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Newsletter Issue #231: 26 Apr 2009

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Selon Recliner

Thanks to Belinda for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Wish I could conjure up something really obscure for this... and if I could classify some of our late night Waiata as gigs then they’d have to win… but I would have to award this to our 'Rest Room' Album Release Show. It was a bit scary to pull off turning the foyer of the St James Theatre (chosen cause we shot the album cover art in the toilets there) into a full show set up. It was the culmination of all the work & energy we’d put into the writing & recording of the record and I remember arriving back at the venue after a long afternoon of setting up to all these people filing into the foyer for our show… it was a cool night for sure and it felt like we’d climbed a mountain & stuck a little flag at the top of it.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Ummm all the ones we haven’t played yet & would really love too

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Kerretta… cause they make music like a storm… one minute its so loud it hurts, but it still makes sense, and the next minute you’re in the eye & the calm is beautiful. It’s sweet & mean all at the same time… they aren’t scared to wear emotion on their sleeves, which is pretty impressive for a bunch of scruffy boys

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

I laugh in the face of embarrassment… and the whisky consumption on stage dulls any inkling of fool making on my part, but wonderful for the voice… you’d have to ask one of the other Selon Recliners… I’m sure there’s been many.

How did you come up with the Selon Recliner and what was the reason behind the name change?

This is the result of one of our better Skype meetings… more effective than our in the flesh meetings where we get easily distracted. We decided to make this change after battling Real Estate Wars with a number of Recliners around the globe… we’d all get lumped together in digital music stores with our albums as one big mash-up… so we found an appendage. Michael (drummer) speaks French fluently and suggested the French word Selon meaning the thoughts of or according to. Which fits us perfectly… our music is what’s according to us… personal but made to be shared.

How do you describe your music?

That is the stinkiest question any musician has to answer… my feeble attempt is that it is cinematic, always strong on melody & mood… some of it is more hidden under layers of news wrap… while other songs are more transparent. We’ve tried hard with our new album to let things sit longer & strip things down a bit and then let it slam you unexpectedly. We create songs that keep us interested and hopefully in turn will keep you interested too… we don’t write for commercial success but we do write for listeners.

What can we expect to see from Selon Recliner over the next year?

Our 2nd Album 'The Orchid Door' is out April 27. We are about to shoot a vid for track 1 'Swan' next week. Our release show is at The New Orient in Auckland on May 16. This is a Buffet & Show where you get a free Orchid Door cocktail with your buffet/show ticket, get to throw chopsticks, eat as much as you want, open fortune cookies & spin round on the lazy Susan as the band plays. We’ll do more shows… get played on the radio, & maybe get mobbed at the mall… we may even organize a nationwide Chinese Restaurant Tour… that idea is copyrighted… so no stealing!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Get going… keep your standards high… keep the music the priority… explore and be original… be an artist… choose the voices you listen to carefully… engage your brain… love doing it!

Selon Recliner is Tall Roy (guitar), Vernon Rive (bass), Michael Te Young (drums, vocals), Perry Bradley (samples and sounds), Darlene Te Young (vocals) and Belinda Bradley (lead vocals).

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Selon Recliner's album release gig for 'The Orchid Door' is on 16 May @ The New Orient, Auckland. Full gig details.


The Phoenix Foundation

Thanks to Richie for answering these questions:

What is the best gig you have ever performed at, and why?

Well one of my favorite ever shows was at the Mercury Lounge in New York. it's a fantastic room with a great sounding stage, which makes so much difference, and there was an awesome crowd there who were really responsive to the music we were playing.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

It'd have to be The Mussel Inn!! it's like 'good times - guaranteed' down there, plus brewery, open fire, great accomodation and nice weather.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why? 

Actually, this is kind of embarrassing because it's been out for quite a while, but I had my first really good listen to Lawerence Arabia's new album in the van a couple of days ago and I really really liked it. Such great vocal harmony's throughout and a wonderful, seemingly never ending tapestry of ideas weaving though all the songs. I found it really uplifing.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment? 

