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Newsletter Issue #487: 04 Sep 2016

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Welcome to the month of September

Welcome everyone! September is here at last, and so is Father's Day. For all those dad's out there, I hope you have a great day, get spoilt by your families, put your feet up and listen to some new sounds.

With the warmer weather now upon us, there will be a spring (pun intended!) in everyone's step as it means Summer will be here before long. Our favourite time of year means we can all finally be a bit more sociable after spending our winter months hibernating; and very soon we'll be able to enjoy the sun and long Summer evenings, the perfect time to keep cranking those epic sounds and also to discover some new ones.

This month we take a look back on a iconic blast from the past, Supergroove, in our latest Where Are They Now feature. We talk about the music of some of our International Correspondents, and we have a chat to Auckland solo artist, Social Shun. We have also a fantastic article this month on Cover Bands to share with you, courtesy of Paul Harvey from Splitrock Media Productions, and as always, there's all the latest and greatest NZ music news.

- Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz team.


Supergroove is one of New Zealand most iconic Funk Rock bands and an integral part of Kiwi music. Formed in 1989/1990, the band's debut album, Traction was release in 1994 and sky rocketed to the top of the charts, going platinum with the hit singles, Can't Get Enough, Sitting Inside My Head and You Gotta Know. The band disbanded in 1997 due to creative differences but reformed in 2007.

So Where Are They Now?

Che Ness aka Che Fu (vocals, decks):
The most notable and founding member of Supergroove went on to become a successful Hip-Hop/RnB/Reggae artist, songwriter, producer and DJ. In 2008, Che teamed up with Glass Packaging Forum to promote Glass Recycling with youth, the Forum hosted a competition for 9-15 year olds to write Rap lyrics to encouraging recycling. The winners recorded their lyrics with Che in a single called, Do the Krusher.

The song Chains with DLT kick-started Che Fu's solo career. This song entered the Charts at #1, spent five weeks in the top spot and the True School album received rave reviews. In 1997 Chains received the Best Single award at the NZ Music Awards.

Che formed The Kratez in 2001 for studio work and touring. They toured New Zealand and Australia throughout 2010-2013. The Kratez are presently working on a new album.

Joe Lonie (bass/vocals):
Joe Lonie has been firmly etched in the film making business since the early days of Supergroove, responsible for the band's music videos.

Joe is the Director or Auckland production company, Flying Fish and works with some of the world's best creative agencies to create high level, engaging and moving footage across all platforms.

Joe also performs as Moss Street.

Tim Stewart (trumpet, vocals, percussion):
In 2015 Tim teamed up with the other half of Supergroove's horn section, Nick Atkinson (bass clarinet) to form Blues due, Hopetoun Brown where they continue to perform and tour with.

Tim has also performed with Svelte and HMX.

Nick Atkinson (saxophone, keyboards, vocals):
The other half of Supergroove's horn section, and duo to Hopetoun Brown.

Nick has also performed with Foghorn and The Roughness.

Karl Steven (vocals, keyboards, harp):
Karl is also a composer of original music and film. Karl's recent work includes Seven Network Australia and South Pacific Pictures.

Karl has also performed with Heart Attack Alley and The Drab Doo Riffs.

Ben Sciascia (guitar, vocals):
Ben is the co-founder and creator of Sciascia Brothers Web, Marketing and Design services and co founder and creative director of Villa Mourisca Portuguese bed linens.

Ben has also performed with Svelte.

Ian Jones (drums, percussion):

We couldn't find much on Ian, but he now resides in Australia.



International Correspondent based in Ireland

Ryan Kershaw is a guitarist, songwriter who started out making "buzzy music", influenced by GnR and Black Sabbath, and the psychedelic sounds of Syd Barrett and Enigma.

