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Newsletter Issue #16: 19 Sep 2004

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Felt Like A Genuine Celebration Of NZ Music

This was the general feeling of the public after the NZ Music Awards 2003. So while we are all nervously awaiting the excitement and glory of the biggest night of NZ music 2004, which gets closer and closer as we take each breath, lets think back to the awards of 2003.

... Cue, bring in the eerie music and the blurred vision ...

The night began with an uneasy feeling in many people's spleens. No not because they were already drunk, (well no major drunks before the show...), but because there had already been so much chaos pre-awards night. There was so much commotion with the dropped catergories and the decision of holding the technical awards, often described as less glamorous, at a different ceremony. Then there was the issue with the number of judges being increased not to mention the disarray over whether they would display it on the small screen. But, with all the dedication towards the night, in the end, it came out a success, and that is what we will always remember.

The Datsuns came out the big winners for the night. They won a total of three awards and also won the recognition they deserved in New Zealand. Also winning three awards was Bic Runga. This included the Highest Selling Album award for Beautiful Collision. She, once again, is nominated for the same award this year, and once again, it is for Beautiful Collision. Bic is also up for the Female Solo Artist award this year, which she took out aswell in 2003. But she has tough competition with Brooke Fraser and Hayley Westenra.

Che Fu won the Male Vocalist award last year with his smooth vocals, and this years nominess Nathan Haines, Greg Johnson and Scribe, bring a whole different look to the award. This is just a slice of the diversity that you get when you come across the awards. And with the concoction of talent and and the "you never know who is going to win" feeling, it seems like a night where by the end of it you will not have much of your nails left ( hence a nail-biting night). So get your best heels on, dust off that old tie from the 80s, and just enjoy the night, whether you are going to be there or not. This is the time where everyone who has contributed to the New Zealand music industry in 2004, this includes the fans, can be proud of the outstanding work that they have done.

Foamy Ed

Foamy Ed are continuing to do what they love best - play shows. This time, it’s destination Oz!

We are hitting the Gold Coast and Brisbane for a week long tour in October playing alongside 4 Man Bob from Christchurch, plus Razel - an all girl punk band and Dr. Octopus - a Ska band from Oz. It’ll be NZ vs Oz and we intend to show ‘em who’s boss! Prior to that, we are supporting Deja Voodoo at the Kings Arms on September 16 (that's this Thursday) then playing with The Bleeders, The Offbeats, We Dunno and The Managers at the ‘Underground Fest’ on Oct 2nd, also at the Kings Arms.

After we get back from Oz, the focus will be on recording and releasing our single ‘Exhale’ and a follow up video clip, which should be out by the end of the year.

Next step? A full length album, and a follow up country wide tour. We are a 5 piece now so we have even more strength and fury to throw into the public’s eye! Keep an eye out for us real soon!

The Boxcar Guitars

The Boxcar Guitars are an indie Alternative Country band based in Auckland. This week we've asked two members of the band, Ben (guitar, vocals) and Kari (drums), our standard newletter interview questions. Their answers are below:

1) Who are your favourite New Zealand musicians/bands?

Ben: The Rainy Days, The Rock n Roll Machine, Shaft, Those Are My Tops, go see them if you haven't.
Kari: My pesonal favorite band is Bressa Creeting Cake, I saw Chirs Knox play recently and he put on a great show so I'll put him in there too.

2) Who would you most like to support live?

Ben: Al Jolson, I don't know, all my dream supports would be dead. If I had a time machine? How about Elvis or Ernest at the Grande ol Opry.
Kari: Neil Young or Bob Dylan.

3) What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while playing on tour?

Ben: An old school friend was gropeing his girl up near the stage and another girl joined in and popper her tata's outta
Kari: Half way through a tour, I burst my eardrum on a flight from Christchurch, it was so painful, and i had to play two gigs with half a set of earmuffs on to protect it.

4) Where do you see the Boxcar Guitars in 5 years?

Ben: Married with kids
Kari: Well hopefully touring  overseas to support our third album, and owning our own recording equipment.

5) What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?

Ben: I can't, it's never the same - what works for me but if I went back in time I'd tell myself to avoid progressive rock, it was a bad turn.
Kari: I think a lot of musicians don't listen to the other musicains in their band enough so learing to listen is my biggest advice, and save the primadonna attitude for when you are actually rich and famous, not when you just wish you were.

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