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False Start


With each member of False Start having immersed himself in music ever since he can remember, it was intuitive that False Start would form in the Winter of 2005. Musical artistry comes naturally, fusing together rock and pop-punk into catchy, accessible anthems is second nature.

False Start have become one of the hardest working bands in New Zealand, releasing their first single Don't Walk Away plus the debut Goodbye Summer EP. As well as sharing stages with international acts: Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Funeral For A Friend, Story Of The Year, The Used, Aiden, Rise Against and more.

While the rest of the world was celebrating a White Christmas or spending their Summer re-creating scenes from a Motley Crue music video, False Start locked themselves away in an old converted walk-in-fridge to record their debut album; Through The Looking Glass, with their only release into the outside world being a Big Day Out performance and Australian tour.

False Start are determined to succeed and they have a prodigious fan-base backing them every single step of the way.

"These kiwi musicians have earned the right to be respected for their music. With well over 100 live performances, the release of their second EP, the band deserves recognition for their achievements... This hardworking 5-piece are steadily building a fan- base around the country for their accessible blend of pop, rock and punk - and particularly in the youth demographic, on account of their preference for playing all- ages shows." - Groove Guide

"Destined for MORE, than the ordinary 'crash & burn' fate of most local bands, False Start promote positive messages and put the fun back into a sanctimonious local music scene suffocated by Tall Poppy Syndrome." - vampedUP.co.nz

"The almost constant stream of gigging, including supporting St Louis band Story Of The Year, has earned the band an extremely tight-knit and loyal fan base, as evidenced by a quick browse on their myspace pages..." - NZ Musician

“The band has recently signed on to Deadboy Records, with distribution and backing from Universal Music New Zealand, and will continue to gain critical mass as their independent sound begins to permeate the population." - Tearaway Magazine

"False Start is not an overnight pop sensation, but rather a band which has struggled for years to reach this point... the determination and grit False Start bring to the table with this album give the group an edge over its peers..." - Waikato Times magazine

Band Members:
Andrew Morrison (vocals)
David (guitar)
Pascal (drums)
Ash (bass)
Vaughn Phillips (guitar)






  • Auckland

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False Start - Adore Tu Ser
Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 1:54 pm
“It seems that in this day and age, so many people have lost their identity and sense of who they are. It seems that so many people are caught up in trends and the things of this world, that many people have forgotten who they are,” observes Andrew Morrison, lead vocalist of False Start. Morrison elaborates with, “the title of this record means to love ones self. To me 'Adore Tu Ser', represents being yourself, not buying into trends and staying true to ones self and ones beliefs.”

David Wong, False Start's bassist divulges that, “False Start much like any other band have many different ways to approach song writing. Sometimes someone will bring in a riff and we'll create off that, or we just brainstorm as a band on the spot. Song writing is very important to False Start and we try to make sure that we always as a band or individuals have some sort of project on the go. ‘Adore Tu Ser’ has been a long process which has been in
the making since we started as a band. Some of the tracks on there date back to our early existence and some of them have only just been finished. Show casing many different sides is what False Start is all about. I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks about the album, it is something we are really proud of and have worked really hard on.”

Vaughn Phillips, lead guitarist, explains that “the album basically symbolises False Start from day one to present. It has songs like ‘Holding On’ which were played at our first show to songs such as ‘This Is My Life (but you're the worst of actors)’ and ‘The Funeral Song’ which are our latest creations. It is a symbol of all the work that has been put in over the last couple of years and I am very proud of it.”

Jimmy Diamond, rhythm guitarist, comments that “songs like ‘Holding On’ just happened with the whole band being in the moment, where it just comes out naturally. Where as ‘The Funeral Song’ was more time consuming, with little bits taking time to perfect and mixing the right hooks. ‘This Is My Life (but you're the worst of actors)’ was a song where hooks came off other hooks and it just kept building into one heck of a pop number. ‘Honey (your as fake as these four walls)’ was quite raw when we went into the studio but once we were there, vocal harmonies tied in and made the song amazing.”

False Start is the aggregate of “fate”, as Kev Roberts, drummer, reveals. Roberts compares the formation of False Start to a romantic relationship. “False Start coming together was like getting together with a new partner...”

It’s this love affair that has captivated fans and with the initial flirtation over, False Start are game to take it to the world. Phillips cites milestones such as, “major events include opening for Fall Out Boy, Story Of The Year and Good Charlotte (nothing comes close to playing to large crowds).