A few years ago I was watching another band play from the side of the stage and I noticed that the bass amp was vibrating around on top of the bass speaker so much that it was eventually going to vibrate right off and fall onto the ground. I tried to catch the bass players attention between songs but to no avail and so i really had no choice but to just walk across stage in the middle of a song and move it into a better position. But when I got over to the amp, somehow I stood on the lead and snapped the jack that was plugging in the bass guitar. The bass cut out and everyone in the room was suddenly looking at me!, instinctivly I put my hand onto the jack and the pressure of that must have reconnected the wires and the bass came back on. I spent the rest of the gig, on stage, holding the guys plug in place trying not to move my hand a millimetre. And of course no one had a spare lead so I had to stay there. Whats the bet if I had let if fall it would have just kept going sweet as!

How did you come up with the band name The Phoenix Foundation?


How do you describe your music?

J.J. Cale meets Pink Floyd at Vangelis's yoga retreat with canopes.

What can we expect to see from The Phoenix Foundation over the next year?

New Songs, we've got a good handful of them on this tour and heaps more on the go. We'll do an album as well.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Find a practice space where you can leave your gear set up and get something / anything to make a recording on. Even if it's budget as, you'll learn alot from recording, you don't need to be to attached to the recording, you might not even try to make something you're gonna release, just make some art, you'll enjoy it and learn alot about your sound.

The Phoenix Foundation is Samuel Flynn Scott (guitar, vocals), Luke Buda (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Conrad Wedde (guitar, keyboards), Warner Emery (bass), Richie Singleton (drums) and Will Ricketts (percussion).

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Fly My Pretties

Loop and 42BELOW are thrilled to announce the new Fly My Pretties show is on tour through May and June!

Fly My Pretties is New Zealand's favourite live multimedia event starring a selection of our finest contemporary musicians, set to a stunning visual backdrop and filmed and recorded live! Since its inception in 2004, Fly My Pretties has grown to become a local legend of music that continues to reach people all over the world.

This year’s Fly My Pretties cast features:

Anna Coddington
Barnaby Weir
Eva Prowse
Jarney Murphy
LA Mitchell
Lisa Tomlins
Mara T.K
Mike Fabulous
Nathan ‘Nato’ Hickey
Nigel Patterson
Paul McLaney
Riki Gooch
Rio Hunuki-Hemopo
Ryan Prebble
Tessa Rain
Tom Watson

Be quick! Tickets are selling fast so don't miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary experience.

Fly My Pretties Tour Dates

Christchurch Isaac Theatre Royal - Fri 22 May
Dunedin The Regent - Fri 29 May
Auckland Sky City Theatre - Thurs 4, Fri 5, Sat 6 June
Wellington St James Theatre - Fri 12 June, Sat 13 June

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch tickets are available from Ticketek. Dunedin tickets are available from TicketDirect.

For more info please see www.loop.co.nz

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NZ Music News

Nominations open for 2009 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

Nominations for the 44th annual RIANZ Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards are now open.

Entries can be made online at www.nzmusicawards.co.nz, and unless otherwise specified, are open to New Zealand recordings commercially released between 1 June 2008 and 31 May 2009.

Nominations are being accepted for Album and Single of the year, Best Group, Best Male and Female Solo Artists, Breakthrough Artist, Best Music Video, Best Maori, Rock, Urban / Hip Hop, Dance / Electronica, Aotearoa Roots, Gospel / Christian and Classical albums, as well as the Technical award categories of Best Producer, Best Engineer & Best Album Cover.

The awards finalists - along with the Technical Award winners - will be announced at the Finalists Announcement and Technical Awards presentation in Auckland on Wednesday 2 September.

The announcement of the 2009 Legacy Award winner (presented last year to legendary Dunedin band Straitjacket Fits) will also be made at this time.

RIANZ chief executive Campbell Smith says it has been another terrific year for New Zealand music and he expects the 2009 award entries to be very competitive.

“The growth of New Zealand music and the breadth of our musical creativity continues year on year. We will be celebrating the best of the best at the awards ceremony this October. Get your nomination in and prepare for an excellent celebration of our music.”

