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Newsletter Issue #255: 27 Sep 2009

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Sir Howard Morrison - 1936 to 2009

This newsletter is dedicated to a truly wonderful and talented person.

With a music career spanning more than 5 decades, Sir Howard Morrison was born into a family renowned for its entertainment skills. From humble beginnings, he became an international success, first with the Howard Morrison Quartet (with Gerry Merito, Wi Wharekura and Noel Kingi) and then in an illustrious solo career.

Sir Howard Morrison was one of New Zealand's best loved entertainers and a true entertainment legend.

Sir Howard was awarded an OBE in 1976, and received his knighthood in 1990 for services to entertainment.

Sir Howard Morrision will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and best wishes are with his whanau at this time.

- The muzic.net.nz team

Sir Howard Morrision's muzic.net.nz page


Citizen Cadre

Thanks to Mike and Frank for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

F: The Earth Hour awareness concert we organised in Wellington's Civic Square this year was it for me. If it had rained and we had to cancel, it would have personally cost us $750. It was a clear and calm night and over 500 people turned out for the bands and the acoustic sing along. We’d coordinated 3 bands, members of The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, various guest speakers, a stage, lighting, sound gear, food vendors and an outstanding MC, Jonny Eagle. Jonny played the whiskey swilling penguin who probably could have entertained the crowd for the three hours on his own. 

What is your favourite NZ Venue?

M: The Town Hall in Wellington is really good. I’ve seen Shihad play there a couple of times and it’s always a great show. Hopefully we’ll get to play there at some stage.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

F: There are some good bands out there at the moment. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Knives at Noon and the Thomas Oliver Band. Afternoon Raj and The Tin Soldiers are both up and coming Wellington bands with stacks of potential and I think we’ll all be seeing more of these bands soon.     

M: Josh Rumble because he's Dane Rumble's little brother and he's just a good c*nt really. He should come and join our band if he's reading this. Also Harry Champion from the Exiles because he's a good bugger too and I've literally delivered newspapers all over Auckland with him. He's that good of a guy. And of course it would be nice to hear a bit more of Grand Prix, Knives at Noon, Anything But Federal and The Mercenaries because they're all great bands.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

F: When I was fourteen Mike and I competed in different bands in Palmerston North’s The Square. Half way through my band’s set some drunk crazy started screaming covers requests at us. This guy just really started grating my cheese so I kind of lost it at him.  Getting into an argument with a drunk crazy is never a good idea, especially when you’ve got the microphone. Kind of a The Who moment.

How did you come up with the name Citizen Cadre?

F: I think we wanted something that wasn’t arrogant or up its own arse but that still had meant something to us and implied some strength.

M: Basically we decided that we were awesome, but we weren’t Kings like the Kings of Leon or anything. Just ordinary Citizens. And then the Cadre part means a group of people who form the backbone of an organisation and train other Cadres. At the time there were two of us, and we were looking to expand to a full band so it seemed like a fitting name.

How do you describe your music?

F: I would say rock music. I don’t think we’re smart enough to call it anything else.  Ultimately I suppose it’s not really up to us to decide what it is, if people want to do that they can. I’d be interested to hear what people would call it. Check out www.myspace.com/citizencadre and let us know what you think it is. We’ll send the best response a t-shirt or some BS. 

What can we expect to see from Citizen Cadre over the next year?

F: We've got a tour coming up which starts on September 30th in Auckland and finishes in Wellington on the 3rd of October. We've just recorded a single, but we'll be recording another single before we hit the road for this tour. That's the short-term plan anyway.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

F: I don’t really feel like we’re in a position to be dishing out advice like we’re experts or something, but something we’re very quickly learning is if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. Every little detail of every little gig or recording. No one else will do this for you because no one cares as much about your success as you do. 

M: I agree, I think you’ve got to do it yourself and try to leave as little to chance as possible.

Citizen Cadre is Frank Bourke (vocals, guitar), Mike Green (vocals, guitar) and Phil Barker (drums).

