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Newsletter Issue #417: 17 Feb 2013

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Muzic.net.nz - What We Do...

This week's newsletter sees the start of a series where we will be outlining everything we do, starting with what we do to help bands and musicians. If you would like further information, email [email protected].


At muzic.net.nz bands and musicians are important to us, as they create the foundation of our website. As a result, we've created a wide range of options for bands and musicians, including: 


Muzic.net.nz has one of the most extensive databases of New Zealand bands and musicians on the internet, with over 3,000 listings.

Listings can include:

- Biography with photo
- Discography
- Website links
- Upcoming gigs
- Lyrics
- Genre, record labels and location
- Photo galleries
- MP3s and videos
- Chart placings
- Reviews and interviews
- Comments 

We also have a range of easy to use online tools to allow you to keep your page up to date. Artists currently listed on muzic.net.nz who have access to update their information include Minuit, The Rabble, Sola Rosa, Midnight Youth, Diesel Phoenix, Kimbra, Bleeders and In Dread Response.

All listings are provided for free and are automatically listed on major search engines. If you don't have an artist page, you can complete our add artist form


The muzic.net.nz fortnightly newsletter is a popular, member’s only service. Over 8,000 members currently receive the newsletter, and this number grows every day. A feature in our newsletter is a brilliant way to promote yourself or your band.

The dates for our 2013 newsletters can be seen here.


Muzic.net.nz is home to one of New Zealand's largest online gig guides. Our gig guide offers fast and free listings whether you're performing for one night only, or completing a 20 venue tour.

Gigs are also e-mailed to members subscribed to our fortnightly gig guide mail out. If you want to further promote your tour we can also include a poster in this mail out.

The dates for our 2013 gig guide mail outs can be seen here.

To add gigs or tours, you can either complete our add gig form or email [email protected] with all the details. 


If you're heading out on tour, we can hook you up with a featured listing, giving you maximum exposure. Tour features appear on the front page of our gig guide and give a complete run-down on whatever your offering. You decide what you want to put in it (press releases, tour posters, publicity photos etc), and we'll create your tour feature.


Thanks to our team of volunteers located around the country, we can arrange for your CDs (including online versions) and gigs to be reviewed.

Completed reviews then compliment your artist listing on muzic.net.nz.

We're also happy to provide copies of any reviews completed for use in your own marketing.


If you would like muzic.net.nz to be signed up to your mailing list, add [email protected] to it.

Any press releases can also be sent to this address.

Supporting bands and musicians since 1999.

In the newsletter going out on 3 March, we will look at what we do for music venues.

- The muzic.net.nz team


The Adventures of Mikejoffa

The Adventures of Mikejoffa has recently finished tracking, mixing and mastering their up and coming album 'Miss Fortunes' which they will release in May 2013. Artwork is in process for the CD design and fundraising for the production. Through this year Mikejoffa are finalizing fifteen or more unrecorded and unfinished songs for a second album for the following year. Mikejoffa will be planning a tour for their success so far to spread the word of our music and product. We hope to produce two music videos for songs featured on 'Miss Fortunes'. Throughout the last two years Mikejoffa have been collecting video footage of their gigs, parties, good and dramatic times which will help produce music videos in the future but also a documentary of our legacy to tell our story.

Mikejoffa hope to showcase their versatility in music genre by playing more acoustic gigs with frequent rock full band shows. The mix of ballad type songs enables Mikejoffa to play quieter gigs for cafes and restaurants.

Our goal for the year is to fulfill the requirements for NZ on Air funding for videos, not to receive grants and funding but to know what requirements are needed for serious bands in the industry. We hope to broaden our horizons and travel Australia with our music or wherever the boat sails.

Mikejoffa hope to get their first album 'Miss Fortunes' reviewed by NZ musician and build a bigger stronger fanbase. Doug answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you come up with the name The Adventures of Mikejoffa?

When I was sixteen during college, I had to write a short story for English homework. As I was very unorganised in ways I had to write the story on the bus on the way to school before the class. I wrote a psychedelic type story about a detective on a journey trying to find a watch and his encountering a realisation of his own life in the process. I called the story The Adventures of Mike Joffa. Later around 2005 I was a guitarist for Wellington band Amarna and I submitted a original song which I called Mikejoffa, with the well known quote "Mikejoffa it's time to die!". I had always thought Mikejoffa was a hidden identity of myself for truth and well being, even with difficulties and misfortunes in life. I used Mikejoffa as a vessel for my honest writing and deep thoughts and philosophy. In 2007 - 2008 Ezekiel Clark and I formed a group to start constructing our secret originals of the past and the future. What was the name going to be? The Adventures of Mikejoffa. Mikejoffa begun as a name for a character but now is a word for its own evolution and meaning. 

