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Newsletter Issue #165: 02 Dec 2007

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The Grand Finale 2007

Here we have it, the last muzic.net.nz newsletter for 2007, and this year we're going out in style!

Great things have happened this year, not just for us but also for New Zealand music... and it seems even greater things are lined up for 2008 starting with an amazing line-up of summer events and international acts coming to our shores.

New Years' Eve leads the way, with events taking place all around the country. Phat 08 is the place to be in Nelson and Rhythm and Vines is set in the first city in the world to see the sun, Gisborne. Check out our gig guide for all the NYE events happening near you.

After NYE is over and done with, New Zealand becomes swamped with music festivals, including Parachute, Big Day Out, Rippon, Splore and SoundSplash. And if all these festivals aren't enough, there's a huge array of tours from New Zealand and overseas acts to keep you going. If you want to check out some of the highlights without looking through the entire gig guide, check out this forum.

Judging by what summer has in store for us, 2008 is going to be a cracker of a year, so make sure you get out and enjoy what live music has on offer.

The first muzic.net.nz newsletter for 2008 will go out on 3 February. Our gig mail outs will still be sent out every fortnight,

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and rocking New Years Xmas

- The muzic.net.nz team.

The muzic.net.nz team would like to thank the following people for all of their support during 2007:

Andrew Treeby, Carl Hayman, Nathan Brown, Craig Johnson, Trevor Faville, Matt Gardner, Fliss Masters, Roger Graumeijer, Isaac Owen and Sam Weeks.

Mikhal Norriss, Alec Withers, Andrew Featherstone, Ben Howe, Craig Gunn, Dean Cameron, Hayden Sinclair, Ingrid Round, Jared Carson, Nicole Thomas, Rhydian Thomas, Jeremiah Ross, Aaron Miller, Andy Williams, Craig Black, Jimmy Snuff, Jimmy Donaldson, Michelle Klaessens, Bonnie Smail, Matt Ealand, Rob Thorne, Rob Mayes and Sharon George. We hope we haven't forgotten anyone!

There are way too many bands and musicians to thank, but their support has made this site worthwhile. We are sure you all know who you are.

And thanks to you, the member, because it is you who makes this site truly possible.

The following bands and musicians featured in our newsletters during 2007:

DonkeyPunk, DIC, Infinite Flying Kick, Jakob, Cornerstone Roots, Streetwise Scarlet, Take The Willing, Orkid, Brutally Frank, Anaham, Equus, Moonlight Drive, The Wrongmen, Strangers, Damaged, DateMonthYear, Atlas, Adi Dick, Tommy, False Start, The Rabble, These Four Walls, Antagonist, Kitsch, Hollie Smith, Lucid 3, Falter, My Life Story, Goodnight Nurse, Wash, Steriogram, Bloodletting, The Deadly Deaths, Spacifix, Battle Circus, Inverse Order, Solaa, Axis Mile, Magnum Opus, Agent, Decortica, The DeSoto's, Ms Manikin, Flip Grater, Delgirl, Ward 10, Black Chrome, Ulcerate, BSM, 8 Foot Sativa, White Island, Scribe, Ois II Men, Labretta Suede and The Motel 6 and finally, the three that are featuring in this issue - Broken Heartbreakers, Blistering Tongues and Prolepsis.

If you are interested in contributing towards any of our 2008 newsletters, send us an email. We are looking for artists and bands that would like to feature in the newsletter, record labels that would like an entire newsletter dedicated to them and people who are interested in writing feature editorials.


Bllistering Tongues

The Blistering Tongues played their first gig at the Kakanui Hall in North Otago on 23 December 1995, and will be touring NZ extensively over the coming months.

What is your greatest achievement?

It is difficult for me as an individual to confidently say what our greatest achievement is. Ugliness is in the arse of the outsider, as they don't say. Some of our major successes are, two national tours that we did not lose any money on, playing at a strip club in Dunedin and purely for the experience-we played on the back of a truck as it drove up and down the main street of Dunedin.

We have also released an EP, a full length album and a live album that was also released on vinyl. Impossible to say which of these means more to me than the others.

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

To tell the truth i really don't care. It gets better, then it gets worse and has no real effect on us either way. Well not that I have noticed.

We work to promote ourselves and the bands around us primarily on a local scale. New Zealand music seems to look after itself, we and our friends intend to look after each other.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Given that our members currently reside in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin it is difficult to say. We will have plenty of time to discuss that this summer on our month-long tour of New Zealand to promote the release of our first DVD 'You Headlock Like A Porridge Bowl'.

There are also medical issues that prevent us from planning that far ahead.

