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Newsletter Issue #237: 07 Jun 2009

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The Checks

Thanks to Callum for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

We did a show at the Vector Arena with The Killers. It was kinda our first proper gig after getting out of the studio so I was pretty nervous about playing new stuff. I thought there might be bottles thrown.. a few boo's or something or something, who knows. Then we got word to go out, we walked on stage and the crowd was mental! the lights came up and the music went down and we said 'hi' it was an amazing buzz. For me, The fact they got really into it meant it was primo conditions to play our show. We couldn't have been more stoked with that one

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Wow, I had to think on this one for a bit

In 2004 we were lucky enough to get a gig at the Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth with REM. The location of the venue couldn't be any more special; - it’s in a big park, in the middle of nowhere (you can be as loud as you like!),  the bowl shapes out a natural kinda 'grandstand so no one is bickering over their view of the stage. Also, the stage is surrounded by a massive moat all the way around and you have to walk through a small forest to get to it!!.. I suppose having a moat does help eliminate drunken enthusiasts who may be eager to kick you or mess with guitar pedals  - That was until Michael Stipe pulled out CCR's 'Have you ever seen the rain', encouraging the crowd to wade through the water and duck crap! 

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

We've got a bunch of friends who make up some awesome bands I wouldn't mind seeing more of; The Electric Confectionaires, White Birds & Lemons and Brain Slaves - They've all got cool, unique sounds of their own which is what is intriguing about a band for me, the music has to be interesting and not completely obvious or in your face. I mean I'm biased too because I know them all so well.. but I honestly think if people are interested in the music then they'll be interested in these guys, they're definitely worth checking out.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

This one's pretty vivid in my mind. I remember one gig in Manchester where I walked out on stage, picked up my guitar. Everything was moving fairly fast so I didn't realize that there was no strap on my guitar. At that point Jake and Karel went straight into the build up of one of our songs called 'What you Heard'. So now I'm standing there dazed, wondering what to do.. hoping and praying wasn't really cutting it ! I walked off the side of the stage where my friend Tim handed me another spare strap so I could play again. I'm not sure even now, but I suspect it was some kind of welcoming present from one of Jets crew...??

How did you come up with the band name The Checks?

We were trying to think of a better name than 'The Old Wives' - a previous option we had going. It was like one of those things that seemed to be really right at the time. Karel was certain that we'd be called Czech's, as in the Czech Republic- that's where he's from, which I think we agreed on! -on the condition that we'd make it The Checks instead.

How do you describe your music?

Music that can fix your back problems and make you feel like a piece of guarana.

What can we expect to see from The Checks over the next year?

Expect to hear our album 'Alice by the Moon' - due out June 8th 

Maybe some travel too up and down the country- hell maybe we'll even play at yours!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Try to find some people similar to you to be friends with. Show each other music and bands you like, That way you get to hear lots of different stuff. Then you can rock out and play music together. If you get lessons from a teacher, make sure it's a teacher that you like and who actually listens to you.

The Checks are Edward Knowles (guitar), Karrel Chabera Jr (bass), Jacob Moore (drums), Sven Pettersen (guitar) and Callum Martin (guitar).

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The Check's latest album 'Alice By The Moon' is out now!


Set on End

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Bring Me The Horizon and Cancer Bats support show, it gave us the chance to preform to a sold out venue with the maddest all ages crowd we have seen @ the Studio. We don't get to play to under age kids much so it was a real buzz having the response we got from them.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Transmission Room in Auckland, It's deep underground, hot as hell but with a really acoustics. NZ's home for Metal.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Subtract and New Way Home, true creative artists that don't settle for being anything but the best they can be. They deserve more.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Umm we've never had any performance blunders but I guess you could say being stuck between floors in a lift in Wellington with Subtract when we were about to do a show in an hour was awkward. A 9 guy dutch oven! not good.

How did you come up with the band name Set On End?

Basically it comes down to what we are about and also a name that we wouldn't one day out grow its meaning. Having an end goal "we" are set on. The way this world is setting itself up for the end. Also the way we take a musical idea and set it on its end to create a new idea. All these meanings apply.

How do you describe your music?

