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Newsletter Issue #173: 16 Mar 2008

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20 Years of Shihad

Formed in 1988 in Wellington by high school chums Tom Larkin and Jon Toogood, Shihad is now New Zealand's top rock act. 2008 brings us 20 years of Shihad.

The only New Zealand band to have two self titled albums ('Shihad' in 1996 and 'Pacifier' in 2002), Shihad has definitely received their fair share of awards including:

NZ Music Awards


Most Promising Group


Best Engineer (Malcolm Welsford for 'Churn')


Top Male Vocalist (Jon)
Top Group
Best Video ('Home Again')

Also nominated for album of the month in 'Metal and Hammer'.


Best Music Video ('Wait & See')


Top Male Vocalist (Jon)
Best Video ('My Mind's Sedate')
Best Cover ('The General Electric')


Outstanding International Achievement


Best Rock Album ('Love Is The New Hate')

NZ Music and Entertainment Awards


Not only were Shihad the first band of their genre to play at the NZ music awards, but they also took away several prizes:

Best Group
Best Album ('Killjoy')
Top International Recording Artist
Best Male Vocalist (Jon)

Bnet Awards


Best Bass Player (Karl)
Best Drummer (Tom)

Shihad have supported international acts Faith No More, Motorhead, AC/DC, The Young Gods, Monster Magnet, Paw, Ash, Silverchair and Tool and they have also played at Big Day Out, Sweetwaters, Orientation, Dynamo (Holland), The Phoenix Festival (Britain) and The Roskilde (Denmark).

Shihad's latest album 'Beautiful Machine' will be released on 26 April 2008, the same day that they play at the Homegrown Festival in Wellington.

More Information

Official Website
Muzic.net.nz Profile
MySpace Profile
Amplifier Profile
Wildside Records Profile


Just One Fix

What is the best gig/event you have ever performed at, and why?

Probably the Hellyeah support show we played at Studio last year. Sebastian Bach and his band turned up too so we had some legends there catching our set and we got to party with them all afterwards.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Powerstation - got to be - pity they don't do more gigs there.

What can we expect to see from Just One Fix over the next year?

More touring and hopefully another album by years end.

What other NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Our rhythm section!!!! Our drummer has just moved to Wellington and our bass player has just become a Dad so he's taking a break - if you're a metal head drummer/bass player who's keen on playing with a hard working band get in touch!

If you could, what rumour would you start about yourselves?

That we're about to become a middle of the road pop tastic sell out band - hopefully then NZ On Air might actually give us some money!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Might sound cliched but it's true - stay true to what you believe in and the direction you want your music to take - you should be doing music for yourself first and foremost so be proud of your sound/image. 

Website Links:

Muzic.net.nz Profile
Official Website
MySpace Profile

Just One Fix's album 'The Price Of $ellvation' is now out.


White Birds and Lemons

Photo taken by Nic Staveley.

What is the best gig/event you have ever performed at, and why?

The best gig weve played was either the Big Day Out just passed or playing with The Veils up at the Leigh Sawmill in January of 07. We are big fans and it was a real honour to be asked to play with them, and the venue was equally awesome and special.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

Favourite NZ venue, I really like the San Fransisco Bath House in Wellington, it's really big and the sound is really good. I would like to play the Mighty Mighty in Wellington some time soon too. Auckland I think maybe 4:20 or Rising Sun especially when it packs out, always a good time. Either that or the fail safe Kings Arms.

What can we expect to see from White Birds and Lemons over the next year?

We are writing songs for an album that we will hopefully release before the year is out, we have written so much new material since our EP, and its really starting to shape up to be a really good debut album with a lot of good songs. We are planning on heading over seas this year as well, try and secure an awesome record deal and do some nationwide tours, we have yet to travel to the South Island so it's a must for us.

What other NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Biased opinions point towards our friends The Coshercot Honeys from Auckland, they have some really cool tunes and they are totally original too which is refreshing to hear and they do it so well. I think they will blow up sometime soon when people start hearing them and realise that they are the coolest band around.

If you could, what rumour would you start about yourselves?

We have a time machine that allows us to go into the future and steal hits from the year 2020 and bring them back to our time.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Write as much as you can, over time your songs will get better and more original enabling you to find your own sound that you've been looking for. If you are a new band then get as many gigs as possible, this will make your band tight and also introduce you to the local music scene. Do tours to other cities too, it's a lot of fun and a good chance to make friends with bands from other cities. Also, listen to a very broad range of music and if you aren't that educated on music that your mums and dads listened to, then get out their vinyls and listen. The 60's and 70's were an amazing time for bands inventing new genres and sounds. Listen to The Beatles, David Bowie and Johnny Cash. Listen to everything they ever did. It will make you a better musician and person.

Website Links:

Muzic.net.nz Profile
MySpace Profile
Amplifier Profile

White Birds and Lemons' debut release 'Who Say's You're Free?' is out now.


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Next Issue

The next issue of this newsletter is going out on the 30th of March and will feature Every Man For Himself.

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