Is this where i mention that you can expect a new studio album from the Tongues in 2008??

What is the best thing about making music?

The freedom, boozy good times with good friends, the people you meet, creating rather than destroying , stress and anger relief and just the fact you can`t see,smell or taste it but you can feel it. Kinda like Timaru i guess.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

For christs sake be original!! Too many fakes out there trying to emulate at best. Be an Innovator!! There is so much more satisfaction in telling the musical truth. Play whatever you want and don`t listen to negative slobs that are just keen to knock.

If you join a band,the most important thing is for the band to all get along so try to avoid having a `Band Leader` and try and get everyone working together equally. There will always be harmony if no-one is dragging the chain.

Thanks, See you at one of our shows over summer!!

The Blistering Tongues are Glenn Bathgate (vocals, guitar), Nabby McNahb (guitar, backing vocals), Hamoffthebone (bass, backing vocals) and Stu (drums).

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The Broken Heartbreakers

The Broken Heartbreakers are a folk-pop group based in Auckland. The group is based around the song-writing nucleus of John Guy Howell and Rachel Bailey.

What is your greatest achievement?

The new 'Broken Heartbreakers' album is our greatest achievement so far. We spent a lot of time on getting it to the point where we could listen to the CD from start to finish with no desire to push the fast forward button or have any “shit I wish I had done this or that” moments. We love it. Unreservedly.

What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Venues need to remember that bands get people into their pubs drinking their beer. I’m often surprised by the shoddy treatment bands get when they play certain places. Also, I worry that some of the young bands coming through now are so intent on “making it” that they are in danger of losing that certain indefinable quality that has made New Zealand music special in the first place ie: People making music in isolation purely for the love of it.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Impossible to say at the moment! Just trying to get to the point where making music is a bigger part of life and the boring day jobs etc are significantly less!

What is the best thing about making music?

Seeing the life cycle of a song up close. You write a song you think might be good – you run it past your quality control crew…mates, boyfriend, girlfriend etc…if it passes muster you introduce it to the band- maybe it works and you try it out live- if that’s OK you might record it..maybe then you hear it when you’re pushing your shopping trolley around Foodtown...nestled between Wings and Rod Stewart...or maybe not.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Make your own scene. Don’t wait to be invited to someone else’s party. The “profile” bands I admire locally (The Mint Chicks, The Datsuns etc) have just got on with it and disregarded any expectations about how “things should be done”. Play music because you love it. The rest is all just Spinal Tap.

The Broken Heartbreakers are John Guy Howell (guitar, vocals), Rachel Bailey (guitar, vocals), Sam Prebble (mandolin), Mike Stoodley (bass) and Myles Allpress (drums).

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Prolepsis is and explosive melodic rock act currently based in Auckland, and was formed in the late 90's as the brain child of Riley Al-Johary.

The current line-up consists of Riley Al-Johary on lead vocals and guitar, Nathan Garton on guitar & backing vocals, Carl Hayman on Drums (ex Epitome), and Nathan Field on bass & backing vocals.

Prolepsis' sound can be broadly described as Melodic Rock, with subtle elements of Jazz, Classical and Funk. Prolepsis have a spectrum of sound spanning from acoustic ballads to intensified rock, using emotive melody and lyrics which project powerfully, and it's part of the band's ambition to share this experience with as many people as possible.

In 2003 Prolepsis excelled in the "Battle of the Bands" as regional finalists. You may have also spotted them in local papers like the Manukau Courier and The Aucklander.

The EP doesn't reflect the band in its current lineup, as the band carries an ever evolving sound thats diverse & unique, and with the new lineup has been brough to new heights with more passion, enthusiasm, and experience that will make Prolepsis a band to keep your eye on.

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The Best Of 2007


A truly extraordinary band with truly extraordinary talents. 2007 has been the year of many great things for The Mint Chicks and it has left them with plenty to be proud of. As soon as Ruban received a nomination in the 2007 Silver Scrolls for the song 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!', many people knew 2007 would be a very successful year for The Mint Chicks.

Recognition for their exciting and spazzy music came to The Mint Chicks when they won, not one or two, but FIVE Tuis! Being the biggest winners on the night, The Mint Chicks took away awards for album of the year, best group, best rock album, best music video and best album cover.

Shortly after this amazing night their second album 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!' went gold, selling over 10,000 copies, and they went on to take out the Best Video for 'Walking Off A Cliff Again' at the 2007 bNet awards.

The Mint Chicks are Paul Roper (drums), Ruban Nielson (guitar), Kody Nielson (vocals) and Michael Logie (bass).

