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Newsletter Issue #32: 23 Jan 2005

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The Big Day Over?

By the time you read this, it'll be the weekend. And for anyone writing about music in New Zealand, that means an end to Big Day Out mania for another year, and the start of the big hunt for something else to wet ourselves over. Yes, it's come and gone for another year and now all we have to remember it by is another generation of oldies bitching about how the BDO just isn't the festival it used to be, what with all those damn kids clogging the place up, and a brand new batch of up-and-comers about to swagger back to school with their eyes a little less wide, tails a little less bushy, and hundreds of stories about what will go down in their minds as the Best BDO Ever. And somewhere in the middle will remain the seasoned, yet unjaded campaigners already listening for rumours of lineups for 2006. To all of you, welcome to whichever club you've just graduated into. Truly 'tis the circle of life. As things grow, other things die.

As things grow, other things die. All those of you who made the pilgrimage to Ericsson, I hope you caught Trinity Roots. They've only got one show left now, at the Raglan Soundsplash, February 5th. From there, they'll quietly be returned to the Aotearoa soil from which they molded their beautiful, organic sound. All Warren Maxwell, Rio Hemopo and Riki Gooch ever wanted to do was make music that nobody else was going to make for them. Six years later, they've put out two of the best NZ albums around and established themselves as a must-see live act. The incredible thing, though, will always be that to know them in one format - on CD or on stage - was not to know them in the other. The relaxed, open nature of their recordings hardly hints at their tight performances and the energy they put into making crowds move. This is not a band that will leave a full record of themselves behind on disc. They will be missed. But as one thing dies, another thing grows.

Just because you're big enough to remember the sixth and "last ever" Big Day Out which rolled through town in 1997, with Soundgarden and The Prodigy in tow, or even the rain-fest of 1996, don't start thinking that you've seen it all. Bands come and go, rise and fade, or just hang around until they're not cool anymore. But there is never a lack of good music to live to. Even as bands die, music grows. Trinity Roots will become one of the many Bands of BDOs Past for good, but there's still the Bands of BDOs Future that we haven't heard yet. It's 2005. That much we know, but anything could happen next. Stay keen.

Quarter 2

Quarter 2 are a punk/ska band from the perennial New School breeding grounds of Auckland's North Shore. Originally formed in 2002 as a three-piece, the band have expanded to the point of having no less than seven members, making them stand apart from the pop-punk that is traditionally the forte of Shore bands.

The band have been building up their live shows, playing in various band competitions and also in regular shows with a variety of bands, such as The WBC, Sommerset, Goodnight Nurse and The Managers. The boys most recent show was at the Coroglen Tavern in Whitianga on New Years Eve 2004 with Goodnight Nurse and Mesa Dupree.

Quarter 2 have self-recorded a number of demo tracks at York Street Studios which you can listen to at www.quarter2.com. Because of their image and energy on stage Quarter 2 gained sponsorship from Underground Skate and Infinity Water. The band got interviewed and played two of their songs from the York Street Recording on the Channel Z Riot Show with Amber Leigh. These guys come across as your laid back, surfy image and party hard kind of band.

Their plans for 2005 is to put out an E.P half way through the year, bring together some original catchy horn riffs that will make you never forget them, keep supporting NZ's finest bands, build more sponsors within the community and play loads more gigs out of Auckland to let the rest of NZ know what they're in for. So go check these guys out, have a listen and even tell them what you think of they're music, a little bird tells me that you will be hearing more and more from these guys in the future.


After the success of our first single "Wait Your Turn", being playlisted on The Rock's "Off The Record", having a spot on "Amp'd" on C4 TV, an interview with Jono on "The Rock's Coke Rock 30", and many radio/TV appearances, Epitome have stepped up a level for 2005, and have a few new plans.

With plenty of opportunity arising, its more likely we will run out time rather than chances to complete the goals we have set for 2005.

January 28th we kick off "The Aftershock Tour" with other great bands "Fourth Member", "Like A Storm" (formlerly "Fluid") and "Whiz Kidz" playing with us at 8 awesome venues around the North Island spanning from Mangawhai, through to Wellington.

When we arrive back from our tour, we will be hitting the recording studios again around March/April to lay down our second single, of which we will announce later this year. After the release of our second single, we will be playing quite a few gigs around NZ to promote it, and be working on a music video to accompany it. Looking to July/August, we will once again be working on yet another single, hoping that we will get our 3rd finished by the end of the year, ready for release in December/January 05/06. Bigger plans are in store for next year, hoping to venture overseas, possibly across the ditch, to the UK, or maybe even America.

What's New?

New Releases

The following have been released or will be released shortly:

Brendan Power - 'Tradish' (album)
Various - 'Str8 From Tha Streetz III' (album)
Various - 'State Of The Nation' (album)
Exiter - 'Propaganda' (EP)
Brooke Fraser - 'Without You' (single)
The Finn Brothers - 'Nothing Wrong With You' (single)
Wash  - 'NineFiveZeroFive' (album)
Shihad - 'Alive' (EP)
MumsDollar - 'ABeautifulLife' (EP)

New Artists on muzic.net.nz

The following have been added to the site since the last newsletter. Feel free to check some of them out:

The Septembers

Fats White Edward Gains & Cabbage Bomber
Jesus Crux Age Pryor Alphrisk
The Tokey Tones Edmund Cake Emcee Lucia
Peachy Keen Video Kid The Nudie Suits
Hera David Keegan Phantom Power
Area 35 BzP The Mockers
Sir Howard Morrison Attica Subdued
Dreaded Kane Further Ryan J. Peni
Radia Ride Gone Bad Andy Gibson
Coda Roger Greenaway DJ Sai
Aerial Moosmbasil and the Blue Umbilicus Lacerda
The New Caledonia Jooles Deep In Thorpe
Centrifuge Limiter Shansun
Mana Silversitar


muzic.net.nz would like to congratulate the following winnings of our recent give-aways on muzic.net.nz:

Misfits Of Science - 'MoS Presents' - R. Parke, Blenheim
Cold By Winter - 'We The Living' - T. Campbell, Blenheim
The D4 - 'Sake Bomb' (single) - M. Dodson, Christchurch - A. Thompson, Christchurch - A. Foulkes, Wanganui
Dimmer - 'You've Got To Hear The Music' - J. McPherson, Hamilton
Flying Nun DVD - 'Second Season' - A. Morrison, Dunedin
The Fanatics - 'The Fanatics' (EP) - S. Garrett, Napier

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    Teddy Swims
    Future And Metro Boomin feat. Kendrick Lamar
    Ariana Grande
    Noah Kahan
    Fred Again.. And Baby Keem
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