Full Article

2009 Pacific Music Awards Finalists

The finalists for the 2009 S³ Pacific Music Awards have been announced with Ladi 6 and Nesian Mystik both named in four categories each.

Ladi 6 is a finalist for her highly anticipated and long awaited debut solo album, ‘Time is Not Much’ in the Pacific Blue Best Pacific Female Artist, Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist and the S³ Best Pacific Music Album categories.

She is also a finalist in the APRA Best Pacific Song category for her catchy single, ‘Walk Right Up’. An MC as well as a renowned vocalist, Ladi 6 is known for her energetic live performances, sublime soulful vocals and conscious lyrics.

Nesian Mystik is a finalist for their album, ‘Elevator Musiq’, in the Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artitst, Radio 531P1 Best Pacific Group and the S³ Best Pacific Music Album categories.

Number 1 smash hit, ‘Nesian 101’, has earned the band a place as finalist in the APRA Best Pacific Song category.

Their cultural backgrounds unite a remarkable diversity of Polynesia in bringing together Maori, Tongan, Samoan and Cook Island ancestry leading to the group becoming one of the biggest names in New Zealand music.

Altogether 12 artists and groups have been announced as finalists at a function in Manukau City tonight (16 April) hosted by His Worship Mayor Len Brown and the Manukau City Council.

Full Article

2009 APRA Silver Scroll Awards to be held at the Christchurch Town Hall in September

The Australian Performing Right Association are more than pleased to announce - for the first time in the awards history - the APRA Silver Scroll Awards are to be held in Christchurch.

"The APRA Silver Scroll Awards are an extraordinary celebration of music." Says APRA's Director of NZ Operations, Anthony Healey. "We want share this experience with as many APRA members as possible around New Zealand. Christchurch, with its proud music tradition, will be an excellent venue for this big night out."

"Christchurch is delighted to be hosting the APRA Silver Scroll Awards for the first time," Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says. "As a city we are cultivating our musical industry. We want to encourage our musical talent to base themselves in our city and so enrich our cultural core. This event totally aligns with the council funded CHART: Christchurch Music Industry Trust, who advocate Christchurch as a hub for musicians. For us to now be involved with the Silver Scroll Awards further demonstrates the value of music in our city," Bob Parker says.

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Cookie Time to officially adopt kiwi band

In what is believed to be a world first, Kiwi company Cookie Time will officially adopt popular roots/rock band dDub on the eve of New Zealand Music Month.

Like any proud parent, Cookie Time hopes to use its own success and experience to help the band get ahead. After regularly touring New Zealand and Australia for the past five years, dDub have "done the hard yards" and built a solid groundswell of support. Now, through this groundbreaking initiative, Cookie Time will take the band's music to the next level through a range of activities including free downloads, concerts, and retail activity.

dDub met its prospective parents in 2006, when Cookie Time founder Michael Mayell purchased their album at a Wanaka CD store. He immediately fell in love with the music, and has subsequently seen the band perform live on ten separate occasions.

Mayell jokes that his support for the group is very passionate.

"My partner teases me about being like Mel, the devoted fan from Flight of the Conchords! This adoption is an opportunity for me to use some of my business and marketing experience to help this awesome Kiwi band get their music to a wider audience."

dDub's lead singer Derek Browne said he was delighted with the arrangement.

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NZ On Air April Decisions

Music funding decisions from NZ On Air's April meeting.

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Smashproof set to break 23 year old chart record

Smashproof (Deach, Tyree and Young Sid) have taken New Zealand by storm with their platinum-selling debut single ‘Brother’, and this week the trio cemented themselves in New Zealand music history by equalling a long-standing chart record.

With the release of today’s NZ Top 40 Singles Chart comes the news that Smashproof have held onto the #1 spot for the ninth week in a row! This remarkable achievement means Smashproof are poised to set a new record for the longest consecutive run at #1 by an NZ artist if ‘Brother’ is still at the top next week…

‘Brother’ currently shares the record set by the single ‘Sailing Away’ (released by All Of Us in 1986); Smashproof fans now have the opportunity to re-write history and shatter this 23 year old record!