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The Casino Riot

Thanks To Iliyas for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

As The Casino Riot it would have to be a gig we recently did at The Dogs Bollix. It was just one of those unpredictable shows where we were musically, very out of place compared to the other bands and also did not know if there was any crowd. We ended up tearing the place up, having a big crowd and meeting an A&R guy from a major label after. It was just a strange and awesome night plus to top it off, we had to shoot our music video the next morning! We finished around midnight but stuck around and hung with the other bands and people that came to the show. I'm sure there will be more gigs in the future that will top that one but that's one of the "best" gigs so far.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

At the moment, it's the Live Bar on Hobson Street (Auckland). I guess theres a few reasons, but mainly because they are really easy to organise shows with and always make sure the bands are sweet.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

I guess more bands that are as diverse as us. Having said that I do like alot of other NZ bands, but the ones I like the most are the bands that don't try to stick within one genre or "tag". Like the way I see it is if your a rock band, you can do whatever you like as long as it satisfies yourself and those listening to it. When we first started I guess, we were always trying to tag what we were. Post hardcore? Hard rock? I just say we are a rock band, although our drummer Edz says we are Awesomecore which is pretty cool as well. Haha

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Um, I don't think I have or could ever have one. We can be clowns alot of the time, so nothing really phases us. Like, try being around us for one whole day and you'll see what I mean. I mean, our drummer hardly wears clothes, I have an alter ego that likes to come really close to you when he talks and we have a CIA agent bass player and a Supermodel lead guitarist. Embaressment is the least of our worries... haha

How did you come up with the band name The Casino Riot?

It was a collective thing, we just wanted something more exciting and fitting with our type of music. We can be edgy and in your face at times and then be really sweet... haha well sorta. I guess we just brainstormed ideas. It was funny because as soon as the name came up, we started making up heaps of stories and scenarios. We have also based our debut album art on the name and have made the artwork into a comic book.

How do you describe your music?

Awesome, diverse, fun, exciting and always improving.

What can we expect to see from The Casino Riot over the next year?

The release of our debut album 'A Lesson Learnt', A music video for our first single 'Aside From Me', and a nationwide tour. We will also be starting on our next album very soon as well and hope to take our music overseas.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Never give up and always stay true to yourselves. Staying true works on so many levels, musically, your image, and your goals as a band. We learnt this when we were known as Sinfura. Thankfully, we had alot of great advice and stuck together and now things are working out great. So keep at it and we'll probably see you guys on the same stage as us!

The Casino Riot is Iliyas Hafiz (lead vocals, guitar), J.Michael Clynes (bass, backing vocals, production), Edz Greaves (drums) and Vaughn Mittens (lead guitar).

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Isaac Aesili

Adopted as a baby and raised in Christchurch, with a cultural and ethnic heritage comprising Guyanese, Pakeha, and Maori, Isaac has always known what it is like to look and feel different. These experiences would later form the inspiration behind his debut album Eye See as he was drawn to make an album that celebrated people’s differences and explored the universality of music in an increasingly diverse world. Fittingly, the album features collaborations with a variety of gifted kiwis; Aaradhna, Rosita Vai, Rachel Fraser, Mara TK and Deva Mahal.

Isaac is a classically trained trumpet player and self-taught producer, vocalist and DJ with a passion for R&B, soul, funk, jazz, world and electronic music. He also has a passion for political science and human rights; in 2003 Isaac completed a Masters Degree in Political Science From the University of Auckland with a thesis on the topic of Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples and Neo-Colonization.

Over the last decade Isaac has been an integral member of Solaa, Opensouls, Eru Dangerspiel and Recloose Live, with whom he has toured to Europe, the US, Australia and Japan. A prolific collaborator, he has co-written songs with Ladi 6 and Tyra Hammond and done recording session work playing trumpet many albums including Hollie Smith’s Long Player, Shapeshifter’s Soulstice, House of Shem’s Keep Rising and Crowded House’s Time on Earth. Over the next year Isaac will be touring his album Eye See in New Zealand, Australia and Japan as well as releasing in the EU and USA.

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Isaac Aesili's debut album 'Eye See' is out now and you can read the muzic.net.nz review here!


NZ Music News

APRA Silver Scroll Awards 2009: The Winners

Tonight (17 September), the music industry’s most prestigious songwriting prize was presented for the very first time in the Garden City of Christchurch.