What sets you apart from other bands?

This question is hard as I believe every band has its own sound, individuality and personality. Mikejoffa have a strong attitude to what our songs mean and towards our love to our music and the tales we are telling. We try real hard to communicate with our crowds and make them feel a part of our show. We aint just entertainment, we are actors, philosophers, artists etc. Mikejoffa has a broad range of styles which always capture peoples thoughts on our genre, its not just one. Mikejoffa have played at town lounges, metal bars, rock bars, cafes. But most importantly our faith and strength keeps us strong as a band, through all our hardships we keep going and never give up!

Tell us about your next release.

'Miss Fortunes' is our first LP. It is a unfortunate tale of teenage alcoholism, the questions why?, death, depressive lust, young adult alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, the evolution of technology, the ignorance of the universe, youth decision and choice, reflection of change and rebirth... However on the flipside it is a hilarious and enjoyable tale of teenage fun, hope, appreciation of life and death, realisation of decisions, living young and free, being saved from suicide by something so simple, the luxuries of technology, the wonders of space and time, the effects of young life to enhance the future and awareness of tommorow is another day. Hope you enjoy The Adventures of Mikejoffa - 'Miss Fortunes'

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

All I can say is things may not be how you want them, but you have to make a start, you have to create your product so to speak. It's no good staying in your head or your bedroom, bring it out and accept how it is flourished, things can be perfected and learnt along the way, but you cannot do this unless you make a start. Mikejoffa have struggled with getting songs written, members staying, recordings done, but we make do. We find ways around problems and make it work. Out of three hard and fun years, we have written over thirty songs, created two CD's, had several members come and go, developed our own Joffa family of artists and crew, gigged at least once a month! Its a hard road, but it is enjoyable as you realise you have something more stronger than you thought. I would rather have known that I have created my own music than wishing I had! Do it and don't do it for anyone else but you and your group!

What rumour would you like to start about the Adventures of Mikejoffa?

The first song written for Mikejoffa has not been released yet. It is seven years old! We hope to produce it for a album soon!

Mikejoffa has spoken.

The Adventures of Mikejoffa are Doug Ten Broeke (vocals, guitar), Ezekiel Clark (lead guitar, vocals) and Aaron Gunn (bass).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page 
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Reverbnation Page
NZ Music Commission Page


Killing Bear

Killing Bear is a two piece band from Pukerua Bay, Wellington. They formed in 2010 and have produced two studio albums and an EP in their basement, toured the North Island and played live on bFM, Kiwi FM. Tia answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

What sets you apart from other bands?

We are two guys that just try to experiment with different ways of making and performing music. We like to make sure that our audience receives a really awesome show so we will think really hard and try come up with new and innovative ways to impress people at our shows. Eg, cameras, projectors, bubbles, smoke, awkward banter.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Listening to new and old music really helps because we can relate with ideas that others have used and jam together, trying to brew our own take of whatever is influencing us at the time.

What can we expect to see from Killing Bear over the next year?

We will be releasing a new album called The Vine of Souls this Feburary. It will be available online at various stores listed below. We want to promote this album quite hard this year so we will be touring NZ and Australia. Dates are to be confirmed soon.

Tell us about Killing Bear’s next release.

The Vine of Souls is a concept album about a fictional character called Frank Williams is possessed by the ancient amazonian warrior Killing Bear. The Vine of Souls takes you on their journey through the epic music of Killing Bear.

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Killing Bear?

Just don't be shy and just give us a chance to try win you over. We promise we won't hurt you!

Killing Bear is Mac (guitar, vocals) and Tia Beaufort (drums, vocals).

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Muzic.net.nz Page 
Official Website 
Amplifier Page 
Facebook Page 
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Main photo courtesy of Alistar Wickens - www.lightandnoise.net


NZ Music News

Battle of the Bands 2013 National Championship

Entries are NOW OPEN for the Battle of the Bands 2013 National Championship.

With a HUGE prize pool up for grabs plus new regions and venues added; the 2013 event is shaping up to be a huge year for the annual nationwide band contest.

Battle of the Bands National Championship is New Zealand’s largest and longest running R18 Band competition; events take place nationwide, allowing bands throughout the country to take part. Started in 1993, The NZ Battle of the Bands has helped the careers of many well-known New Zealand artists, including OpShop, Tadpole & Blindspott to name just a few.

3 months of eliminations will be held at multiple live music venues throughout the country. Each venue hosts a series of heats, semi-finals and regional finals. Throughout the event, judging and voting determines each region's champions; who then represent their region at the National Final in Auckland. The 2013 event will comprise of over 50 live shows from April 3rd until June 29th. We recommend bands enter now to ensure a placement at their nearest venue.