Starting in originals bands at age 12, he found success in the Smokefreerockquest in band Paradox, recording Drowning In The Ice at 16 years old. After Paradox, Ryan cut his teeth in iconic venues such as the Temple on Queen Street and Auckland's The Kings Arms, and made numerous studio recordings as a solo artist and in RKB (Ryan Kershaw Band), and toured the country. Ryan created the NZ Underground Festival - an event which helped to give a platform to underground alternative acts, and the Music Talks series - an advice series featuring interviews with NZ Music Industry professionals.  

Ryan more recently served on the board of Independent Music New Zealand and encouraged stronger links between music education and the music industry in New Zealand, by getting various heads of NZ Music Organisations to meet and work together and hosting live workshops for musicians and music organizations.  

Taking a break from recording and playing in the last couple of years to write books and create courses to help musicians overcome obstacles in a tough industry, Ryan has now put together demos for a new album in 2017, said to be 'psychedelic and dark, with interesting lyrics and creative guitar playing'.

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Ryan's Articles


International Correspondent based in London

Agent is a UK-based progressive Rock band originally formed in NZ. Agent features James Donaldson (vocals and guitar), Gerald Gill (guitar), Daz Carikas (bass), and Dean Gibb (drums).

Agent relocated to the UK in mid-2008 and since then have performed all around the UK and Europe supporting bands such as Skindred, Devil Sold His Soul, Black Peaks, and fellow NZers I Am Giant as well as appearing at HRH Prog, HRH Road Trip Ibiza, and UK Tech-fest to name a few. The band was nominated for a 2014 UK progressive music award and their last album Kingdom of Fear received stunning reviews in the US, UK, and Europe. Agent are currently working on their follow up album with NZ producer Paul Matthews due for release in 2017.

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James' Articles


International Correspondent based in Melbourne

What do you see when you think of Cheshire Grimm?
Genre: Melancholic Wonder/Prog-Alt-Pop-Glitter

The brainchild of Kat Waswo (vocals/bass) and Lora Thompson (guitar/vocals) has created a dark creature, twisting through the motions of light and dark, threading their bright colours into a warm blanket of melancholy.

Starting out in Hamilton, New Zealand 2012 as a three piece, Cheshire Grimm has now evolved into a new beast.

After touring and gigging extensively over the past four years, and having shared Australasian stages with Cherie Currie (The Runaways), Devilskin, Ladi6, Kora, MC Tali, and plenty more, the band is moving into a new realm of pop-rock as a four piece and are ready to set the world on fire.

The band has released a collection of singles, two videos and one EP to date; and received extensive play on streaming sites/radio stations including holding top 10 positions in Triple J Unearthed and the NZ on Air “The Audience” Wildcard Charts (2013).

Currently working on their second EP with the help of NZ music legend Ben King (Who's previous credits include: Goldenhorse, Tim Finn, Bic Runga, Boh Runga, Brooke Fraser, Dave Dobbyn), Cheshire has plans for more NZ and Australian shows following the release of their next single and are ready to branch out further abroad.

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The muzic.net.nz team also features members from Amos/Anon, Poison Skies, JCK, Frankencopter, Party Garden Riot, Rebel Sound Radio, Primacy, The Jason McIver Collective, The Blue Grizzly Band, Merrin and PlasticGroove.


Jason Longhurst, AKA Social Shun, is an Auckland based solo artist, making weird and wonderful electronic beats and a name for himself in the New Zealand music scene.

Jason answered the following questions for Muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

I started off like a lot of people listening to music and loving the escape from a young age. My first gig I attended was when I was fourteen which was Big Day Out '94, and after seeing the energy live I was hooked even more. When I got my first car I would always drum on the steering wheel and other bits of the car cruising down the motorway listening to music. In my early 20s at work during downtime I had a conversation about music and how id like to give it a go with a mate Pete. He gave me a few music programs two of them where Reason 1.5 and an early version of Adobe Audition.  I played round with them for years but wasn’t very good.