The APRA Silver Scroll was presented for the 44th time to: James Milne & Luke Buda for the Lawrence Arabia song ‘Apple Pie Bed’

This peer voted Award is decided by APRA Members themselves, New Zealand’s songwriters and composers.

"This is beautiful pop music with an edge, songwriting genius, ‘Apple Pie Bed’ is a classic" says APRA NZ Director, Anthony Healey; "another chapter of Christchurch's amazing musical history has been written”.

APRA in association with RIANZ also proudly made another induction to the New Zealand Music Hall Of Fame – Hirini Melbourne & Richard Nunns.

APRA Silver Scroll Award
James Milne & Luke Buda (Lawrence Arabia) ‘Apple Pie Bed’
Published by Mushroom Music NZ

New Zealand Music Hall Of Fame Induction
Hirini Melbourne & Richard Nunns

SOUNZ Contemporary Award: recognising creative excellence by a classical composer.
Ross Harris with ‘Symphony III’

APRA Maioha Award: celebrating contemporary Maori music.
Rewi Spraggon & Riki Bennett (Te Aratoi) with ‘Tapapakanga’

Most Performed Work in New Zealand
Jeremy Redmore, Simon Oscroft, Matthew Warman, Aidan Bartlett & Nick Campbell (Midnight Youth) with ‘The Letter’

Most Performed Work Overseas
Neil Finn with ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’
Published by Roundhead Music

Full Article

The Jesse Sheehan takes out the 2009 Smokefreerockquest National Final

Singer/songwriter The Jesse Sheehan from Wellington College is the winner of the 2009 Smokefreerockquest National Final, held at The Powerstation in Auckland.

The Wellingtonian championed over five other high school bands to receive the coveted first prize pack which includes a NZ On Air new recording grant and music video grant worth $10,000, recording time at York St Studio, radio promotional support for his single, guaranteed airplay on The Edge radio network, a place on the NZ On Air Kiwi Hit Disc and a promotional package from myspace New Zealand.

“I’m amazed and baffled,” says Jesse of the win. “This is a good start and I hope a sign of things to come for my musical career.”

Other prizes awarded on the night include:

The Mainz Scholarship for Outstanding Musicianship

Joel Taylor of St Peters College in Auckland

The APRA Lyric Award

David Haslett of Burnside High School in Christchurch

The Jupiter Brass and Woodwind Award

Aleesha and the Boys from Northland College

The Smokefree Womans Musicianship Award

Estere Dalton from Wellington High School.

Full Article

New Zealand Music Hall of Fame 2009 - Announcing new inductees:
Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns

The New Zealand Music Hall of Fame honours and celebrates those who have made a significant contribution to New Zealand through music.

Their individual journeys are a direct reflection of the changing face of our culture; who we were, who we are, and what we might become. Their connection is their rich and varied legacy. The Hall of Fame inductees have been the originators, the groundbreakers and those whose music is loved and adored and has made a difference. This year’s inductees continue that proud tradition.

APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association), in association with the Recording Association of NZ (RIANZ), are pleased to announce the 2009 inductees to the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame: Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns.

Full Article

NZ Artists Rewarded in 2009 Mobile Music Awards

The 2009 Telecom Mobile Music Awards were announced last night (23 September 2009) at a function at the Long Room in Auckland. Artists, bands and record labels gathered to celebrate the success of their peers in the digital mobile music category. While the awards ceremony was attended by some of New Zealand's music industry heavyweights, noticeably absent were any Kanye-esque antics!

This year a number of local and international artists were recognised:

  • Tiki Taane took home the award for Highest Selling Ringtone and Caller Tune (NZ) with his chart-topping track Always On My Mind. Tiki also scored Most Popular Artist Ringtone & Caller Tune (NZ).
  • The award for Highest Selling NZ Digital Single went to Smashproof featuring Gin Wigmore for their legendary track Brother and Smashproof picked up the Most Popular Digital Single Artist (NZ) as well.
  • Top-selling artist Lady GaGa was honoured for the Highest Selling Digital Single (International) for her song Poker Face and was also awarded Most Popular Overall Digital Single Artist (International).
  • Six Gold and Platinum awards were presented throughout the evening to record labels for tracks that have been downloaded over 5,000 and 10,000 times respectively.