New Releases

Debut Album out now for The Volunteers

The Volunteers debut album 'Friends, Family and Fools' is finally complete and now avaliable in all good CD stores round the country for $25.

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New Remix Album for Pitch Black

Rhythm, Sound and Movement is released digitally worldwide on April 28th, and on CD on May 4th. It features remixes from Kiwi electron-herders International Observer, Simon Flower and Kerretta, American dub-tronica artists Bluetech and Patch, Melbourne-based Deep Fried Dub, plus a wide range of international remixers.

The remix album, like Pitch Black themselves, covers a wide variety of styles from ambient through to downbeat dub, up to 4/4 stomping bizniz and full-on drum'n'bass workouts. As a teaser, the remix of Transient Transmissions by Deep Fried Dub will be available for free download on April 14th from Amplifier. Also, seven additional remixes will be available as bonuses for people who buy the whole album as a download.

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Dictaphone Blues album out now

What a joy to behold is our Dictaphone Blues... If you were to define bNet darling it would be the way these catchy melodramatic popular songs have cemented themselves into the alternative radio playlists over the past couple of years....On The Down And In features those amazing songs you know you know? Spooky Room? Lantern? Taken Aback? You Put It In Me?
Yes... you know.......

The year was 2006 and Edward Castelow was addled with uncertainty. He had just returned home to New Zealand to find that things were not as they should be. With personal relationships heading south and no real connection to his new home, he began to go through the arduous process of finding lodgings and employment while gradually writing a new body of songs. His previous group, Degrees.k, had left Christchurch and gathered a new audience for themselves in Sydney. Their singles played on Triple J and they toured Australia repeatedly - including trips out with Betchadupa, Shihad and The Icarus Line. Nevertheless, after releasing two EPs and two albums with Degrees.k, Edward felt thrashed out and he wanted to create new songs that were at once more dynamic and carefully tailored. Songs that, dear I say it, leant more towards “easy listening”. Thusly, he set out to work on some more tender pieces; ones not based on jams, but instead focused on melody and structure.

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Selon Recliner release new album

Building on the low-lit interior sounds of their critically acclaimed 2006 debut REST ROOM, Selon Recliner have completed their second album, THE ORCHID DOOR, available in-store and digitally on Monday April 27. Working with producer Dave Holmes (Gramsci, Jacob) the band has explored a steeper landscape, exiting the REST ROOM and soaring across a more varied terrain.

After continuing confusion with the San Francisco neo punk band of the same name, recliner adjusted their identity to Selon Recliner. ‘Selon’ is French for “according to” or “the thoughts of” which seems very apt.

Selon Recliner’s music has been described as having a dark, hypnotic beauty that breezes along on mellow atmospheric guitars, poignant keys and gentle beats. Their “dark pop” label is furthered by their new work, while showcasing a richer pallet of mood and atmosphere.

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Hikoikoi debut album

Hikoikoi are proud to announce the release of their self titled debut album on 29 May 2009 through Border Music. To support the release, the band will be doing a nationwide tour. Hikoikoi are an original 6 piece reggae-soul-roots group based in Petone, whose sound is currently spreading through the hearts and minds of Aotearoa.

Hikoikoi’s unique combination of roots fuelled reggae, dramatic soul flavoured vocals with just a hint of Jazz, gives their live shows high energy, delivered with powerful conscious messages. Their long awaited debut album features Hikoikoi’s signature driving vocals and righteous keys which have seen them become favourites at music festivals over the past 3 years.

The album was self-recorded over three years at Sound Reserve Aotearoa, a new professional recording studio, using analogue equipment and old school instruments. Much of it took place from an isolated boatshed in Petone’s Hikoikoi Reserve, on the shores of the Heretaunga River. The band takes their name from this magic spot, after many late nights song writing and recording whilst watching the water lap inches from their gear.