Another mate of mine named Jono had a drum kit. He invited me round one day to have a go and I was blown away as he played along to Smells Like Teen Spirit. I had seen drum kits from afar on stage but never this close or raw. I managed to buy a black Ludwig kit new at a closing down sell at a music shop in Pukekohe for $700 I think then I added cymbals. Wed have jam/drink sessions with Jono on guitar. He’s one of those Dave Grohl talented bastards that could play anything and could sing to, got to hate him haha. We made a band named after the Dury turn off Exit461 as that’s where you’d get off to go to band practise. We recorded nine tracks over a weekend in a studio in Auckland, Had one gig which went well at a bar in Papakura, but broke up because of heaps of different factors.

Still mucking round with music software on my laptop I felt I was good enough to take it to the next step. I came up with the name Social Shun as that is how I felt about society, made a Reverbnation page and released my first couple of tracks. A Soundcloud page and Facebook were soon to follow. Now two albums under my belt, a few gigs at bars and radio play things are going Ok.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Inspiration can be found every in day to day life. For me it's from other Artists, Movies, hearing sounds at the park with my son etc. Just recently I had bottle vibrating in my car cup holder so I recorded that. Who knows might use it. The ceiling fan in our bathroom. New tables at work that have an up and down controller connected to a motor. Capturing the moment or feeling of the environment in a musical way is just awesome.

I make music to express myself and try make people feel something. When people say that was awesome and they get what I was trying to do that is such a cool feeling as my music is quite abstract. I want to try inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and create things.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

It’s hard to pick just one song so I'll pick two but they both have something in common, My son. The first is a remix competition I entered where I remixed {Concord Dawn}'s These Prison Walls track. An awesome track made by a wicked act. Even though my vocals aren’t really up to par as I didn’t have a very good interface then or knowing how to use vocal filters or effects I was able to get back to my Metal roots a bit added gritty sounding guitar synths and atmosphere.

I also recorded my son who was six months old jumping in his jolly jumper and added it to the track round the 2:30 minute mark if I remember right. I also got radio play with the track on bFM on Saturday night on the Smokers Delight show. I took screen shots of the set list etc. to show my son when he’s old enough.

The second is off my album Big Gorilla and it's called A Little Boy. I recorded my son’s heartbeat at a ultrasound with my cellphone. Then three years later I recorded him hitting a big pot with a drumstick and laughing. I took a piece of the heartbeat recording and looped it. Added other elements and the pot hitting..... Haypresto!!!! We have a track.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Be yourself and your own person. Make what speaks to you, what you want to make and don’t be afraid to go really left field if you feel the need to. I’ve been told that my “mix” is mixed wrong before by other people. If it sounds good to you then stick to your guns, you’re better off making something you like and you’re proud of as you have to live with it. Others will like it to.

The best way to hear the difference is by listening to compilation albums. All mastered differently at different studios. There is no one right way to mix or master a track.

Don’t think you need the best gear to do anything. You could have $50K worth of gear and still have the same amount of Soundcloud followers and still doing gigs to 50 people. There have been people that have made full albums on tablets and others that have a couple of mics in a room and recorded tracks that have been amazing. Maybe not the most “professional” but the feeling and vibe was there to make it awesome.

Don’t ever dull down or make what you’re trying to say less offensive/emotional. There are so many rules etc. you have to live by already so why put rules on creativity. This is a clean slate and open expression session to which you can be your true self. To not take full advantage of this freedom is both crippling to you and your listeners.

Social Shun is Jason Longhurst.

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ARTICLE: Cover Bands

Cover Bands
An article written by Paul Harvey from Splitrock Media Productions for muzic.net.nz.

Cover bands have been the preferred option for main stream population to hear their favourite songs being played in a live format. Most musical experiences are best remembered for when they have been attended in person.  Although that may sound a bit obvious, take a moment to think about it.

If the only time you were to hear your favourite songs being played live would be that, you had to go to see the original bands performances. It would become a long time between drinks as it were, because original bands that have made chart toppers don’t tour very often. Can you imagine how much music you would miss out on if you could only listen to live music from the original band or artist?

