11 Aug 2022

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Swerve City - Single/Video Review: Dangerous

08 Aug 2020 // A review by Kris Raven

My first initial thoughts after hearing & viewing the debut single by alternative rock collective Swerve City was how lead vocalist JP Carroll (Arrays, ex-Armed in Advance) has further elevated his frontman persona and status in a relatively new (2019) band full of strong and diverse musicians. His vocal approach particularly in the chorus I found was a big take away from previous known material and he is singing a little out of his comfort zone which is very cool to hear (and see). There is some aggression but he is having fun with it. Having the addition of a second guitar when utilised well is always a bonus, and having that in lead guitarist and vocalist Kevin Jack (ex-Fire at Will) has created a solid dynamic, a united duel guitar assault. The great part about this song is how it builds and introduces elements and players as it forms. I thought It was a very smart way to introduce their band to the world with a cover, so many massive bands and artists have started with this route and it can expose you to a bigger realm of listeners, particularly people searching for Big Data and similar electronic artists and then being thrown a rock alternative curve ball.

Swerve City has delivered it well. I particularly enjoyed bassist Shannon Collumb's (Impostor Syndrome) bass tone, it’s effectively a third guitar. Slick, crunchy and while distorted, it's not messy or overbearing. Never underestimate the sound of a good sounding bass or bass player for that matter. The bass drives the track while Kevin's guitar carries the melodic weaving licks and leads that have been well layered. Drummer Adam Forsyke is a strong force and carries the song in a relatively refined and effortless approach, however, I am definitely curious to see how he will take to the skins in future recordings.

In my musical ignorance I did know the original version of Dangerous prior to this review. Having listened since, I was further impressed by the Swerve City version and I have JP singing the chorus in my head over and over. I appreciate that they stayed true to initial rhythmic flow of the song in terms of the bass and the simple but effective drum patterns. But like any good cover or adaption, they put their mark all over it, I liked the half time chorus which breaks it up a little and Kevin's solo at the end gave the song further elevation without taking away from the overall vibe.

The video for this track is simple, which I think It needed to be. It introduces Swerve City to the world and we get to be on the first wave with them. The addition of their logo/mascot from the start is a brilliant idea. The menacing character lurking in the corner, slowly moving around in the background - I really liked the silhouettes on the members as they played, particularly the three guitarists. Some cool colour palates, and just like the song, the video showcases a solid live performance of the band in their element. I feel like this song is just a tease, a taste of bigger things to come, and I cannot wait to see what comes next. Be sure to check the single and video out, follow the band and check them out at their next show!

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Swerve City

Swerve City are an exciting new rock band from Auckland featuring members from Fire At Will, Armed in Advance, Sematics and Saints of Taboo.

Swerve City possesses a sound that blends Melodic Rock with undertones of Metal and Pop sensibilities.

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