We force our ideologies about how the world's in such a state through our melodic aggressive groove. It's not just about musical notes but an ideal we all believe in and find ourselves needing to share it.

Note: Buy the CD and learn it's lyrics!

What can we expect to see from Set On End over the next year?

Lots more shows with possible Aussie dates, another North Island tour late July, another music video, merch and writing new material. Just constantly and collectively working on a passion.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Listen to good music, find music away from the mainstream, intend to be original and develop your ear. Save your $ and buy quality gear to be able to translate your musical ideas in a way that does it justice.

Set on End is Jesse Williams (vocals), Matt Borsos (guitar), Matt Scarr (bass) and Rory Lane (drums).

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Set on End's debut album 'Means To An End' is available nowselected stores and Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic and Napster. You can win the album with muzic.net.nz.


Devils Elbow

Like matches and petrol the two members of Devils Elbow lived quite unrelated lives. Alec Withers, the king pin in Napier’s punk and metal scene with his bands Big Blue Blanket, Tempo 38 and Angel Hammer, living on his Hawkes Bay country estate with his huge guitar collection. And Andrew Gladstone, the drummer for those Flying Nun sensations, Garageland, living in his Auckland mansion built with the money earned from years of songs played on Neighbours and Home and Away. And like matches and petrol these two should never have got together. Devils Elbow was trouble and someone would surely get hurt!

Well, apart from some singed eyebrows, both are still alive and making some of the most combustible music this side of the Black Keys. A raw mix of rock, punk, blues country and, once the flames have subsided, a smouldering lightness of touch that will leave you spellbound.

Devils Elbow’s debut album, currently in pre-production, is due for release later this year. In the meantime you can catch them live on June 12 @ the Cabana in Napier and July 24 @ Bodega in Wellington with Grand Prix.

Devils Elbow is Alec Withers (vocals, guitar) and Andrew Gladstone (drums, vocals).

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NZ Music News

Tami Neilson and Jess Chambers triumph in Gore

She has travelled the country road as much as anyone and now Tami Neilson has reached the ultimate Kiwi music destination - a Tui for Best Country Music Album of 2009.

Auckland-based Tami Neilson picked up the Recording Industry Association (RIANZ) award for 'Red Dirt Angel' in Gore on May 29 at the NZ Country Music Awards.

At the same event, Jess Chambers' 'Stringing Me Along' from the Woolshed Sessions was named the APRA Best Country Song for 2009.

Born in Canada and living in Auckland, Tami Neilson is a prolific touring artist and TV performer. She has showcased as support act on numerous NZ and Australian tours, appeared on Good Morning and as Amy Winehouse on TVNZ's Stars in Their Eyes.

Tami toured New Zealand from top to bottom three times in 2008 and completed a 10-day run of performances in Tamworth with NZ fiddle player Marian Burns.

Full Article

RaboPlus announces Greymouth songstress as RaboIdol winner

The dream of recording a fully-funded professional album is in sight for Greymouth singer/songwriter Katie Thompson.

Today RaboPlus – the online savings and investment arm of Rabobank – named Katie winner of RaboIdol, investing NZ$10,000 into her online album fund. Now, the opportunity is open to New Zealand music lovers – both here and around the world – to invest in the songstress’ first international album and help make her dream a reality.

RaboIdol ran throughout NZ Music Month with two Kiwi music artists – Katie, and Kane Sole of Taranaki – competing for public votes. The competition was run by RaboPlus in conjunction with SellaBand, the international, online music community that allows people to invest in funding albums for up-and-coming musicians.

Katie Thompson says you have to dream big – and if you set your mind to it, you can do anything.

Full Article

Battle of the Bands: Calling All Bands!

As NZ Music months closes, Live Media Ltd. opens registration on the 2009 National Battle of the Bands championship. The championship is set to become NZ's largest R18 Band competition with events taking place nationwide; allowing bands throughout the country to participate.

Throughout September and October eliminations will be held at multiple live music venues in the main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as well as additional regional heats across the country. Judging and audience voting determines each region’s champion; who then represent their region at the National Final in Auckland in November.

