21 Apr 2024

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Newsletter Issue #552: 03 Jul 2022

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This month we have a very special guest editorial for you; from Muzic.net.nz's reviewing extraordinaire, Kev Rowland:

I have been asked if I can write the guest introduction to this month’s newsletter and when I asked what the topic was going to be, I was told I was given a free rein, as long as it was connected with NZ music. Hmmm, well I could write about my books (all available on Amazon – they’re really good, honest! Read the review here) but probably best to let others do that. Maybe I should write about the amazing bands I have been listening to and going to see? But that doesn’t work either, as those words have already been written and published on the best music site in Aotearoa. Ahh, the best music site in Aotearoa, now there is a thought.

For those who don’t know me, I have been writing about music for more than 30 years, have scribed literally millions of words, have reviewed many thousands of bands and albums, and am becoming well known in the Auckland live scene for turning up where other reviewers fear to tread. I was quite happy to continue what I was doing, when one day I saw a post from a certain Michael Brown of Outside In on Facebook, publicising that MNZ were looking for writers. At the time virtually all my knowledge of NZ music came from writing press releases for AAA Records, and I had written the one for Karmatrain, so what was this site he was talking about and who on earth was Lisa? I sent that esteemed lady some links to some reviews I had written for other sites, and she kindly agreed to accept me on a 3-month trial.

I started getting emails at ridiculously early times each morning asking if I and the other team members wanted to be involved with a release or a gig, and on 11th July 2020 I attended my first gig for MNZ for some outfit called Coridian (I think I have seen all their gigs since that night bar one) and Outside In. It took more than a month for me to write my next review, but I slowly picked up pace, so much so that since then I have written approximately 350 reviews for MNZ. That sounds a lot, but realistically it is less than 30% of my total output as I am a writing freak, and I admit it. Due to writing a fanzine in the 90’s I became used to being an active listener and writing very quickly, and there are times when I have got up from the computer at the end of the day having written 14 or 15 album reviews. But this is not about me, I am just putting things into context, as there is someone at MNZ who puts my efforts deeply into the shade, and that is the one and only Lisa Jones.

Lisa generally starts her day during the week at about 0430, and apart from sorting kids and school it is not unusual for her to still be there nearly 12 hours later. She tries to take the weekends off, but it is incredibly rare as there are always emails to answer, press releases to put out, social media to post, questions to answer. She was even posting press releases on Matariki and worked on the site all day as she had so much sent to her. Not only that, but she has been doing this for more than 20 years! I cannot imagine what it is like having such a gruelling schedule, yet every day she is back for more, begging reviewers to pick up that single, EP or album, working with photographers to get someone lined up for a gig that no-one else will cover. It is sometimes incredibly easy to forget that while MNZ covers everything we can, honestly and with passion, there is no other site in Aoteaora who does what we do, and all of that is driven by just one person. Everyone does their bit to help, but at the middle of it all is the incredible mastermind which is Lisa. I write for multiple other sites and magazines, but none of them are anything like as organised as this one, and I was in shock when I started writing to find there are deadlines. Deadlines!!

I have had numerous people say to me that they have no idea how I do what I do as they see my name appearing multiple times on the site, but take it from me, it is a fraction of the hard yards put in by that incredible woman. Lisa does not do it for fame, glory or money, but instead it is all for the love of music and if it were not for her the scene in New Zealand would be a much poorer place. She is just one person, yet when a band/PR company asks for a gig to be reviewed that week, or a press release to be sent out within the next hour (even though it was not submitted until early evening), she will move heaven and earth to do so, even though no-one understands how much effort it takes from someone already doing so much.

If anyone ever deserved an award for services to NZ Music in its many varied and incredible forms then it is Lisa Jones, and the site and this newsletter prove that every single day.

- Kev Rowland


Kev Rowland is a self-confessed music addict, who ran Feedback fanzine in the UK for 16 years, putting out more than 80 issues, many of them doubles, more than 11,000 pages. When he moved to New Zealand in 2006, he retired from the music scene, but was pulled back in – initially kicking and screaming until he accepted his fate. These days he can be found contributing to many magazines and websites. When he isn’t listening to music, writing about music, or thinking about music, then he can be found on his lifestyle block with his wonderful wife Sara, and their 8 cats, 6 dogs, chickens, sheep, lambs, calves and cattle. Oh, apparently, he has a day job as well.