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Hollie Smith is the name on everyone's lips. From the moment 'Bathe In The River' with the Mt Raskil Preservation Society was released, she has turned heads with her deep, rich, soulful singing and songwriting, which has drawn praise from all who have had the pleasure of hearing her perform.

Hollie's album 'Long Player' was one of the most essential releases of 2007, and it was the biggest personal achievement for Hollie. Taking five years to complete, it didn't take long for the rewards to start flowing in...

The 2007 NZ Music Awards were all about Hollie. Her distinctive voice and considerable talents made up one of the most amazing performances of the night, and when she went up to collect her three awards (best female, breakthrough artist and best Aotearoa roots album) the applause was almost overwhelming. Prior to the awards night Hollie's album 'Long Player' had already won a Tui for best producer.

Before the year was up Hollie excelled again, taking out the best vocalist award at the bNets.

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With two top selling albums already added to what is becoming a fine collection, Brooke Fraser has had everyone talking about her since her first release came out in 2003. 2007 was no exception to this.

The song 'Albertine' from her second release of the same name took out the 2007 Silver Scroll award and the awards have been rolling in ever since.

The Tuis saw Brooke take away two awards for highest selling album and airplay record of the year. This was then followed by a Juice TV award for best solo video.

Brooke's immaculately crafted pop music is evident in her remarkable album 'Albertine' and it is not surprising to see what she has achieved so far.

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Brooke Fraser Gigs

Special Mention also goes to other award winners:

NZ Music Awards
Juice TV Awards
bNet Awards


The Other Greats Of 2007


Quite simply, for reuniting and bringing back one of New Zealand's all time favourite bands.

Supergroove is Che Ness (vocals), Nick Atkinson (saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals), Karl Steven (vocals, keyboards, harmonica), Joe Lonie (bass, vocals), Ian Jones (drums, percussion), Tim Stewart (trumpet, backing vocals, percussion) and Ben Sciascia (guitar, backing vocals).

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They came, they fought and they conquered! The Dux de Lux RounDUp 2007 competition winners Bang! Bang! Eche! deliverd an outstanding finals performance and now they, like so many luminaries before them, are well and truly on the path to greatness!

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Special mention also goes to the other finalists: A Flight to Blackout, Frankly Mauve, The Deceivers and The O'Lovelys.


This awesome vocalist from The Exponents and his own band Luck became the first entry in New Zealand music's brand new Hall of Fame at the APRA awards on 18 September 07.

The Exponents muzic.net.nz Profile
Luck muzic.net.nz Profile


Legend is the only way you can describe Johnny Devlin. New Zealand's answer to Elvis, the 'Satin Satan' rocked up a storm like no other. His single 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' topped the charts, selling 100,000 copies without ever being played on the radio. Johnny Devlin was the most deserving winner at the Tuis, taking home the New Zealand Herald Legacy Award.

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North Shore band Solomon were crowned the winners (out of 650 bands) for the 2007 SmokeFree RockQuest. They also took out the award for best song for 'Grand Vocation'.

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Special mention also goes to the other award winners: Ollie Sewell from Frankly Mauve for best vocals, Anna MacDonald from St Hildas Collegiate  for women's musicianship, Tonnie Ten Hove from Wairarapa College for the APRA lyric award, Jesse Kearse from Peaches and Spleen for the MAINZ scholarship award and Elle Hunt from Nayland College for the journalist award.


After 3 months of heats, semis and regional finals Kapiti Coast/Wellington band Faster She Said delivered a rocking and energetic winning performance before returning home as champions of the 2007 NZ World Battle of the Bands.

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Special mention also goes to the other finalists: Eqwanox, Porch, Mutangent, Lapser, Soulson, Liquid Colours and Suede Arcade.


As determined by the amount of clicks on each artist page.

1. OpShop

2. Scribe

3. Atlas

4. Split Enz

5. Hello Sailor

6. Katchafire

7. Th' Dudes

8. Supergroove

9. Dave Dobbyn

10. Adeaze

11. Anika Moa

12. Fat Freddy's Drop

13. The Rabble

14. Brooke Fraser

15. The Bleeders

16. Elemeno P

17. Prince Tui Teka

18. Shapeshifter

19. Salmonella Dub

20. The Exponents



Our Thoughts


In no particular order, and compiled by the entire muzic.net.nz team

The Mint Chicks
Hollie Smith
Paul McLaney
Take The Willing
Lucid 3
The Phoenix Foundation
The Bleeders
The Rabble


In no particular order, and compiled by the entire muzic.net.nz team

The Bleeders
Tiki Taane
Take The Willing
Lucid 3
Paul McLaney
Streetwise Scarlet
Salmonella Dub
The Blistering Tongues
The Phoenix Foundation


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