28 May 2024

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WAXROLA - A Journey Of Sound
With the sparse and rugged hand made sound of blues and early rock the roots of my musical journey were laid. Years of experimental piano paved the way for a original sound as my exposure to hip hop in the late 1980's grew into a lifestyle revolving around the search for new musical ideas.

The electronic production and the use of samples grabbed my attention, particularly when the WuTang Clan burst onto the scene in the mid 90's. This was a major influence on the way I do music, looking for the mean and nasty while continuing to progress dynamically.

The first drum and bass I heard was Goldie - Digital feat. Krs-One.

A new era began...

A mentor showed me a sound program a few years later and I started my first electronic production. This was in early 2000. Mixing hip hop started for me in an Auckland Cafe in 1998. This gave me a head start when I began mixing d'n'b in 2005 after a period of doing live music as lead singer in rock band 'Bomb Milosevic!'. Since 2005 under the Waxplanet title, I have been developing a dark style of progressive d'n'b incorporating razor sharp MC-ing with rugged synth and fast hard drums.

Influences are from all good music as it is the essence of great sound that I try to tap into.

WAXPLANET - A Syndrome??
After five years of mucking around with Fruityloops on his computer Dylan (aka Waxrola) was approached by a local record label 'Airspeed Records' and asked to do an album. Waxplanet was born. With the financial backing of Airspeed he was able to get abetter equipment and began work on the first Waxplanet album 'Substance'.

Six months of hard nghts in the lab and it was complete.

'Substance' was a big step in the direction he wanted. As he made the finishing touches, he knew he needed someone to help with gigs and general management, so asked good friend Ben (aka Lofreq) if he wanted to take on the job.....

Ben began listening to heavy rock music in his early years, progressing to rap and hip hop as a teenager, after meeting Dylan. His first introduction to dance music led him towards House and from there to dnb.

He never hesitated to take on the job of Waxplanet manager and funded the studio while Dylan concentrated on producing the music. Dylan taught him to mix and to run the studio equipment and from there things started to take off and soon gigs were rolling up.

"We started experimenting with a more live d'n'b set." To this day their live act is still in its early stages with a typical Waxplanet set consisting of Lofreq on the mix and Waxrola on the mic, leaving the postion of manager open for Thalia TeKoeti to take over.

"We are currently unattatched to any record label and continue to deveop the sound with live production being the ultimate goal."

Who we've played with:
Concord Dawn, The Upbeats, A-Sides (UK) Urban Notion, Alion, Sandman, MC Kryptic, Roast Crew, Evolsunz, DJ Subsonic, Tigz (Qtown), TMC Bass Boys, Shragon, Zyklon Bass, Undertow, Jigga, Deal, Dose, Urban Terror Unit, Loki, Sick Cycle, J-Red, MC GQ. These are just some of the great artists we've had the priviledge to play with....

Band Members:
Dylan 'Waxrola' James (DJ, MC, producer)
Ben 'DJ Lofreq' Thomas (DJ)

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  • Timaru

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