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Newsletter Issue #244: 02 Aug 2009

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Thanks to Paul for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Best gig??? Stop it.
Anything where the whole room is singing verse and chorus start to end. Those suckas up the front got some big voices. 

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Club PAs always kick the ass outta live venues, tho clubs have crap staging...hmmm..
We play a lot in Sandwiches and SFBH in Wgtn and Double Happy in Chch, and if I wanted to see a new band I'd get up close at Mighty Mighty!

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Bionic Pixie and The Naked and Famous are pretty slick. I like the cover versions Little Pictures have recorded too. Fun. Any band where, when you see them you turn to a random person next to you and share a mutual glance of 'yeah, thats pretty cool...' heh

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

What happens in the Coromandel stays in the Coromandel! Stop it.

How did you come up with the name Minuit?

Minuit (minwee) is French for midnight... don't the strangest things happen after that time of night?

How do you describe your music?

Weaving your way into the underbelly of places you'd usually need a visa to get to. 

What can we expect to see from Minuit over the next year?

New album 'Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death Dot Com' is out from 20 July in NZ - That'll keep us busy. Plus we're working on a remix album called 'Find Me.. In The Club' which'll be the floor versions of the album by FunkSloCuts and Gimme A C! - the alter ego's of the Minuit production dudes. Play heaps more. Travel heaps more.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Do it Do it DO it!

Minuit is Ruth Carr, Paul Dodge and Ryan Beehre.

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website
MySpace Page
Amplifier Page

Minuit's third album 'Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death Dot Com' is out now!

Minuit Gigs



What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

That’s a tough question. There have been so many gigs that were good for different reasons. A.R.E.A 9 festival was great because it was an opportunity to experience being involved in a really big event and to share the stage with some of New Zealand’s most inspiring artists. Supporting Salmonella Dub, Katchafire and Tahuna Breaks on other occasions have all been really good gigs as well.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Our favourite venues tend to be the small intimate ones where the vibe is laid back and people get up and jam with us. Our favourites would include the Mussel Inn in Golden Bay, Hot Mamas in Motueka, Strawberry Tree in Kaikoura, and Bar Beleza in Christchurch. It would be impossible to rate one over the other. They’re all such good places in their own unique way.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

TAOS. They’re the future of the Aotearoa dub sound. Their combination of styles is original and their live performance is awesome, check them out. Philter for his mind-blowing live dubstep. Also The Mad Faces, Left or Right, Six60, Solfonic and all the great bands out there who are currently putting in the hard yards.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

That would have to be at the Mussel Inn earlier this year. We had a really good local audience, and had played for close to 3 hours and performed almost all of our material, and the crowd demanded an encore. We’d started to write a new song a couple of days earlier, and since we’re well accustomed to jamming live we figured it would be ok to give it a go. We started playing and Jeremy forgot a critical change in his bass line. Tu tried to show him how it went on his guitar but couldn’t really remember it either, he just knew there had been a change of some sort. Meanwhile Luis was wishing he could just crawl inside his kick drum and hide. The whole song ground to a halt and we started again from the top. Fortunately the crowd loved it and forgave us our first attempt, content to know that they were the first people to ever hear it live, but that was definitely something we wouldn’t want to repeat.

How did you come up with the name Soulsystem?

We had been gigging for a couple of months without a name, and an opportunity came up to support a well known band that was coming through Christchurch, so the pressure was put on us to decide on something for the promo material. Prior to that, one of our gags when playing live was to introduce ourselves with different name between each song. We sat up late on more than one night throwing ideas around, trying to think of something punchy and memorable, and in the end Soulsystem came up. A system is group of components that work in harmony to achieve a result that one component on its own could not. So to us Soulsystem describes the band, and the diverse influences that have combined to create our sound, and at the same time emphasises the soulful lyrics that are a major part of it.

How do you describe your music?

The Soulsystem sound is essentially a blend of Soul, Dub, Funk, Reggae, and Blues.