Full Article

New Zealand at South by Southwest 2013

The South By Southwest Music & Media Festival 2013 will run from March 8th through March 17th and will see the music and entertainment world descend upon Austin Texas, and again New Zealand has a strong representation of artists making the journey south.

This year will see over 1900 bands play during the 6 festival days devoted to music in a multitude of venues in and around the world famous 6th street in downtown Austin, Texas. The conference attracts over 19,000 music professionals and fans alike from all over the world with a passion for music, music business and new technologies.

This year features Lips, Die! Die! Die!, Ghost Wave, NO and Six60.

Full Article 

APRA Best Country Music Song - Entries Open

Every year for the last 39 years Gore has hosted the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards. During the week-long country music celebrations the New Zealand Country Music Awards are held, and APRA are proud to support these awards by way of the APRA Best Country Music Song Award.

Have you written a great Country Music Song? (Or more – you can enter two songs per writer). Was it performed for the first time – either live or on radio/TV – last year? (Eligibility period is 1 January 2012 to 31st December 2012). Are you interested in entering?

Visit http://www.apra.co.nz/ to view the conditions of entry and to download an entry form. The Entry form, along with a CD or MP3 and Lyric sheet must be with APRA by 5pm on Monday 25th February 2013.

Full Article

Outward Sound Recipients Round 1 2013

Outward Sound is pleased to announce the 1st round of grant recipients for 2013.

Four Stage Ones, three Stage Twos and four Business Development grants were awarded to Cairo Knife Fight, Sola Rosa, Die! Die! Die!, Ghost Wave, Mel Parsons, Titanium and Popstrangers.

Full Article

@Peace New EP 'Girl Songs' Shoots Straight to #1

@Peace’s new EP - which was released this morning - has shot straight to #1 on the itunes Top Album charts.

This is the second album to debut at #1 in the last 12 months from the Young, Gifted & Broke camp, with the self-titled Home Brew album (which also features @Peace’s Tom Scott), being the first hip-hop album to debut at #1 in New Zealand since 2003.

Girl Songs is a 10 track conceptual EP about a failed relationship and features both Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau on vocals.

@Peace won over the bloggers with the release of their self-titled debut in 2011, which featured a musical soundscape laid down by Christoph El Truento (Wonderful Noise), Hayden ‘Dandruff’ Dicky and Brandon Haru.

Full Article

Aaradhna Signs US Record Deal, And 'Wake Up' Goes Platinum

Following the Platinum Single presentation for her number one song ‘Wake Up’, Frequency Media Group/Dawn Raid Entertainment are pleased to announce leading Kiwi songstress Aaradhnahas signed a multi-album deal with Republic Records in the USA.

She has been signed to the same label as one of her inspirations – the late Amy Winehouse – as well as other leading acts including Florence + The Machine, Gotye and Nicki Minaj.

Aaradhna returned to the music scene with the release of her critically acclaimed album Treble & Reverb in November last year, and has been enjoying rave reviews and international artist props alongside her worldly successes.

Full Article

New Year, New Faces At Sounz

SOUNZ, the Centre for New Zealand Music, is welcoming the new year with new staff. In January, Delia Shanly took up the role of Communications and Marketing Manager and Karlo Margetic as Office Assistant. Late last year SOUNZ appointed Jim Rush as Business Administrator.

Charitable Trust SOUNZ is a music information centre that promotes the music of New Zealand composers. It runs an extensive collection of recordings, scores, and audiovisual resources available online to view, loan or purchase at sounz.org.nz. SOUNZ is a key champion of New Zealand music, encouraging it's performance, capture and broadcast around the globe.

Full Article

New Releases

Eddie Numbers 'Numbers Game' EP 
Lisa Crawley 'What Would I Give' Single 
Debut album No Surprise by Phil Stoodley - out now 
Exclusive preview of Mark Vanilau’s Wildcard-winning ‘Giant Of The Sea’ 
@Peace To Release 'Girl Songs' EP On Valentine's Day 
The Bads To Release New Album, Travel Light, On March 15

Tours and Gigs

Tenacious D play three NZ shows this May! 
Dennis Marsh and Eddie Low - From Our Place To Your Place Tour 
Ding Dong Lounge creator arrives from NYC 
Everything So Far tour - Bernie Griffen with Kirsten Warner 
SOJA Live In New Zealand At The Powerstation This April 
Coheed And Cambria Live In New Zealand This April 
Tool to play NZ this May! 
Bloc Party at The Powerstation 
Outrun the Buffalo, Space Creeps and Mice on Stilts North Island Tour 
Jon Anderson - The Voice Of Yes - Announces Two NZ Shows 
Dates Announced For Vorn’s South Island Tour

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