25 Jun 2024

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Dolphin Friendly - Single Review: Killing Silence

01 Dec 2020 // A review by HazzaMakingNoise
I don’t think anyone would argue Aotearoa’s music scene is lacking in contribution to the indie rock sphere. The country seems to be inundated with surfy looking Pakeha parading shimmery single-coil guitar tones. Otautahi 4-piece Dolphin Friendly however, are a cut above the status quo with their new summer drop Killing Silence. Where most bands play to the sunny season, Dolphin Friendly cut to the core of one of the most glaring issues of today (and history.) The song is an acknowledgement of the various manifestations of systemic racism that plague our societies.

I actually had the pleasure of the first listen in the flesh. The Dolphin Friendly chaps not too long graced the Powerstation opening for Otautahi compatriots Mako Road, where they previewed Killing Silence before the crowd. The tune rips even harder on stage than on your device, that’s for sure. This 4 and half minutes of "coastal psych-rock" packs in everything you could ever need, opening with light rhythms then hitting a stomping funk-infused riff, the drums tracking straight and true, acting as the appropriate glue. The verse pares it back to give the vocals focus. The pre-chorus pulls back even further, letting a little ambience set in before building back into the hearty riff for the chorus to ring out. The second verse is where things really switch up. A pointed rap verse follows to make the kaupapa of the song explicit. The band's awareness on display for all to see. And then just when it’s boiling over, Dolphin Friendly crank up the energy and bow the song out with an alt-rock ferocity that the Chili’s or even Rage would be proud of.

There’s an adventurous nature to Killing Silence, the band clearly drawing on a variety of influences from far and wide. It takes some crafty musicians to pull off such a jam-packed tune, and make no mistake, this is an absolute tune. If you get the chance, catch Dolphin Friendly live this summer. They’re hands down one of the most top-notch live bands you can see in little ol’ NZ.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Dolphin Friendly

Hard-hitting rock group Dolphin Friendly unleash their new single Killing Silence on the 25th of November via the MEOW label. The Christchurch quartet have become a ground-breaking force on the New Zealand musical landscape, with this latest politically charged single set to take them to new heights.

Renowned for high energy, wild and engaging live performances, the band recently announced a run of headline single launch tour dates across the country, to compliment an already bumper summer schedule packed full of festival appearances.

Within two years of the band’s inception, they have charged the New Zealand music scene aggressively, having played some genuine feats such as Rhythm and Vines, Electric Avenue, Soundsplash, and opening for Kiwi and Aussie thumpers Shapeshifter, Lime Cordiale, Skegss, Bootleg Rascal, Jungle Giants, L.A.B and Mako Road.

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Won't Be Fools
Year: 2022
Type: EP

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