What can we expect to see from Soulsystem over the next year?

More recordings and more gigs. Hopefully a few more festival appearances and some visits to the North Island as well.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Perform live as often as possible when you’re starting out, and pay attention to what people respond to. Keep what works and throw out or rethink what doesn’t. No matter how good your recorded material might be, you want your live performance to be better. Also get out there and support other local bands and in return they’ll support you. That way the whole live music scene grows, and with it so will your opportunities as an artist.

Soulsystem is Tumanako Tinirau (lead vocals, guitar), Jeremy London (vocals, bass) and Luis Tovar (drums).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page
Facebook Page

Soulsystem's debut EP 'Rise EP' was released in 2008 and you can download all the songs from the album from their muzic.net.nz page!

Soulsystem Gigs


Cairo Knife Fight

Thanks to Nick for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Last Kings Arms show with SideKickNick and Nameless Sons. One of those nights where everything we touched turned to gold. Everybody I wanted to be there showed up for the party and our two friendly bands playing with us kicked in with two fantastic sets. What's not too love?

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Kings Arms, no doubt... or possibly the Dux de Lux in Christchurch. Does that count as doubt?

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Chip Matthews. Cos usually whenever he's there so am I, ergo... I will be getting paid. 

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Coughing with a mouthful of beer during Anika Moa's winery tour last February and spraying it all over a burrito Anna Coddington was about to eat. Not good. 

How did you come up with the name Cairo Knife Fight?

While I was growing up my family lived for a few years in Egypt and my father used to take me to a local delicatessen every Monday evening for the Monday knife fights. Seriously. We watched from the sidelines, you had a choice of knives, short blades, long blades etc. There was only one rule. No killings. Looking back on it I wonder if this was the best place for a child to grow up!

How do you describe your music?


What can we expect to see from Cairo Knife Fight over the next year?

Two guys making it look harder than it really is. We're a duo now.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

What are you waiting for? 

Cairo Knife Fight is Nick Gaffaney (vocals, drums, bass, loops) and Aaron Tokona (guitar, vocals).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page
Amplifier Page
Facebook Page
YouTube Page

Cairo Knife Fight's debut album 'Iron' was released on 20 July 2009.

Album press release
Cairo Knife Fight Tour Dates


Fly My Pretties - 'A Story' CD/DVD Deluxe Box

Release date August 17. Please note all pre-orders will be shipped on August 14.

Fly My Pretties is New Zealand's favourite live multimedia event starring a selection of our finest contemporary musicians, set to a stunning visual backdrop and filmed and recorded live! Since its inception, Fly My Pretties has grown to become a local legend of music that continues to reach people all over the world.

Fly My Pretties - 'A Story' is a conceptual extension of the previous two Fly My Pretties via a narrative that connects music, illustration, animation, charity and a message of change into one audiovisual experience.

The songs on this CD and DVD represent the best takes from the unforgettable sell-out New Zealand tour, performed, filmed and recorded across 10 shows. The Isaac Theatre Royal (Christchurch), The Regent Theatre (Dunedin), SkyCity Theatre (Auckland) and the St James Theatre (Wellington).

Fly My Pretties in 2009 features original members Barnaby Weir, Jarney Murphy, Mike Fabulous, Nathan ‘Nato’ Hickey, Tessa Rain, and fresh faces Anna Coddington, Eva Prowse, L.A. Mitchell, Lisa Tomlins, Mara TK, Nigel Patterson, Paul McLaney, Ryan Prebble, Tom Watson, Riki Gooch and Rio Hunuki-Hemopo. And of course, Dick Weir!


