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Newsletter Issue #151: 12 Aug 2007

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Extraordinary Metal

I had an editoral planned for this newsletter, but something extraordinary happened during the week which changed my mind.

I went to the Blindspott gig... and it wasn't Blindspott that was extraordinary.

The extraordinary thing was one of the best live acts I have ever seen, and that was Take the Willing.

Sure, Blindspott rocked but I've seen Blindspott perform live before and, to be honest, it felt as though it was much of the same as before... and while Blindspott was the main reason why the gig sold out, they just didn't do it for me.

Don't get me wrong, Blindspott is an awesome band and I do like a lot of their songs, but after seeing Take the Willing perform, they just didn't seem to leap up to that same level of performance, even with all their fancy lighting sequences and smoke effects.

I don't come across bands very often that I feel compelled to write about (the last band I felt this way about, and still do, is Agent), but Take the Willing definitely deserve a mention. Even people who don't like metal music would enjoy this... who cares if you can't hear all the lyrics anyway?

Their interaction with the audience was outstanding, and they did it without the arrogance that some other bands have. They definitely got everyone amped up and I'm still amped up about it today.

I would even go as far to say that when Blindspott is gone and is just a memory, Take the Willing could quite easily take their place as one of NZ's top bands. Take the Willing could be THE metal band to bring metal to the forefront of mainstream New Zealand music.

However, this isn't a review - I just had to say something about these very-talented guys. In the next few days our reviewer, who was as amazed as we were, will add his review to the site. In the meantime, make sure you check Take the Willing out on myspace, or head along and see them perform live at any of Blindspott's final-ever NZ gigs.

- Lisa

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Magnum Opus

1) What is your greatest achievement?

Playing a gig while very drunk

2) What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

That's for the musicians to do, although I would like to see the government supporting music as an art rather than as an industry.

3) Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Very rich and very famous... haha. No, I think we'll just be doing exactly what we do now but on an international level. That's the plan. We have our first album out early next year and we want spend a good year or so touring and getting our music heard. Then we'll record another and do the same again.

4) What is the best thing about making music?

When someone gets something out of your music for themselves. Also, just having fun.

5) What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Focus on your purpose, not your outcome. In other words, you're a musician so focus on the music. Get someone else to take care of the "success" or business side of things.

Magnum Opus is Reuben Fergusson (vocals, guitar), Kieran Gallagher (guitar), Isaac Stewart (bass) and Tim Mekalick (drums).

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Axis Mile

1) What is your greatest achievement?

Umm being together for this long. It’s not easy being in a band with a bunch of lazy boys. On a more serious note we won the shore youth bands competition back in 2005 – that’s kind of our claim to fame. We got a free days recording at York Street so that was pretty sweet.

2) What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

It’s hard without the money in the economy. Things aren’t looking too good on the CD sales side of things but digital media is really helping people get out there with things like myspace etc. TXTTUNES is helping NZ music heaps. As Brad told me its all about the musicians and it actually is. There’s no catch. Big ups to Brad and Matt for thinking of the genius idea!

3) Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Hopefully playing shows that people actually come too. But les be realistic if you want to make it big time in music industry NZ isn’t really the place for you. We want to stay here and we will until get a name for ourselves. There’s no point going over seas if you can’t do anything in NZ.

4) What is the best thing about making music?

Having other people enjoy it. That’s the best part by far. If you can jump on stage play a set and have people come up to you afterwards and tell you how much they enjoyed your music that’s one of the best feelings. Bonding with ur band (sounds a bit gay) but its really satisfying playing music in the practise room that you enjoy. And if u enjoy that then who cares about anything else!

5) What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Aren’t all musicians aspiring? Even us! I don’t think we are at the level where we can tell anyone what to do yet, but there’s the obvious things like practise, don’t sleep with other band members girlfriends and just go hard on stage. Even if your playing to a crowd of 10 people sitting at the back of the bar. You have to pretend your Bruce Dickinson playing in front of 250 thousand screaming Brazilians!

Axis Mile is Mark (vocals), Tom (guitar), Nick (drums), Neil (bass) and Carter (keyboards).

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