25 Mar 2019

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Newsletter Issue #140: 06 May 2007

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Welcome to NZ Music Month 07!

Over the last few years, promoting and booking shows for local bands, I have worked with bands of all genres, from all over New Zealand. Three bands I have worked with that stood out, are Auckland based bands The Rabble, False Start and These Four Walls.

The Rabble have released 2 CDs 'No Clue, No Future' and 'This Is Our Lives' EP, a couple of singles 'Carry On' and 'Friday Night' with another one on the way and have just started work on their next album. With dedicated support locally from their fans, friends and family and huge interest internationally, their plans to take it to the world come closer every day. Their next single, 'The Coast Song'; a song dedication to their home, the Hibiscus Coast, has already been receiving airplay on radio, and the video comes out later in May.

False Start have recently returned from a tour in Austraila. Locally, they have supported some of the worlds biggest bands such as Fall Out Boy, Story Of The Year and Good Charlotte. These guys are well known for their dedication to playing all ages shows. Their latest single 'Mall Goth' has been out for a month or so and their debut album 'Adore Tu Ser' comes out on May 14.

These Four Walls are another band well known for their dedicated support group. Over the past few months, the band has been busy in the studio recording an EP. The long awaited release of their next single 'Don't Walk Away' is this Saturday 5 May which you will hopefully be seeing all over your TV screens!

- Andrew Treeby



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New Zealand Music Month 2007

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The Rabble

Thanks to Chazz for these answers

1) What is your greatest achievement?

I'd have to say playing with The Unseen from Boston USA would be my greatest achievement. They are one of my favourite bands of all time, and are amazing live. I'm still amazed we played with them. Apart from that, making it to number 1 on C4 Select Live ruled too. (Thanks to all the fans who helped us get up there, you rock).

2) What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Perhaps if a little more radio stations opened their minds and played a more diverse set list of NZ songs that would make NZ music better. But it's pretty good as it is.

3) Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

I'd like to be touring the world in 5 years, possibly with a band like The Unseen, or Rancid. That's my dream, and I'm going to make sure it comes true. I will be making music my whole life though, it's what I live for.

4) What is the best thing about making music?

For me, the best thing about making music, is being in the recording studio putting down the layers, and hearing your song come to life. I really love that, I also LOVE playing live. It's amazing. It gives me a huge buzz.

5) What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Keep at it. You wont get anywhere over night. Good things, DO take time.

The Rabble is Chazz Hill-Hayr (vocals, guitar), Rupert Hill-Hayr (vocals, drums), Jamie Douglass (bass, vocals) and Sam Hume (guitar, vocals)

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These Four Walls

Thanks to Chris for these answers:

1) What is your greatest achievement?

Being in a band with 4 other guys who are all as committed as myself and chasing the same dream.

2) What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Have councils provide venues to harbour music, instead of shutting down venues who are only trying to help out bands by giving them a place to play.

3) Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Being recognised as one of the most hard working bands in New Zealand, and overseas showing the world what bands from lil' ol' New Zealand can do?

4) What is the best thing about making music?

Being able to provide an outlet for any creativeness you foster, and knowing that most things you put out there people can relate too. Or just getting up on stage and playing to a crowd of people who enjoy the sound that you've crafted.

5) What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Always have your game face on, and be as professional as possible! Have fun while you're doing what you love, and don't do it because someone else tells you too! Don't let someone with tall poppy syndrome deter you from making music.

These Four Walls are Steve Gibb (vocals), Gray Vickers (guitar), Spencer Long (guitar), Josh Parbery (drums) and Christopher Treeby (bass).

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False Start

Thanks to Andrew for these answers:

1) What is your greatest achievement?

Our new album 'Adore Tu Ser' and opening for Fall Out Boy.

2) What do you think could be done to make NZ music even better?

Better and more venues for all ages shows.

3) Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Touring the world

4) What is the best thing about making music?

Connecting with people through the music we make.

5) What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Work hard and have fun!

False Start is Andrew Morrison (vocals), Jimmy Diamond (guitar), K-Star (drums), David Wong (bass) and Vaughn (guitar).

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