29 Mar 2020

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Radia is a studio project by Ross and Alison Harris.
Since mid 1999, the duo have written and recorded various tracks together in-between their other music commitments.
Their style ranges between lush ambient rock through to a wash of guitar driven electronica with recent tracks focusing more toward the latter.

The intention is to eventually collaborate songs into a full length release, until which time the internet affords Radia the opportunity to share tracks with those interested.

We are also pleased to announce the release of our new track, Civilized, which has been included on Creepshow Production's new release, 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'.

Band Members:
Ross Harris (guitar, bass, programming)
Alison Harris (vocals, guitar, arrangements)

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  • Auckland

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Something Wicked This Way Comes - A Creepshow Compilation
Posted: Sat Apr 5, 2008 11:05 am
Radia are very pleased to announce our inclusion in the first release from the newly formed Creepshow Label featuring all new tracks from

The Mercy Cage, Ikon, Chris Matthews, This Theory of Static, Melody Fallen, N.U.T.E, Nullity, johnnychrome, The Shudder Club, The Tenth Stage, Radia, Haluciagea, Dekline, Keller Kinder, Crash-Scan & The Hydra Theory.

Available in two forms. Digital download or a 6-panel CD featuring exclusively designed artwork from the marvelous Ben Nightingale as well as bonus content!!!



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Joined: 03/05/03
Posts: 8
Location: Auckland
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To Drum or not to Drum
Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 9:47 pm
We are currently in the studio (easy when its in the room next to the one you sleep in) and were playing around with a new track this evening, when the subject of looking for a new drummer came up.
The song we are in the proccess of manipulating into something audibly erogenous, is in many ways a very groove based Unkle w/ chick style number. And a piece of music that could happily exist riding on the back of some very nicely programmed drums.

The thing is, that when you come from a rock background, you are more often then not going to miss having a sweaty beat monkey propping you up and dragging your sagging ass back into time and some place otherworldly.
But as fast as I say this, I have to add that playing with beats, loops and manipulated 'boppy' and 'gischnizy' sounds is GREAT!
And our PC is so much better behaved, and almost NEVER needs you to pick it up because it drives a CRX which wont fit its kit.

So what to do what to do....

Having a technology savy drummer who loves to plug in, and mix it up with the computor as his war beast, while playing IN TIME thanks to the head phones that he wont get bitchy about wearing, would be ideal.

He must be a sicko at heart, but respectable enough not to get trollied before a big gig and intelligent enough to own a vehicle that fits his set up.

Having seen Spinal Tap numerous times would be a plus, and a penchant for gear porn a definate bonus.

Said drummer would be plied with the finest of foreign beers and indian food, supplimented with the occassional Hell pizza or Burger Fuel burger situation pending.

IF you have seen someone fitting this description, can you point him or her in our direction.
Much appreciated.

Until such time as this mythical GOD beast appears to us.....the debate over hard drive or hard dude continues.

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