We are already half way through 2022, where have the last three years gone? 2022 still feels strange but it feels like we are slowly getting back to normal somewhat with the return of international shows and national touring. While it's been a slow start for Coridian, after coming out of what feels like the longest enforced hibernation ever (with a few glimmers of shows and hope in between), 2022 is fast becoming a busy year. Prior to 2020, after playing many a show and touring several times a year in between releasing new music and videos, it's time to rebuild once again for the next stage of Coridian.


In 2021, after months and months away from rehearsal due to lockdowns, we reconvened to finish writing our debut full length album HAVA, the 4th in our Elements series of music. We then went into the studio and recorded half of the album before being locked down again. While this was at first frustrating it gave us the opportunity to re-focus and re-write the rest of the album. We scrapped the original 2nd half of the album and spent the next few months writing all new material. While we are generally always a collaborative band, we all took a big part in writing and arranging and thinking more about what direction we wanted to take this album.

When we finally hit the studio again after further delays, we had new songs, new motivation and we are beyond stoked for what we are hearing. Everyone stepped up, production is bigger, songs are feeling massive. Mike (guitar) has been busy not only with the guitars but along with our producer Z, has been working on keyboards and synths and adding textures and ambience. Nick (bass) has also taken on more song writing and providing other perspectives for the directions of songs. Coridian will spend the remainder of July in the studio, finishing off vocals, guitars and layers along with a few surprises.


After an incredible first show supporting Written by Wolves (after 11 months away from the stage) Coridian has our first headline show in over a year where we will be performing all songs from previous EP/Album releases Caldera and Eldur. Following this show, Coridian’s first tour in three years will take place over 6 shows throughout the north island taking place over September and October. Having never had the chance to tour fully for Eldur, we can finally perform songs from Eldur and more to our friends in Wellington, Hamilton, Gisborne, Whanganui, Auckland and Napier. Some towns we have never played and some have been years since. We are even more stoked to have so many incredible bands and friends joining us at each stop along the way, with the bros Pull Down the Sun joining us for four shows. We will be seeing out 2022 with a juggernaut of a show at Auckland’s Tuning Fork, an all-ages event headlined by the fine gentleman in Written by Wolves. And you never know there may be a few more shows thrown in between.


As for the rest of the year, there will be new music! We will have a new single and music video coming out soon (dates tbc). We have a lot of plans for 2023 too. We are actively working across our social medias, creating content and are always busy behind the scenes working with friends and creators to deliver the best stuff we can. Who knows how 2022 will end up (not to be pessimistic) but for now we are excited for what’s coming and what’s next. If you are keen to come and see a high energy show, full of passion, fun and heart, be sure to come check out a Coridian show this year, get a shirt and come hang with us. Plus you don’t wanna miss Dity (Vocals) pogo jumping all over the stage.

Chur…Kris (Drums) & Coridian

Check out Coridian on Muzic.net.nz
Live Gig Photo Credit: Ginny C Photography

Muzic.net.nz's resident music connoisseur Roger Bowie recently caught up with Alt-Country/Rock artist Arun O'Connor. Arun has recently released his debut album Songs from the Reading Room. He spoke to Roger about the new album, watch the full interview here.

Roger also spoke with Mel Parsons at home in Lyttelton, the one place on earth where everyone who has ever recorded a song, comes from, or so it seems. Read all about it here.

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Brought to you in association with Muzic.net.nz, the fifth episode of Scallywag Record's 'The Live Rooms' sessions is out now. This latest episode features Lorenzo Hazelwood - watch it here.

'The Live Rooms' will be completing full recordings with NZ music acts every month. If you would like a video of your own, you can email Scallywag Records here.

Episode #130 Ruth Power

Ruth Power is the founder of online creative piano school Piano Picnic. To date, Piano Picnic has approximately 2500 subscription-based students and is going from strength to strength. Ruth’s career has included music publishing, a Christchurch rockstar start up and working in London as a sheet music editor, before moving back to New Zealand to start her online school based out of her home studio in Raglan. Ruth might just have life figured out. Great chats.


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