CD: Full music from Part 1 of the show
1. Old Friend
2. Old Gold
3. I’m Alive In The World
4. Mauri
5. Heavy Weather
6. Lie In The Land
7. Garden
8. Run For Your Life
9. Down To The Sea
10. Beat Repeat
11. Pa Kuha E
12. Angels
13. On The Shore
14. It’s Never Blown Like It’s Goin'

DVD: Over 2 hours of DVD content!
* Part 1 – the full show including animated story interludes
* Fly My Pretties – 2009 Documentary
* Fly My Pretties – Full story animation
* 2009 photo gallery
* Bonus tracks including encores:
15. Subtle Threads
16. The World Is In Your Hands
18. Nato’s Theme
19. Let’s Roll
20. Alright

Website Links

LoopShop - buy the A Story CD/DVD set today!
Fly My Pretties Muzic.net.nz Page
MySpace Page
Amplifier Page


NZ Music News

Biggest night in NZ entertainment gears up for 44th year

RIANZ presents the 44th annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards at Auckland’s Vector Arena.

Early bird tickets to the biggest show in town – the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards – are on sale from 10th August.

Music fans can book their place at the biggest night on the Kiwi entertainment calendar and join the stars celebrating the best of the best of New Zealand music.

“Last year was the biggest and boldest production in the history of the awards,” says RIANZ chief executive Campbell Smith.

“We moved to Vector Arena, the country’s premier music venue, and tore the roof off. Over 5,000 fans and industry members attended the event, more than 800,000 New Zealanders watched the TV coverage on C4 and TV3, and come October 8, we will do it all again!"

Full Article
NZ Music Awards Website

2009 National Country Music Awards

Experience the latest talent in New Zealand music at the 2009 National Country Music Awards, Saturday 15th August, 7:30 pm. Founders Theatre, Hamilton.

Award winning artists performing live are Ashley Cooper, Cameron Clayton, Melissa Partridge, Hayley Smith alongside legends Eddie Low, Marian Burns and Jodi Vaughan, plus the 2009 Telstra Road to Tamworth winner Peter McWhirter.

Full Article

Dux de Lux Roundup, Decknology, Best Demo Competition 2009

The Christchurch live music scene is thriving, with over 500 bands currently listed on the CHART (www.christchurchmusic.org.nz) website. RoundUp is a tangible example of RDU’s commitment to developing locally produced, original music and sharing it with the wider New Zealand music industry. RDU is stoked to be collaborating with Christchurch’s key music industry partners to provide the winning band with the opportunity to get their career as a band rolling.

Running concurrently with the Roundup band competition, we will be Decknology, Christchurch’s premiere DJ competition. RDU’s Decknology was designed to provide up and coming DJs and Producers experience and exposure in the live mix environment and to find the best damn mixer in the Garden City. Decknology 2009 rolls out a series of heats then a number of genre bending category finals. Winners of each category final then compete for the title of “Decknology Grand Champion 2009”.

Full Article

Rhythm and Vines is back for 2009/2010

New Zealand’s premiere three-day festival RHYTHM & VINES returns bigger and better for 2009, promising an exciting, upbeat experience at the stunning Waiohika Estate in Gisborne. Just 10 minutes away from the city and surf, the idyllic vineyard venue is world class, with multiple acts performing over numerous stages throughout the three days.

Starting out in 2003 as a one-day party on December 31 organised by a group of friends, RHYTHM & VINES has developed to a first-class three-day event running from 29 December to 1 January, expanding in size, playing host to 25,000 people and boasting a top notch international and local artist line-up. RHYTHM & VINES guarantees a vibrant atmosphere full of people, culture, food, drinks and music, and is the first festival in the world to bring in the New Year, which is does so in style.

“Rhythm & Vines is more than just another New Years gig – it’s a full three day festival experience with a unique atmosphere in one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand,” comments RHYTHM & VINES Programme Director Hamish Pinkham. “Whether you’re sampling the fine array of local cuisine, lying amongst the vines and enjoying the Gisborne sun or watching a world class artist performing on the Cellar stage, Rhythm & Vines has something for everyone.”

Full Article

Parachute 2010 Headliners Announced

Parachute Music has announced that Progressive-rockers Leeland are coming downunder for one of the Southern Hemisphere's largest festivals, Parachute 2010.