Interested bands can register at the Battle's web site www.battleofthebands.co.nz and entry only costs $60 ($10 Early bird discount). Entry is limited to the first 120 bands to register, so early registration is recommended. The winning band will receive a host of goodies including professional recording time, live appearances, musical equipment and more

Full Article

Smokefreerockquest 09 uncovers talent

This year’s fifty Smokefreerockquest events are well underway – uncovering original high school music talent from Invercargill to Whangarei.

The nationwide school music contest enters its third decade as the country’s premier youth music participation event. Director Pete Rainey says other events come and go but Smokefreerockquest continues with only minor changes to the formula.

“Kids playing music to their peers is a simple enough idea, but after 21 years we know that it never loses its appeal,” he said. “We stage the event in 26 regional towns, making it a real life ‘rock star’ experience, then there’s the prize package that kick-starts the winners’ future success in the music industry.”

There are around 660 entries this year, ranging from solo singer songwriters to bands with brass sections. The entry process is area where Smokefreerockquest has made changes – for the first time registration was ‘paperless’ via the Smokefreerockquest website.

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New Releases

New EP for Hangman

‘Black Rock White Funk!’ is the 3rd EP from Auckland band Hangman, following up on 2007’s ‘Raw Materials EP’ and 2008’s ‘Trade Goods EP’.

Recorded and mixed by the band, this EP takes a raw and live feel and sound approach akin to the bands live shows – minimal production values are used to showcase the 5 tracks in their simplest form.

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Debut Hikoikoi album out now

Petone-based reggae-soul-roots band Hikoikoi are proud to announce the release of their self-titled debut album on Friday 29 May and a nationwide tour throughout June to promote the release.

Hikoikoi’s unique blend of roots-fuelled reggae with a hint of jazz and soul-flavoured vocals delivered with a powerful conscious message make for inspiring studio tracks and live performances.

The band’s long-awaited debut album features Hikoikoi’s unique vocal style and signature keyboard sound, which have seen them become favourites at music festivals over the past 3 years.

Full Article

Return of Knives At Noon

Knives At Noon are back.

They have a string of shows planned over the months of July and August.

Their return starts off with a huge musical bang erupting back on the scene with a show at Dunedin's Refuel in a supporting role for The Checks.
This is for the return of students into Dunedin, During Otago University's Re-Orientation week.

Next up are 2 back to back Friday/Saturday shows with The Tutts in Dunedin and Christchurch, at Refuel and Al's Bar respectively.

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Like A Storm Update

Los Angeles, CA – May 7, 2008 – The latest addition to their powerful management company – Like A Storm – recently signed a new model deal with Prospect Park (Jane’s Addiction, Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, and Flyleaf).

Like A Storm, who hail from Auckland, NZ is an alternative, hard rock band formed by brothers Chris, Matt, and Kent Brooks. In 2005 they moved to Vancouver, Canada to take their sound to the world. With melodic, riff-driven songs and an energetic live show, L.A.S quickly made a name for them selves, selling out clubs and creating a buzz in the Vancouver scene. With new drummer Thomas Karanasos added to the line-up, they will be touring the US this summer.

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Site of the moment: NZ Music Commission

Organisers for Outward Sound and NZ Music Month, The New Zealand Music Commission is a Government funded arts agencies. The NZMC is committed to growing New Zealand music business.

Official Website

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Muzic.net.nz News

New Artists

The following musicians were added to the muzic.net.nz website recently. Check them out:

The Bangbang Ballistic

Blood Money


Transit of Venus

Vixen Execution

Knights of the DUB Table

Joanne Chester

The Diamond Rings



Artist of the moment: Fat Freddy's Drop

Recently releasing another album 'Dr Boondigga and The Big BW', Fat Freddy's Drop is one of New Zealand's premier bands.

Driven by the power of live performance, sheer hard work and savvy independent CD and vinyl releases, the dream of world domination for the seven headed soul monster is fast becoming a reality.

Freddy’s HQ is affectionately referred to as ‘the beach’, home to Fitchie and Nicole Duckworth who drive the band’s NZ label and studio, The Drop. Literally 6 feet from the beach, the studio is situated in the basement of their home, a 19th Century Bath House on Lyall Bay and one of the oldest buildings in Wellington; New Zealand’s capital city.