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Tahuna Breaks new single available for download

Tahuna Breaks are pleased to announce that the first single 'Empower Me' from their upcoming second album 'Black Brown and White' is available to download for free via the bands website www.tahunabreaks.com. The single is the first of many to come from the album that is due for release in August this year.

'Empower Me' by way of a general description fits best into the category of roots/rock/reggae with its decisive and militant tone; due in part to the solid, confident-bass heavy rhythm and punctuated by the 'pleaful' first person narrative of the vocal. This along with attacking horn lines evokes a feeling of determination in anticipation of meeting the great challenges that lie ahead in the 'game of life'.

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Red Bull Studio Live Sessions

Across bNet stations, you can catch the Red Bull Live Sessions live at 3:30pm every Thursday.

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Creative People's Centre Music Seminars

The Creative People's Centre (www.cpc.org.nz) is presenting a series of seminars for NZ Music month aimed at bands and musicians who want to learn more about developing a sustainable career in the music industry.

Full Article

Site of the Moment: NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month (May) is just around the corner, and this is the place to go to for all your NZ Music Month news.

NZ Music Month Official Website


Muzic.net.nz News

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The following musicians were added to the muzic.net.nz website recently. Check them out:


The Veils

The Pleasures Of June

Home Brew

Standing On Chairs

Dictaphone Blues

Midnight Kitchen

Native Quest

Miriam Craig


Gerda Blank


Ruby Fusion


Congratulations to the following winners:

- J. Currie (Westport) has won a copy of the new album from Evermore 'Truth Of The World: Welcome To The Show',
- L. Pretorius (Whangaparaoa) will be receiving their copy of the Rumble In The Jungle compilation very soon,
- And the following winners will be attending the Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington Ultimate Metal Tribute tour gigs - M. Lankow (Paeroa), Z. Pepper (Hamilton), M. Thomas (Auckland), C. Smith (Waitakere), C. Alder (Lower Hutt) and K. Ng (Wellington).

There's heaps of prizes up for grabs at the moment, so don't miss out on your chance to win the following prizes:
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The follow up to 2005's 'Moves On' was recorded over the last three and a half years at Red Bull Studios and The Lab, with mixing duties performed at bandleader Andrew Spraggon's home studio in Pt. Chevalier, Auckland.

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Fresh from recording in the isolated and windswept west coast cave of Whatipu, An Emerald City have emerged with an adventurous and sonically eclectic debut album. Entitled Circa Scaria, their debut long player is finished and ready for release on April 6th. We've got two copies to give away!

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Win a double pass to Recession Night (Auckland), thanks to The Murder House.

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Building on the low-lit interior sounds of their critically acclaimed 2006 debut Rest Room, Selon Recliner have completed their second album, The Orchid Door.

Selon Recliner's music has been described as having dark, hypnotic beauty that breezes along on mellow atmospheric guitars, poignant keys and gentle beats.

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A bold and distinctive record, Sun Gangs is described by songwriter and frontman Finn as "...a very modern mixture of prayers, love letters and personal record keeping..."

Features the current radio single 'The Letter'.

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Six songs that pulse with the highs and lows of the city, engineered and produced by Tui-award winning Dave Rhodes.

These songs will take you from dark anticipation of the night, to dancing in underground bars at 2am wishing the night would go on forever, to squinting in the sunrise on the rooftop when the time comes to give the city back to the dayshift.

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Pitch Black recently posted one of their tracks, Harmonia, up for remixing on the web, and after the demand for the files crashed not only the download site, but also the server and the network carrying them, they received 35 fully finished versions!

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Memorable melodies, experimental washes, plinking pianos, screaming guitars, naughty bass lines, bells, whistles and 3 different drummers. All packed into On The Down And In, the debut album from Auckland band, Dictaphone Blues.

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Ruby Fusion is a new project by Reuben McNabb (Equus) made of up Christchurch local musicans. 'First Broadcast' is their debut EP, catch them live in and around Christchurch.

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More photos of gigs thanks to Amanda. This week we've got shots from The Datsuns and Alphabethead. Enjoy!

The Datsuns


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