughts are bursting out at the seams Chorus The singer sings a song So you can carry on Dreams are never gone The singer sings a song Verse 2 Pleasure a nation or vanquish a foe Leave for a lifetime but you can’t let it go Don’t bow to the judgement it’s our lives on our sleeve Each scar on our psyche is a line for next week Melodic answers to the question of time Sporadic failures that lead to a rhyme Chorus Repeat Bridge Sing it so loud Sing it so clear The doors always open for love to appear Verse 3 Tired of normal your heart beats at will A small bit of mystery determines the thrill Open your mouth it’s like the sunshine comes out Hope fills our hearts & the heavens rain down Chorus Repeat Outro Inspiration,Dedication Sprinkled with humor,Determination.
    Download Now [Size: 5.2MB | 2:50 | 256kbps]

  • The Song

    The song Verse 1 The Singer starts singing after Exhausting The Muse Hear all emotion, inconvenient truth Each passing moment on the tips of a breeze The song keeps on going even after we leave Battle your feelings til you throw something on Soothing & calming or it just sets you off Chorus 1 The song lives on The song lives on The song lives on in me Each chord & phrase can save the day The song lives on in you Verse 2 Let out the anger while the world overflows Take out the evil with a few brilliant strokes Start off a love quest or end your own life My words are your words been that way for all time You've called for a savior, well sorry it's me Time to call out the things we've been too blinded to see Chorus 1 repeat Chorus 2 Through calm & storms The cold & warm The song goes on & on Never turn it down Can't shut it out The Song lives on in you Verse 3 Reveal all the struggles of the everyday kind Empty your demons, leave them trapped in your mind They can leave you so lonely & down without hope They can give you foundations to build on & grow These treasures are global so stop with your wars Grind up the ganja & listen some more Chorus 1 & 2 repeat
    Download Now [Size: 6.01MB | 3:17 | 256kbps]

  • There Were Hopes

    Verse 1 Pay your way is what they used to say Can’t no more there’s an uneven raise Somethings changed, we’re not the same Contempt rising & coursing through our veins Chorus How did we ever get like this The common man now just a hypocrite When did it ever turn into this There were hopes for the future But somehow we’ve missed Verse 2 We seem to be fighting the same stupid fights Nothing gets learned when insanity's right When did we lose sight of good will & pride Beat up a man instead of watching him thrive Can’t help but feeling we’ve ruined this bliss Once we’re all gone you know that we won’t be missed Chorus Repeat Verse 3 Never Thought i’d see a time When the modern world believes all lies Keep reading the rule book nothings working so far All these moral dilemmas can’t be good for the heart Things have changed but they’re still the same Hopes ground into pieces & washed down the drain Chorus Repeat
    Download Now [Size: 5.65MB | 3:05 | 256kbps]

  • Weekend (Single)

    Verse 1 Beautiful sunset On a calm Friday eve The garden keeps growing Worked hard all damn week Paid all my taxes I’ll rest when I sleep It’s time for the weekend Turn it up & be free Chorus Work hard That’s all you have to do Every moment you create The futures up to you Play hard Each second won’t undo Monday once again will hit Normal rings so true Verse 2 Unearthly sunrise On a Saturday morn’ The world keeps revolving Shut it out feel the warmth Overcame spiteful demons With only one love Stand next to the speakers The days almost done Chorus Repeat Verse 3 Quiet easy Sunday People tending their yards Peaceful in silence All anger wastes love Upbeat when it’s needed Never really frown One week then repeat it Don’t ask to turn it down Chorus Repeat
    Download Now [Size: 4.04MB | 2:57 | 192kbps]

  • You !!! (Explicit)

    Verse 1 We’ve all got to move on this just isn’t right In the name of my Grandpa let’s end this tonight I’ve worked out the game plan get ready you whore In the name of my Grandma you started this war Chorus 1 Back off now you evil cow Shut your mouth the warnings out Verse 2 Disrespected my wife so many times I lost count Must just be envy cuz your life is so foul You accepted the kindness when you lost your own home Then you trash & you slander those who kept you from cold Bitch you don’t even know me, your husbands in fear Maybe i’m karma coming to settle this year Your blood even hates you i’m not making a joke But if you search deep inside you i’ll supply you with rope Chorus 1 Repeat Chorus 2 Fuck off now i’ll take you down Fuck off now you spiteful cow Those fat & foul disgusting slobs The only ones you’re worthy of Verse 3 You invaded my space there’s a death warrant out To your bulldog companions I say “Fuck them as well” I’m surprised by your child won’t mention him here I thought that your fucked up cunt was broken beyond repair So the psychosis sets in the narcissist from within With your pig ugly smile even the dentist can’t fix Don’t know why you started i guess you’re fucked in the head But if I see you in passing you might wind up ....
    Download Now [Size: 4.19MB | 2:17 | 256kbps]

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Exhausting The Muse: 08/10/21
Posted: Fri Oct 1, 2021 12:13 pm
I'll support you if you support me

Exhausting The Muse (Full Album)

Streaming Everywhere 08/10/2021



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Streaming Everywhere
Posted: Sun Sep 5, 2021 12:41 pm
BEVAN MICAL : Streaming on all Major Platforms


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