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Congratulations to the following winners:

- D. Wairepo (Manurewa) has won a copy of the latest Dictaphone Blues album 'On The Down And In',
- J. Doyle (Whangamata) is the lucky winner of the debut album from Ruby Fusion 'First Broadcast',
- NZ music month prize packs were posted last week to M. Coffey (Wellington) and C. Oquist (Greymouth), and
- K. Pearson (Rotorua) will be receiving his copy of the new album from Fuelset 'Tear It Down' this week.

Past competition winners can be viewed here.

Don't miss out on your chance to win the following prizes:
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Petone-based reggae-soul-roots band Hikoikoi are releasing their self-titled debut album on 29 May.

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'Means To An End' is the debut release from West Auckland metallers Set On End. The album was recorded in late 2008 with acclaimed producer/musician Zorran Mendonsa (New Way Home, Solstate) at their home studio, Mindset.

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Here are our latest reviews:

- Midnight Youth - 'The Brave Don't Run' album review
- Antiform - 'City In Exile' album review

Reviews for The Checks, Set On End and Fat Freddy's Drop will be added to the site soon!


Fat Freddy's Top
by Andrew Miller (Radioscope)
Lightning strikes twice and Wellington sons Fat Freddy's Drop make it two in a row. Dr Boondigga And The Big BW takes top honours on this week's Official NZ Top40. The seven-piece, seven-Tui-winning outfit limits Eminem's Relapse comeback to a sole week in the pole position, pushing him back to the runners-up slot. Fat Freddy's also continue the strong sales pattern of the past month set initially by Ronan Keating then sustained by Green Day and Eminem.

It's exactly four years, two weeks and five days since Based On A True Story began the Freddy Fairytale. That set provided Chris Faiumu (Fitchie aka Mu), Dallas Tamaira (Joe Dukie), Warryn Maxwell (Fulla Flash), Toby Laing (Tony Chang), Joe Lindsay (Ho Pepa), Tehimana Kerr (Jetlag Johnson) and Iain Gordon (Dobie Blaze) with a gold-selling #1 out of the box. Repeating the instant #1 feat Dr B also ships platinum in its first week. Local music website Ampflier have named the new album their biggest release ever, physical or digital.

Whereas Based On A True Story arrived on the back of touring and minimal exposure prior to release, Dr Boondigga And The Big BW has already spawned two hit singles. The Camel made #14 in July last year and Pull The Catch peaked at #17 this past November. The sophomore set has big shoes to follow in if it's to compete with the first album though - 110 weeks in the Top40 with three separate chart-topping runs (10 weeks at #1 in all).

FFD help achieve a unique father and son connection on this week's charts too. Artist Otis Frizzell is responsible for Dr B's artwork, while his Dad, veteran illustrator Dick Frizzell, refashioned his '50s Kiwi icon the Four Square Man for The Great New Zealand Songbook, the nation's best-selling compilation for a fourth frame (which also includes Fat Freddy's #6 hit Wandering Eye lifted from Based On A True Story).

New Kiwis On The Block
The final chart of NZ Music Month 2009 provides debuts for two local acts - Kids Of 88, with the highest debuting single of the week, and Antiform fresh at #17 on the Albums Chart ahead of an album launch party Friday week in Auckland.

Thanks to C4 Auckland duo and best friends Sam and Jordan land a hot single at #4. My House is C4's current theme tune and the first hit for both Kids Of 88 and newly established label Dryden Street.

Together since 2002 and Peoples Choice finalists at last year's NZ Music Awards, Antiform are brothers Josh and Luke Purcell plus Brandon Spain, MC Twincam and Sam Kingston. The breakbeat and drum and bassists land at a very credible #17 first time out into the Albums Top40.

More information about the Official New Zealand Top 40 can be found on the RIANZ website and also on our charts page.


Thanks to Amanda Ratcliffe, we have another bunch of live performance photos to show off this week. Click on either of the photos below to view the full galleries:

dDub Live @ Flow

The Datsuns Live @ Altitude

Knights Of The DUB Table

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    Miley Cyrus
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    PinkPantheress And Ice Spice
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