There is a special feeling when you walk into a place that has a band playing in the corner or at the end of the room. It can range from a duo, a Jazz ensemble to a full blown rock band, all of which brings with it a certain air of expectation. A live band provides visual interest and hopefully a melodic and in some cases an energy filled night. There is always a sense of expectation with the audience when musicians assemble to perform that is quite like no other feeling.

For those who are participating in the band, irrespective of its size, the opportunity to be a musician and bring your skills and talents to both excite and entertain the crowd is a thrill all on its own. It’s a great feeling to present a well-rehearsed piece of music, deliver it and be appreciated for your efforts.

Without wanting to sound too mercenary about the subject but a man or women is worth his or her labour, and being paid for what is being delivered is always a great feeling at the end of the night. It tends to put the nights effort in a business context and that has a satisfaction all of its own.

It would be fair to mention at this point, that there is a special feeling that unfortunately the ego just loves, which is to stand on a stage and have a group of people applaud and show their appreciation. It can be pretty heady stuff in the right circumstances, and certainly keeps a band coming back for more.

Full Article

Next issue: Stage setups.


Announcing the Winners of the 2016 Children's Music Awards

APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ are more than an itty bit excited to announce the winners of 2016 Children’s Music Awards – celebrating those writing and recording for our youngest generation of Kiwi music fans.

Itty Bitty Beats won both the APRA Best Children’s Music Song and Recorded Music Best Children’s Album, taking home the awards for their bilingual lullaby Po Marie (written by Lucy Hiku & Jenny Payne), and album Lay Your Head Down

Both busy parents as well as writers and performers, the Christchurch duo are committed to making music that is fun and practical, written with both children and parent’s wellbeing in mind. As winners of the APRA Best Children’s Music Song Award, they will receive a $1,000 cash prize and a $10,000 grant to go towards the production of a song and a music video, courtesy of NZ On Air.

Full Article

Top Five Finalists Announced For 2016 Apra Silver Scroll Award

Five top New Zealand artists and acts have made the shortlist for the 2016 APRA Silver Scroll Award, recognising excellence in songwriting.
The finalists and their songs represent an eclectic mix of genres and range from iconic names in Kiwi music, to up-and-comers making their mark in the industry.

The APRA Silver Scroll Awards celebrated its 50th anniversary last year marking a significant milestone and a track record in recognising New Zealand’s brightest songwriting talent. It’s considered one of the most coveted awards in New Zealand music and has previously been awarded to Ray Columbus, Hammond Gamble, Shona Laing, Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga, Don McGlashan, Neil Finn, Chris Knox, Brooke Fraser, James Milne & Luke Buda, Alisa Xayalith & Thom Powers (The Naked And Famous) and Ella Yelich-O’Connor (Lorde) & Joel Little.

Full Article

Soundsplash Festival Announces 1st Line Up

Announcing All Speakers and Seminar Programme for Going Global Music Summit 2016

Bay Dreams Festival first line-up announcement


New Releases

The Hopkinsville Goblins - Posts From Planet Earth

Diaz Grimm - 2077
Pitch Black - Filtered Senses
Miloux - EP 1 Remixes
Ariana Tikao - Whakatuwheratia
Graeme James - News From Nowhere
Name UL - Choice(s)
Cleve Cameron - Do
Clap Clap Riot - Help Me
Earth Tiger - Holiday
Louis Baker - Rainbow
Shakes - Strange Tides
Sola Rosa - So Fly
Andy Richards - Shine On
Eva Prowse - Humid Nights
Shapeshifter - Stars
Jayson Norris - Eroded
Weird Together - Ready For This
The Hollow Men - Shatter The Bones
Electric Wire Hustle - The 11th Sky
The Solomon Cole Band - Ring Your Bell
DateMonthYear - Spit Out The Sun
Mice on Stilts - Orca
Openside - Push Back

September Gigs & Tours

(in no particular order)


