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Newsletter Issue #145: 17 Jun 2007

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NZ Schools Tour 2007!

The New Zealand Schools Tour (NZST) has the sincere aim of encouraging and building NZ music at all levels in our communities. This tour is unique, not only giving audiences the opportunity to experience a high quality performance in their home town, but also giving them the chance to speak and interact first hand with artists allowing them to both learn, and be encouraged.

The NZST has a powerful opportunity to nurture the art of music in this country by way of example which is so effective. The artists who take part in this tour are young, and in the mainstream media spotlight, appealing to a wide audience and giving the tour the maximum potential to relate to and impact young people throughout NZ.

Our desire is to see every NZ student actively pursuing their dreams and aspirations in their chosen areas, especially in their creativity, and to once again see NZ audiences ‘flocking’ back to experience a quality live performance. 2007 is the NZST 6th year!!!

NZ Schools Tour


Streetwise Scarlet

This year’s headline act, Auckland based band Streetwise Scarlet, will be taking their music to high schools nationwide during the month long tour.

Band front man Sam Smith says Streetwise Scarlet is pumped to be doing shows again after spending six months in the studio recording their album.

“While we’re not doing the complete full three month tour, we’re stoked to be able to get out to more than a dozen schools between Whangarei and Invercargill.”

The tour marks the release of the band’s newest single ‘Hey O’, which is about the disintegration of today’s society.

“We feel like we have something of importance to say that this audience will want to hear, which is why we got into music – it’s the best way to communicate,” says Sam.

Sam says the band was formed when he and drummer Scotty Rocker of Celebrity Treasure Island fame met during Schools Tour 2003. Both were acting as support crew for touring band Wash.

“I started writing songs on tour and when we got back to Auckland me and Scotty decided to form the band. Scotty brought along his bassist mate George Hampton and my brother Jesse Smith joined us. That’s pretty much how we started up.”

Streetwise Scarlet is Sam Smith (guitar, vocals), Jesse Smith (guitar, vocals), George Hampton (bass) and Scott Lamb (drums).

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One of the most exciting new bands to rise from the shores of New Zealand, Falter's songs are fresh, alternative and emotionally charged. Their live performance will have you believing every note they play and their intensity is guaranteed to cement the attention of any crowd.

Since taking out the National SmokeFree RockQuest finals in 2003, Simon (vox & guitar) Ben, (bass & screams), Thomas (guitar & bv's) Richard (drums) have been spreading the gospel of their music to eager ears across the nation. With the release of their debut EP, including the singles 'Fear Of Heights' and 'Falling' under their belts, they have been touring and performing tirelessly throughout NZ...

Combining dynamic moody undertones with driving rhythms & melodic hooks that are guaranteed to stick in your head, the band have put a lot of work into their sound, often locking themselves away in the practice room for months on end. Their recent material pushes their musicianship & creativity even further & includes everything from hints of barber shop quartet to emotional screams & epic piano lines. Falter are not your average rock act.

Look out for their new single 'Message For You' (Recorded @ Blast studios in Christchurch) currently infecting radio and television waves, near you!

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Smalltime Records


My Life Story

SINGLES: 'Falling Out', 'Fairytale Life', 'Tonight' and 'What It's All About' (still coming).

THE MEMORIES: New Zealand Schools Tour was an amazing time for us! We met so many people and played so many wicked shows – it was a dream come true for us. We loved travelling the country it felt like we played in almost every town in New Zealand (we soon found out how intense the shows were gonna get so we were pretty stoked to be smokefree). Timaru was definitely a highlight for us! The audiences were crazy and delivered every lunchtime, it was an amazing experience, see ya soon NZ we hope our next tour is as good as our NZST was.

CURRENTLY: Just released a new single & video called 'Tonight', writing for our debut album & playing shows around NZ

OUT NOW: 'Fairytale Life' single, My Life Story Live DVD, ('What It's All About' single
coming soon)

My Life Story is Phil Toomer (vocals, guitar), Matt Barthow (bass, vocals), Simon Toomer (guitar, vocals & keys) and Ben Diack (drums & vocals).

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Goodnight Nurse

SINGLES: 'My Only', 'Our Song', 'Going Away', 'Taking Over' and 'Loner'.

THE MEMORIES: NZST in a few words - exciting, tiring, scary, long, a dream come true, and one of the greatest things we've ever done in our lives.

CURRENTLY: We released our debut album 'Always And Never' in January 2006, and at the moment (April) we're getting things organized for our next video, writing songs for the next album and playing shows up and down the country, having a laugh and enjoying ourselves.

OUT NOW: Our debut album 'Always And Never', our CD single for 'My Only' featuring the previously unreleased track 'I Would', and the CD single for 'Our Song' featuring our cover of 'Milkshake'.

Goodnight Nurse is Joel Little (vocals, guitar), Paul Taite (bass) and Jaden Parkes (drums).

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SINGLES: 'Shape', 'Who Am I', 'Sunbleed', 'Feel The Sun', 'Survive', 'Flow', 'Walk Away' and 'Trapped'

THE MEMORIES: Our NZST was freakin' amazing! SO many  shows, so many towns, so many people, so many wicked young bands! Memories  for life - New Plymouth Girls, Tauranga Girls were amazing shows, Palmerston North Boys was insane. Too much Red Bull for Gareth, too much Playstation for Matt, too many gags from Gav, and way too much black from Ivan but all 100% smokefree! - thank you NZ!

CURRENTLY: Its lying on the private beaches of our sun drenched private islands for us boys now (except for Ivan who won the lottery & got to be on each schools tour since 2003!). WASH broke up in April 2005 after ten years that we will never forget. 

OUT NOW: Album 'Ninefivezerofive'

Wash was Matthew Nelson (guitar), Gavin (drums), Ivan Beets (vocals) and Garreth Smith (bass).

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YEAR OF NZST: 2002 – The first ever! 
SINGLES: 'White Trash', 'Sing the Night Away', 'Walkie Talkie Man', 'Road Trip', 'Go' and 'Tsunami'.

THE MEMORIES: It started with a crazy idea to play some high schools, then it turned into a nationwide tour, then it turned into one of the best and hardest years of our lives – oh the concrete beds, the lack of food, the lack of sleep, the beautiful people of NZ and so much rock and roll!

CURRENTLY: Just finished writing and recording our second album, playing live shows around NZ

OUT NOW: Album – 'Schmack' (tour edition)

Steriogram is Brad Carter (vocals, guitar), Tyson Kennedy (vocals), Jake Adams (bass), Tim Youngson (guitar) and Jared Wrennall (drums, vocals).

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First of all Jason Kerrison, good stuff on those Music Month ads, now on a more serious note, Opshops’ second album Second Hand Planet isn’t half bad.

After a debut album fronting radio friendly hits like ‘No Ordinary Thing’ and ‘Levitate’, a chart topping second album seems out of reach for most of the mediocre bands New Zealand has been producing lately. Opshop however are in the throws of making those out of reach goals a possibility with their first single ‘Maybe’. In a somewhat predictable fashion, Opshop have produced another radio friendly single, but it all seems rather safe, music video included...

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Our next newsletter, which is going out on 1 July, will be featuring Bloodletting and The Deadly Deaths.


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