Full Article

NZ’s biggest bands line up for blockbuster night at Vector Arena

Ladyhawke, Midnight Youth, Smashproof feat Gin Wigmore, Sola Rosa, The Mint Chicks, Ladi 6 and Fat Freddy’s Drop are on stage at the 2009 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards – and Kiwi music fans are invited to be part of the action.

The awards night invades Vector Arena for the second year running and tickets to the event are on sale to the public for a mere $47.

Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards spokesperson, CEO of RIANZ Campbell Smith, says the night is the highlight of the NZ music calendar.

“It’s rare to get a line up as strong as this – and music fans are in for a great night. Moving to Vector last year enabled us to throw open the doors to everyone, and I encourage anyone who loves great Kiwi music to come down, check out the red carpet and join the 6,000 people set to watch the live show.

“We have seven bands and artists who are at the top of their game. And with a massive audience watching I am sure that they will be pulling out all the stops to bring us something special.”

Dai Henwood is back to compere the night and has promised a spectacular opening performance that will be revealed only on the night.

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Line-up Announcements

Phat 2010 Line-up Announcement

This years Phat 10 New Years Festival at Inangahua in the pristine native forest of the south islands West Coast will be the exclusive NZ stopover for the Pendulum (DJ Set) Album Preview Tour and the first chance to hear tracks from Pendulum's eagerly anticipated new album spun by the original trio of Anscenic, Speed and El Hornet and hosted by MC Verse.

In addition, a mega dubstep contingent from the UK headed up by original pioneers Skream & Benga who return after storming last years Phat 09 & truly breaking the new genre into Kiwi heads, & including Mala Digital Mystikz, Distance & Kryptic Minds will also all appear exclusively at the south island event.

Other headlining internationals include the legendary DJ Hype with Daddy Earl; the original Bad Company UK & MC Lowqui; hot running bad boy Spor from Renegade Hardware; perennial favourite Klute & the drum n bass & now dubstep act that NZ just can't get enough of from Holland Black Sun Empire.

Full Article

Jim Beam Homegrown - First Line-up Announcement

Jim Beam Homegrown will be back in 2010 on February 20th with an even stronger line-up than this year’s sell out festival. The beautiful Wellington Waterfront will again be home to all 5 stages featuring 32 of New Zealand’s best bands and DJ’s.

The Rock Stage in the TSB Bank Arena boasts a line-up that includes local legends The Feelers and The Datsuns, the 6 x NZ music award nominated Midnight Youth, Luger Boa, Goodnight Nurse and ex Fast Crew front man Dane Rumble. The headline act is still to be announced in November and the winner of the Jim Beam Band Search will open the show.

The Dub and Roots Stage line-up is equally impressive with reggae legends Katchafire, the lovely Ladi 6 and Opensouls kicking things off before heavy hitters Salmonella Dub and The Black Seeds take the stage. The headline act will be announced in December.

This year’s Indie Stage oozes credibility with The Mint Chicks headlining ahead of Liam Finn, Cut Off Your Hands, The Checks, Pluto, Bang Bang Eche and Motocade with one act still to come.

The Smokefree Electronic Stage will be packed from start to finish with performances from live acts Antiform and Minuit, plus some of New Zealand’s finest house and electro DJ’s including Aural Trash, Dick Johnson, Tim Phin and Nick D.

Once again the Wellington City Council is also sponsoring a Free to the Public stage with the ever popular 3 on 3 breakdancing and a selection of New Zealand’s finest DJs throughout the day.

Full Article

Cor blimey! Another record sized Jandal splurge

The call to cams has been well-and-truly heard with a record number of entries received for the national DIY music video competition, Radio Active 89FM's Handle the Jandal.

One hundred and thirty three entries have been received for the 2009 event, beating last year's record tally of 122 and continuing a fine run of ever-increasing interest in the competition.

The main centres of Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland were all well-represented in the entries, with some coming from as far a field as Waiuku, Gisborne, Te Horo, Paekakariki and Torbay.

