23 Oct 2021

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Threat.Meet.Protocol - Single/Video Review: The Witch Trials

02 Oct 2020 // A review by Corinne Rutherford
Lurking in the shadows since 2011, Tauranga based Threat.Meet.Protocol (TMP) have decided that midst the throes of a worldwide pandemic is the perfect time to self-release their single The Witch Trials. This track which is one of two to be released on the same name 7-inch vinyl is a true double B side. The accompanying video is a delight to behold.

The unique sound which only TMP can pull off, was recorded and engineered by drummer Evan Pope at Tauranga’s studio 11B. Showcasing the original alternative, grungy, hardcore punk goodness and condensing it down to four minutes and thirty-nine seconds. If you are not aware, these guys are a are a visual feast to watch live. Perhaps more of a feast to watch dead as the video is testament to.

Yes the song of The Witch Trials is unique and strangely alluring, however watching Katikati’s answer to a pure 80’s slasher style B grade affair (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossed with Nightmare On Elm Street) is like a deer caught in headlights, you want to look away, you want to run, but something keeps you rooted to the spot and mesmerised until it is all over. Then and only then do you realise that you have been hit by the mighty force known as Threat.Meet.Protocol.

The video works on the theory of the hunters becoming the hunted during a lads camping trip, and we all know how that turns out. The leading lady played by Aleida Brown does a stellar job of exterminating the band (Austin, Luke and Evan) in a delightfully gruesome manner thanks to Director, local superstar and Retriever enthusiast Edward Gains. In between WTF moments the video proved to be so well suited to the song that the whole thing had a mad sense of cohesiveness about it.

The Witch Trials has been cleverly released close to All Hallows Eve for maximum effect, with a tour around New Zealand kicking off in Gisborne 16th October for maximum exposure.

Proudly NOT funded by NZ On Air, I am giving this 5 stars because of its idiosyncratic style and because I like Luke's hair.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Threat.Meet.Protocol

Come and listen to a story about a band named Threat.
Poor music pioneers, barely kept their flat let,
Then one day they were playin at some club,
And up through the crowd came an executive dude.

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