7 Dec 2023

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Lost Vessels - EP Review: Things I Never Said

19 Sep 2023 // A review by Kris Raven

Auckland 5-Piece Lost Vessels have recently released their debut EP Things I Never Said, comprised of five tracks that stand out amongst the crowd, a passionate offering of high energy, accessible, engaging punk fueled rock. 

All This Time, their first single release, is an absolute banger of a track to open this EP and introduce the world to Lost Vessels. Straight off the bat, the duel vocal dynamic works so well, with both vocalists either singing together in harmony or separately, creating different emotions and variation throughout the EP, which adds an energetic intensity and balance. All This Time features melodic guitar leads that along with harmonious vocals, packs the song full of hooks, fun and heart. The dual vocals remind me of Taking back Sunday, with Eileen Jolly's lead vocals being accompanied, boosted and mirrored by guitarist/vocalist Cameron Faulkner, allowing them to feed off each other but not over doing it. 

Eileen's voice has such a presence over all the tracks, reminding me of Kelly Clarkson or early Paramore, there’s a pop style that's blended with angst and subtle aggression which lends itself so naturally to these tracks. Musically there are elements of post hardcore, 2000's punk, pop punk and emo. As we move to track two, I Don’t Owe You, packs a massive punch, particularly the intro riff which has a great melodic metal feel like Story of the Year & early Strung Out, set on a backdrop of fast paced punk, the metal elements layered throughout drive it up and add that bit of difference to the other tracks.

Nostalgia could be straight off an American pie movie soundtrack, Fenix tx/New Found Glory riffs with heaps of melody and passion, backed by the solid rhythmic foundation of drummer Ethan Page & bassist John Faulting. This strong base allows the lead guitar, solos and shreds of Kyle Martin and the vocal melodies to soar and give us those upbeat vibes even when the lyrics can be a little more sombre. "It’s 3am And I Still Can’t F*cking Sleep." How universally relatable! Also, the f bombs scattered throughout this ep just seem so naturally placed. 

Sleep begins with co-vocalist Faulkner taking the mic before the four on floor beat drives it along. The compositions are so well thought out, from the rim shots to the clean guitar strokes, adding those extra thoughtful pieces to the songs structure. The drops into the halftime and then back to full speed also elevate the songs feel and flow nicely with the lyrical content. F.M.B. was an interesting closer track, with a slower pace, it grows and blooms into a big melodious chorus. A standout track, relatable lyrical content and a change of pace and then a return to the fast, melodic punk feel.  

Production via Dave Rhodes (Blindspott/Stylus), the man behind so many incredible and huge albums and singles offers a super slick production quality. There are no frills, just every instrument perfectly mixed and balanced, allowing the songs to speak for themselves.

Lost Vessels have gained massive momentum and traction in the last year and continue to deliver the goods either live or in studio and really are one to watch in the Aotearoa music scene and globally. Be sure to check out this ep as it is a fantastic introduction to a band who in a short time have cemented their sound and produced some excellent music that crosses so many sub genres and musical realms.


About Lost Vessels

Lost Vessels are one of Auckland’s most promising young rock acts, a high-energy 5-piece pop-punk band fronted by singer Eileen Jolly, channelling dynamic, catchy choruses with dual vocalists and a super-tight rhythm section not afraid of a half-time breakdown or two to get heads nodding.

After dozens of electrifying live performances in the last 18 months, the band won the Ding Dong Lounge Battle Of The Bands in November last year, and have subsequently recorded a debut EP with Dave Rhodes (Blindspott, Stylus) at Roundhead Studios to be released in the third quarter of 2023. The 5-track EP is a mixture of upbeat and catchy party pop-punk (Nostalgia, Sleep) and darker, emotional anthems (FMB, I Don’t Owe You).

Ethan and Cam bonded over pop punk while playing in hard rock outfit Let’s Get Nuked, were joined by Kyle shortly after and started gigging with their then bassist and vocalist but as with many others they discovered that Covid got in the way and they ended up needing a new singer.

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Things I Never Said
Year: 2023
Type: EP

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