Radio Active 89FM's Handle the Jandal DIY Music Video Awards
October 29, 6.30pm
Embassy Theatre, 10 Kent Terrace, Wellington
Tickets $15 +bf presales, $20 on door

Full Article

Other News

IMNZ September News

Music therapists take to the stage

National competition to jumpstart jazz careers

Fringe 2010: We're back and open for business


New Releases

New Single for Coco Solid

Parallel Dance Ensemble (NZ rapper Coco Solid and Danish producer Robin Hannibal) have cooked up a new-wave disco ode to junk-food, Weight Watchers. It boasts a hyper-colour video that will give ‘eye-candy’ a whole new meaning. Directed by newcomer Lisa Dunn, it promises to leave your mouth watering.

The duo recently released a 12” on UK label ISM Records which sold out in under a week. This track follows their debut single Turtle Pizza Cadillacs a psychedelic disco-rap which stayed at #1 on the Radio Active Charts for four weeks this June.

Full Article

New Single for Hangman

Full Article

New Album for TREi

Deftly juxtaposing jump-up dance floor grooves with traditionalist melodic song-writing and the odd touch of Pop arrangement, Innuendo's divergent sonic landscape stays grounded through the common threads of decidedly futurist synthetic soundscapes and chest pounding, subwoofer rupturing low-slung bass lines.

Working with the likes of vocalists Lisa Tomlins and Thomas Oliver (of the Thomas Oliver Band) and fellow producer’s State of Mind, Dose, Teknik and Southern Soul, TREi has crafted a cohesive twelve song deep full-listening experience as much driven by hooks and general musicality as explosive drum and bass pressure.

Having previously earned his stripes releasing singles through respected international drum and bass record labels like Klute’s Commercial Suicide, DJ Friction’s Shogun Ltd, Black Sun Empire’s Obsessions and featured on key collaborations with The Upbeats, State of Mind and Dose, Innuendo has served as a finishing school of sorts for this singular talent.

Full Article

Beatmaking Courses, South Auckland

We offer music technology classes using audio software such as Sony Acid, Fruity Loops, Sibelius and Guitar Pro 4.

Courses run from 5 weeks to 20 weeks and can be customised to meet your schedule. Individuals and groups are welcome as our classroom has 16 PC computers. We also have a fully equipped recording studio, live sound equipment and musical instrument classes teaching vocals, piano, keboard, drums, bass and guitar.

Full Article

Site of the Moment: Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ)

Independent Music New Zealand Incorporated (IMNZ) is a group set up to provide a voice for the interests of New Zealand independent recording labels and distributors.

Official IMNZ Website


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The Brawling

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Rap Authoritar

Lord Of Tigers

Artisan Guns

Tommy and The Fallen Horses

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Congratulations to our latest winners:

- J. Dodds (Whangarei) won a double pass to the Cobra Khan gig in Whangarei on Friday night,
- A. Gass (Napier) has won a copy of the debut album from Isaac Aesili 'Eye See';
- and congratulations also to C. Reremoana (Auckland), D. Greenfield (Hastings) and L. Pycroft (New Plymouth) who will all be receiving their copy of the Tahuna Breaks album 'Black, Brown and White' in the post this week.

Past competition winners can be viewed here.

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The Zoup combine modern rock, crunchy and powerful guitar melodies, unique and exploratory vocal patterns and subtle, atmospheric sounds. The distinctive essence of this four piece has been captured on their debut six track EP.

Enter Here

Win a ticket to PHAT 10! 3 nights of the very best drum n bass, dubstep, reggae, breaks, tech & dub from around Aotearoa & the world, presented over 2 arenas this New Years Eve in a magical remote rain forest valley complete with river with swimming holes on the wild West Coast of the South Island...

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Thanks to Duke Mule, we now have the following new photos up on the site:

- Reb Fountain

- Tiki Taane

- Weta

- Anika Moa

- Cairo Knife Fight

- Cut Off Your Hands

- Dave Dobbyn

- Fat Freddy's Drop

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- Little Bushman

- Minuit

- Ladi 6

- Luke Buda and Cassette

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