Clap Clap Riot and Racing
10 September @ Old Folks Association, Auckland - 15 September @ Sherwood, Queenstown -
16 September @ Refuel, Dunedin - 17 September @ Dark Room, Christchurch - 23 September @ Whammy, Auckland and 24 September @ Caroline, Wellington.
The Church Tour with Sharon O'Neill, Shona Laing, Debbie Harwood and Hammond Gamble
20 September @ St Johns, Napier - 22 September @ Chapel of Christ the King, Hamilton -
23 September @ Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland - 24 September @ Holy Trinity, Tauranga -
26-27 September @ Old St Pauls, Wellington - 29 September @ Knox Church, Dunedin
and 30 September @ St Michael & All Angels, Christchurch
Sons of Zion
9 September @ Tikipunga Tavern, Whangarei - 10 September @ Homestead Tavern, Kerikeri -
17 September @ Cloverlea Tavern, Palmerston North and 23 September @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth
Hollie Smith
9 September @ OneOneSix, Whangarei - 10 September @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh - 11 September @ Ostro, Auckland -
15 September @ The Dome Room, Gisborne - 16 September @ The Boundary, Raumati Beach -
18 September @ Thistle Inn, Wellington - 20 September @ Mussel Inn, Golden Bay -
22 September @ Boathouse, Nelson, 24 September @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
and 25 September @ Ponderosa, Timaru
30 September @ Alternative Entertainment Bureau, Levin
The Interceptors with Thee Rum Coves, Swampland and Durty Murder
24 September @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
Symbiotic Deathfest
Featuring Organectomy, Decimated King, Cephalopod, Silent Torture, Sanity Breach, Dr Diesel and the Octane Outlaws and Verminlord

16 September @ Churchills, Christchurch
Primacy with Remote
16 September @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton and 17 September @ Bodega, Wellington
Bubbles & Beats 'Diva' Tribute Concert
3 September @ Distinction Hotel, Palmerston North
Super Soul Revue
Aaradhna, Tyra Hammond & The Tornadoes, Estere and The Hipstamatics
23 September @ Powerstation, Auckland
Graeme James
30 September @ Wunderbar, Lyttelton
Street Chant with Slenderman
8 September @ Darkroom, Christchurch - 9 September @ Sherwood, Queenstown - 10 September @ The Attic, Dunedin - 16 September @ Whammy, Auckland - 23 September @ The Hop House, Tauranga
and 24 September @ Valhalla, Wellington
Saving Grace
10 September @ Whammy, Auckland - 30 September @ Elizabeth St Community Centre, Tauranga
Master Blaster
9 September @ Whammy, Auckland - 10 September @ Biddy Mulligans, Hamilton -
16 September @ Valhalla, Wellington - 17 September @ Newtown Bowls Club, Wellington -
23 September @ Darkroom, Christchurch - 24 September @ Crown Hotel, Dunedin
Bring The Rawkus
with Villainy, City of Souls and others
17 September @ Shed 1, Auckland


Collins Class

15 September @ The Dogs Bollix, Auckland - 16 September @ The Side Pocket, Rotorua -
17 September @ Brew Bar, Tauranga - 22 September @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
and 23 September @ The Kings Arms, Auckland
A$AP Ferg
22 September @ Powerstation Auckland
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox
5 September @ ASB Theatre, Auckland
Jack Carty
9 September @ Fringe Bar, Wellington - 10 September @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
and 11 September @ Walton Street, Te Awamutu
10 September @ Vector Arena, Auckland
The Coathangers
30 September @ Whammy Bar, Auckland
Yung Lean
28 September @ Studio, Auckland
Black Mountain
30 September @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Acca Dacca
8 September @ Refuel, Dunedin - 9 September @ Barluca, Invercargill - 10 September @ Churchills, Christchurch -
11 September @ Theatre Royal, Nelson - 13 September @ NBS Theatre, Westport - 15 September @ Cabana, Napier - 16 September @ Angus Inn, Lower Hutt - 17 September @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
and 18 September @ Kings Arms, Auckland
Method Man & Redman
with DJ Sir-Vere and Team Dynamite
6 September @ Town Hall, Auckland


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