Touring is always fun for False Start and we have had plenty of good times on the road. We all love going to Aussie as we feel so at home over there. We will be touring the album throughout New Zealand and making it back over to Australia. We have long term plans of going to the States and Japan. More songs. More Shows. More good times...”

False Start’s commitment to fine-tuning their performance on stage has gained the respect of critics and fellow bands alike, such as Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy commending False Start for their opening set. Wong says, “False Start pride themselves on their live show, we always have, since day one we always get up and put 200% into all our shows. Ask anyone who has seen False Start live and they will tell you there is a lot of flailing arms and flying limbs. Bands such as Good Charlotte have commented on False Start’s fantastic live show and I quote "good looks and dress sense". If you come to our shows you can expect a lot of laughter and fun. It’s all about having a good time to us. If you can’t enjoy music and have a good time you shouldnt be involved. There is nothing better than playing to a New Zealand all ages crowd, the kids here show us unconditional love and there will always be a place in our hearts for them. It is important to us to get out there with the kids, we appreciate their loyalty and everything they do for us. The least we can do is play shows for them. That is why we make the extra effort to have a longer list of AA shows than R-18.”

Wong looks ahead to the future, “False Start intends to take the new album and all the stage antics out to as many people as possible for the rest of the year. False Start will continue to write new songs and get to as many of the towns round New Zealand and hopefully more fun across the ditch in Australia. We have a lot to offer the music industry as a band and as people. The False Start fans mean the world to us and we will continue being there for them and supporting them as friends. We have total pride in ourselves to the fact that we know fans are the centre of what makes our band function. Without them we would not have come as far as we have. False Start as band is all about self respect, not in a selfish way, but in a "you must respect yourself before you can respect others" way. We thought that ‘Adore Tu Ser’ translating to Love Thy Self was a good way to portray the fact that we have a lot of pride and respect in what we do.

Everything we do, we are truly proud of. When you can have respect for
yourself as well as what you do, you can then become worthy of a fans praise as well as really take on board constructive criticism because you then know that what you have put out is something you stand by, and no matter what anybody says you always will believe in yourself.”

‘Adore Tu Ser’ is in-stores on Monday 14th May via Deadboy Records with distribution from Universal Music NZ. Pencil in a date for the 26th of May to celebrate the album release with False Start, more details to come shortly.


1. The Becoming (Gehhena)

“Google it. You'll find out what both of them mean.” - Roberts

2. This Is My Life (but you're the worst of actors)

“Now known as Timmy ha-ha (personal joke). To me it is the Pop rockers dream, it has the big catchy guitar riff intro, with sensitive laid back verses, the punching pre choruses, A chorus that just gets me every-time and a bridge that takes the song exactly where it needed to go.” - Wong

“This song is about people who try and buy in on music when it's not something they genuinely care about. They only want to get to the top by any avenue whether it by acting, or music, they're only doing it because they want to get famous.” - Morrison

3. Sweet Vampiria

“We weren't together long when we wrote this. It is a simple song about being obsessed with someone in particular, goth looking girls - what influenced this song was the Mom from the Munsters TV show when I was growing up.” - Morrison

4. Holding On

“An oldie but a goodie. It started with a riff that Jim and myself worked on. From there the song quickly worked itself out and still goes down well with the crowd, I believe it is also a favourite of Angelo's.” - Phillips

5. Mall Goth

“Sums up people that come to shows and would rather be outside in the scene than coming in and supporting the music, because to them its not about music at all. Instead its about how they look.” - Roberts

6. Honey (you're as fake as these four walls)

“This song is one of my favourite songs to play live!!!! The song is so diverse to me in so many ways, drums- tried to be a little different in this song not so basic. Vocals- its about someone who has lost themselves to someone else in a relationship.” - Roberts

“My favourite song just because it took a lot of time and work and it was just a really good feeling to hear the finished product.” - Diamond

7. The Funeral Song (here at the funeral of lady cecelia the 7th)

“It's about losing someone you love.” - Morrison

“It has progressed a lot since it was first written. To me it is a song that really has everything in it and I am really happy at how it turned out. This typically started with the intro riff and progressed from there. The lead section has had some changes from what it was originally but really fits in with the rest of the song.” - Phillips

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