Hailing from Oregon (US), Leeland has been nominated for two Grammy Awards and featured on hit TV show Army Wives.

Parachute 2010 will mark the band's first time in New Zealand.

Parachute Music is currently announcing one international act per week for its 20th birthday event, and still has three more impressive headliners to release.

To date, US bands Leeland, Family Force 5, NewWorldSon and Falling Up have been confirmed to grace New Zealand shores for the January Festival.

Full Article

Salmonella Dub and MySpace want you to submit footage for their next music video for Freak Local!

Have you seen something FREAKY?
Did you catch it on camera?

Salmonella Dub and Myspace are asking you to submit footage for their next music video for Freak Local, their new single from their Ep with the same title. What they are looking for is 5-10 second clips of FREAKINESS!

Freak Local is an anthem to the New Zealand individuals who refuse to conform. Every village, town and city has freaky characters and, as Andrew Penman from the band will attest, they can often be found still at the bar after the band has left the stage; “They are often the characters you remember and bump into again and again. It’s their stories and perspective on life that create the back bone of New Zealand”.

What we want you to do is capture this freakiness on camera, and send it in to us. Salmonella Dub will then view the footage and decide who will be chosen to feature in their next video. There will also be prizes for the Top Two freakiest videos. First prize will be $500.00 cash plus a complete set of Salmonella Dub CDs valued at $300.00 (Total prize value $800). The runner up prizes will be a complete sets of Salmonella Dub CDs valued at $300.

Full Article

L.A. Mitchell appointed inaugural songwriter in residence at University of Auckland

Soul songstress L.A. Mitchell is the inaugural Songwriter in Residence 2009 at The University of Auckland's School of Music.

Following the release of her first self-produced album, Debut, L.A Mitchell has been receiving growing critical acclaim for her original form of soul jazz. Her follow-up album, Live at the Matterhorn, featured her six-piece band, Nativa, performing live at one of Wellington’s most popular music venues, The Matterhorn. L.A. Mitchell has performed alongside the Black Seeds, Nathan Haines, Anna Coddington and Karen Hunter, and she has toured with American alt country ensemble, Last Town Chorus. She performs as a member of Dave Dobbyn’s band as well as The Dukes and she has just completed performances as part of the 2009 cast of Fly My Pretties; in late 2008 L.A. Mitchell and the Nativa Band opened for soul legend Stevie Wonder on his New Zealand tour.

Full Article

Site of the Moment: NZ Music Photo Archive

The NZ Music Photo Archive website is a foundation for a 25 year photographic archive of the NZ music industry.

The founder of this site, music photographer - Jason Hailes has put together a fantastic collection of affordable Limited Edition autographed prints of kiwi artists available for purchase.

NZ Music Photo Archive Website


Muzic.net.nz news

New Artists

The following musicians were added to the muzic.net.nz website recently. Check them out:


Niho Taniwha

Moe Brown

Madeleine Lane

Eru Dangerspiel

Rebel Peasant



Artist of the Moment: Sola Rosa

Since 1999 Sola Rosa’s Andrew Spraggon has been tantalising listeners with otherworldly aural experiences, honing his craft and taking Sola Rosa from a self-released one man project to fully-fledged live powerhouse along the way.

Add to the mix a succession of highly regarded releases the world over on stunning labels that include household names Ministry of Sound, Guidance, Different Drummer, Stereo Deluxe, and Satellite K, and you’ll see why so many eager ears and heavy-lidded eyes are always fixed to fasten on what Sola Rosa does next.

Sola Rosa released their fourth album 'Get It Together' in March this year to critical acclaim and has already spawned 3 singles including Turn Around featuring Iva Lamkum, which has been announced as one of the Top 20 songs of this year and in line for an APRA Silver Scroll.

Sola Rosa Muzic.net.nz Page
Sola Rosa Tour Dates


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The long awaited Eru Dangerspiel album from multi-instrumentalist/producer Riki Gooch.

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